Our Thai Street Dog Buddy is doing well in the UK

Its now 31 October 2017. Buddy our Thai Street Dog from Nong Pru Airfield is a changed dog. His aggression issues are no longer…..he is a happy, well adjusted dog. He is amazing. He loves to say hello to everyone. Still sometimes unsure of big dogs when on the lead but otherwise he loves to be up the hill sniffing about. Never too far away from us.

He loves to play with other dogs and has a great time. He grows more hair in the winter as  you will see from some of the photos below.


What a difference in a dog. He is on medication for his skin permanently. He has a touch allergy to something. We have no idea what but he has his herbal tablets with us every morning. In fact if I forget he hovers around the fridge area until I get his messages that I forgot to him his ham (tablets inside of course).

He is such a good dog. Considering he was a Street Dog from the Airfield he is a fantastic dog.


October 18 2016 We say goodbye to Tess

Tess had a fabulous 2015 and almost right up to a few days before she died she had been amazing. We put her on Arctic Sea tablets from Forever which really seemed to help her. Along side her heart tablets she was doing amazing. She was running along the back grassed area. She loved to play and have lots of short walks. Lots of trips to the lovely beach too.

Alas on a few days before the 18th October 2016 I knew there was something very wrong with Tess. She seemed confused and then she stopped eating. It broke my heart to see her like this. I took her to the vets knowing it was time to say goodbye. They thought it might be something else and took blood tests etc., but I knew, I was her mum. She didn’t want to take her meds. She had always taken her meds. She didn’t want to eat or drink.

The vet asked me to come back the next day. Watching her go down hill so quick was awful. I cried all the way to the vets and cried while I was there. It was more than time. I couldn’t put her through another day of this. It was time to say goodbye. With her laying beside me on the floor in the small vets room I said goodbye. She quietly slipped away from me. I am sure she knew what was happening. She just lay still and we said our goodbyes.

Even now a year later I write this post while crying. I do miss her so much. I always vowed never to be selfish. Making that decision for your pets is the hardest thing to do but they have to have their dignity and they have to have quality of life.

She has been twice to visit me in my sleep. She came for a hug and I think to let me know she is OK. She looked happy. I think she just wanted me know that she’s here with us.

The photo below is Buddy and Tess together. You can see how happy they are lying waiting for the tea in the kitchen.

I have also added a photo of Buddy only a few weeks after Tess died. You can see how sad he is. He really still does miss her and I often look at him and see him looking sad.

We had Tess cremated and I was going to scatter her ashes on the land behind the house. Somewhere where she loved to run and walk each day but it seemed so cold a winter I have kept her inside our house. Her ashes are in a small box with a beautiful card from the company that cremated her. I don’t want her to be alone. I just want her to be here with us in the house.

Buddy stays upstairs now Tess has gone. He seems to like being in our bedroom. Why? we don’t know and we probably never will.

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We said goodbye to Thailand

So sorry it has been so long since I have posted a lot has happened in our lives.

First of all we just got back to Thailand after our first ever Xmas in the UK to be told my husband was being made redundant. Luckily this time we are ready. Dogs have all their papers and Patrick at K9 Bangkok Dog Training and Relocator is helping by organizing everything that we need.                     www.K9bangkok.com   You will see Patrick on Cesar Milan soon with his pack.

For a couple of weeks before hand we got the sky kennels put back together and used them with the doors open for their beds. Buddy took to it quite well, I think he thought of it as a safe haven. Bless him, but alas Tess was having none of it and wouldn’t even go inside it without some treats to keep her busy.

We never found Stella our cat, so I only hope she is having a fabulous life somewhere. Still over a year on from leaving Thailand and I still miss her so so much. She was a cat in a million, so pretty, with such a personality. Maybe it was for the best, I don’t think she would have liked the cold. God forbid we had paid all that money to get her back to the UK and then go missing…..I just hope nothing nasty happened to her.

We had to give loads of things away as we had far too much furniture and bits and pieces to get back to the UK in the specified container (OH paid for his beloved Giro Copter to come back)..

If anyone is leaving Thailand and need to get rid of things please ring/email Place of Grace.. Its a Christian Charity lead by a lovely man and his wife formerly from the Manchester. He does so much for the poor people in the suburbs of Bangkok. We have him things like food provisions (even things opened they would take as it all can be used)  old computers, old phones, lap tops, mops, buckets all sorts of things.


This is the link to their site.. I hope it works or just copy and paste. John and his family help as many children and families as they can. Many UK people go over to help the charity and he is always looking for donations. Large or small it all helps… He relies on donations to continue helping poor families.

We even had things like chicken wire that was of use to villagers. Your waste, someone else’s treasure.We would have loved to bring a lot of things home with us but alas it was just not possible.

We did sell some our bigger furniture that we had brought from Bahrain. There is always a market for good quality furniture as lots of good pieces are very expensive in Thailand. Do miss the things I had to sell too. Now we have remodeled our house I know exactly where some pieces would have fitted in nicely..ah well…


This would have looked so lovely in my front window at the front of the house.

We had two of these to sell as we had 2 bedroom sets. It seems every time we move we have to give things away/sell items. How I wish we could have kept all of our lovely items.

The packers came and it was a much bigger process than ever before (or so it seemed). I have lots of photos to share. The team from Asian Tigers were great. You should have seen their faces when they saw the GiroCopter…They had to sit in it and have their photos taken…

photo 4(23)    photo 1(32)


Here’s a photo of Tess, below, waiting for us to go home. She might have been 14 years old but she is a tough cookie and managed the flight with no problems at all. Bless her and a year on and she is still going strong back in the UK with a new lease of life now that she doesn’t have the heat to contend with. She has meds for her heart, meds for her to make sure she doesn’t dribble anywhere…but she is a happy happy dog and not a bit of trouble. Still happy to see everyone. Although quite deaf now and she doesn’t see very well (we use a lot of hand signals) I know she is happy to be home.

photo 5(4)

photo 3(27)



Royal Thai Police Clearance Certificate

Well, we returned to the UK last February. A slump in the Oil prices meant huge reductions in numbers of workforce right across the world. Even though OH’s job had been Nationalized the year before and we were not allowed to leave until the found someone (and they never did) it still was a bit of a shock. Getting what we wanted…….to finally go home…

The positive side of things was that we knew we would never ever be left high and dry like we were when we lived in Bahrain. No more mounting debts. The down side was that we never found Stella our beautiful cat from Saudi… No one ever came back with her.. We only hope that she is safe and well and living a good life. I pray no nasty big snake got her… I couldn’t bear that.

I still, over a year on, miss her so so much. She was my baby…

Anyway… what I am getting to is that ensure that you get a Royal Thai Police Clearance Certificate before you leave as oh boy is it hard to get this document after you leave Thailand AND COSTS A FORTUNE instead of the 100bhat.. I had to employ a Thai Law Firm via a good friend back in Thailand.

That piece of paper has cost me over 250GBP instead of that 100bhat…..finger printing, courier charges, law firm charges and then courier back.

Its amazing how many companies back in the UK want a full background check. I think as an Expat I don’t fit back into the usual checking system for employers. Especially if you are thinking of getting a job in a school, airport, government…the list goes in.

If anyone needs their details just email or message me and I am happy to pass on their details..



We have returned to cooler weather

We have returned from our first Xmas in the UK. Loved almost every minute of it. Delayed there and back. With tail winds of over 150km per hour we certainly made up or time delays. Arriving in Bangkok airport only 1 1/2 hours behind schedule. I have to say this – British Airways flight and service was far better than the one going out. Better food, more attentive staff. Everything. Even though we had plucked for seats right at the back of the plane. We still had plenty of room, albeit the plane was full.

We returned to a cool wind and the temperature is right down. Even though the sun is up and shining and it will reach 29 degrees. There is a huge difference in humidity. For the first in  years we slept without the air con on in our room last night. I could wear the same t-shirt for dog walking this morning as I did last night…….eeeeee this means so much less washing too.

It must be a great time to visit Thailand. At least tourists can do all the sightseeing without sweating buckets.

Yesterday I had to go on the airport link train and the MRT. Standing on the station it seemed dare I say it, quite chilly. Good heavens I can hear my friends say 24 degrees and quite chilly…FGS. but honest it was. I can understand why the Thais had their jumpers and coats on.

I guess in the North of Thailand it must feel like its freezing. Good job there were lots of blankets being knitted by the British Womens Group.

I am off to see my two friends today for a light lunch (we hardly every do anything not healthy)…oh yes and I returned 4 kilos heavier and after spending all that time slowly taking it off. It all went back on in 4 weeks of eating chocolates, cakes and crips….eeeeeee…well what did I really expect.

Jet leg seems almost none existent and even when I had our favourite Thai takeaway from the compound restaurant I was OK. Despite it having some chilli flakes in it…. usually good for a few days weight loss…. Sure this is all to do with my acupuncture sessions. My whole body of well being seems to make everything OK. Hence the over eating of the chocolates (in the past 5 was the max I could eat without being ill).

People even noticed my hands had cleared up and were not all broken and dry. My skin didn’t flake on returning to the UK either and my stomach on the whole was not so upset. Mind 4 course gourmet meals with friends did have some effect but not as much as usual.

I told Milos when I saw him how things had improved immensely. The main noticeable difference was I had no foot pain whatsoever.. amazing. I did return with what seemed like a water on the knee pain or I thought I had twisted it. Turns out its my spleen meridian and its sugar!!!! well there’s a surprise ……NOT….hahaaa its all those chocolates obviously.

Well got to dash. I have to catch the bus at 11am. Hope its not too hot out there now the sun is fully up in the sky. Still a nice breeze though.



Air Traffic Control Division on our flight

Who would have thought our excitement at returning home for the first Xmas holiday in 7 years would lead to us sitting in the Radisson BLU in Copenhagen…. While having breakfast this morning (and a lovely breakfast too) my husband said “who would have thought we would be sitting her in Copenhagen having breakfast when we took off !!!

Arrived yesterday to check in and wait for our flight. All was going well, there was us grumbling about the lack of service and food on British Airways flight BA010 from Bangkok to London’s Heathrow. When an announcement was given about Air Traffic Control system failure. OMG, what was to happen now. All sorts of things were running through my head. Terrorist attack…it was like being in one of those disaster movies….which I think I now must have watched too many times as no such thing had happened.

We were then told we would be landing in Copenhagen very shortly. British Airways staff worked flippin fast to clear everything away in double quick time.

Most of the passengers although worried just went with the flow and knew nothing could be done. Why do you always get one that won’t accept that nothing can be done and he wants answers. I am sure many of us wanted to grab him by the throat!!!

I can see how things can escalate with troublesome passengers…. what was he expecting the staff to do.

We waited in the plane for a couple of hours until further details were given and we were allowed to disembark. First into a lounge if we wanted to for comfort and fresh air and then into the airport for further instructions and issuance of vouchers for hotels, taxi’s etc.,

The ground staff at Copenhagen were fantastic. So happy and helpful at all times. It was a good boost for moral… queuing to find out that they had quickly ran out of food vouchers, then hotel vouchers etc., No worries a hotel had already been found for us and taxi vouchers issued. I think we were the lucky ones as our hotel included a buffet meal….it was late when we arrived at the Radisson Blu but a warm friendly, efficient greeting from all staff. Even the man at the restaurant said he could tell we were all off the BA flight by our tired faces.. bless him.

So here we are waiting in the hotel to go back to the airport and board our plane for a 2pm take off. We will then find out what happens this afternoon about our connecting flight to Newcastle.

Never will I travel without  spare underwear (which I hand washed and dried with a hairdryer!!!) I haven’t even brought a brush or makeup. Ah well at least its not Xmas eve.

We are just so pleased we have not ended up spending the night in the airport lounge as I think the Thai people had to do, due to immigration rules…

Now just to contact the hire car company to advise of our late or goodness knows when arrival at Newcastle. Staying positive at the moment after quite a good nights sleep and an excellent breakfast

Happy travels and the thought of seeing my family real soon keeps us going.


Acupuncture in Bangkok that you can trust and highly recommended

One of the good things that has happened to us while living in Bangkok. We have discovered Milos…

I was listening to a conversation at the Mahjong Xmas lunch when ladies where talking about back aliments. Jan was telling people about going to see Milos, her acupuncture man.
When we sat down for lunch I asked her for his details and we talked a bit more about acupuncture in general. He certainly came highly recommended.

Of course I tucked the number away and put it to the back of my mind. It was several months later when OH got a bout of sciatica that I mentioned acupuncture…he didn’t seem to keen but I mentioned that if he was in so much pain he would try it.
I went along as I had had acupuncture in the UK and wanted to see what type of questions this Milos would ask..

He met us at the train station. Well actually we passed him on the escalator. Never being able to do as he is told my OH did not stay down in the station as requested but wanted to go up the escalator.
What a strange man I thought. Western, longish hair, longish beard. Mmmm…not sure about this man. Looked like a hippie really. Looks can be deceiving.
I was so wrong. He talked and talked and clearly has a passion for his work. What was interesting was that he asked all the right questions. He certainly was the ‘real deal’ and so our treatment began.

What amazed me was his intuition. He knew exactly what was wrong and what needed to be fixed. The thing with Milos is that he says it’s not him doing the work but your own body. He is a very humble man.

I have been going back and forth to hospitals for more than a year with terrible pains in my feet. Mainly the left foot. Always taking pain killers. Not being able to walk down the stairs in the morning without going one stair at a time sideways. Not being able to walk properly and being so stiff…waking with pain in the night.
I had been diagnosed with all types of things. Tendon damage, Achilles heel problems. I had had steroid injections into my instep. That was worse than the pain itself, so I didn’t go back. I had been told I would have to have surgery. I was told I walked too much………………..for goodness sake whatever next.
You put your faith in hospitals. How could they get it so wrong I often ask myself?
It turns out my kidneys and bladder were not working properly. Wow the difference when I go to the loo is incredible and I stupidly thought there was nothing wrong with that side of things. You just don’t know until someone makes changes in the way your body functions.

Well months on and I have no pain most days. Just a few more sessions and I will be fixed. It’s amazing what the needles can do. Yes it hurts sometimes but that’s because the energy needs to get flowing. I often feel extremely drained the day after my acupuncture so this you must be aware of. Your body is working really hard after he has moved the energy but its worth it.

My hands – having been diagnosed as having hand eczema – has almost all cleared up too. Nothing to do with the humidity in the Middle East or Asia as previously told by quite a few doctors. Milos made one statement. “If it was the humidity, everyone would have it??” Yep he was right again. The only solution the hospital ended up with after trying countless “new” creams was tablets that made me sleep all the time. That way I couldn’t scratch my itchy hands but neither could I function normally…..

Even my IBS is much much better. Things you never even think about. Being tired all the time since I was a child. Wanting to nap as much as possible. Chronic fatigue. Honestly the list goes on.

He even knew I was a very angry person. He has also been able to calm the anger right down. Loose most of my sweet tooth. No longer do I think of food all day. What am I going to make for dinner, what shall I bake, what shall I eat. Have to have cake and oh ice cream cravings………a thing of the past.
Therefore I have lost 5 kilos…..just amazing. We both can’t believe the change in our selves. In our attitude and our outlook on life.

My husbands sciatica was soon sent away but the amazing this is (sure you are sick of hearing that word ‘Amazing” but it truly is). His huge bunion has just got smaller and smaller with each visit. Who would have thought of that. People have surgery to remove such things. Even his snoring has been tackled.
Oh we will have set backs now and again and  my sweet craving will still be there sometimes but certainly not like it was before. There is such a huge difference in us both.

Quite a few of our friends and acquaintances now go to see him and I urge you if you have a problem that the hospital has been treating and you are unhappy or have your doubts. Go, make contact. You won’t regret it one bit.
Your life will change for the better. He truly has a gift and cannot begin to thank him enough for all that he has done for my husband and myself. THANK YOU ….

Btw, he cut his hair and now has designer stubble……

Just look out for a man with an inner peace, a friendly smile and a huge shoulder to cry on (when required). All part of the healing process, whether you have physical issues or it’s the feeling of things not being quite right. Go and see him. Pick up the phone. You won’t regret it I promise. Even if its your memory or headaches. He can and he will help you that is for sure. You don’t need to believe. The proof is in the pudding so to speak.

I just wish I could afford to get Milos to the UK to help my dad. He has so many aliments and I know he could really change his life.




Good luck…..


stella hiding on the bed

Over 5 months now and our cat Stella is still missing. Why has no one returned her??? Was the reward amount not big enough..?? I have been told by many Thai people that they know some people just take other peoples pets!!! Its the same the world over I know but it’s horrible. I still cry because I miss her so so much.

I worry about her. Is she alive? Is she being looked after? Is she being kept in a cage? She hates being inside all the time. She loves to wander and hunt.

Just because she is so pretty something has taken her. OK I can understand if she wandered too far and got lost and someone had kindly taken her in. BUT…its now 5 months and surely they have seen the posters I have had up in the compound. The guards huts have her photo up too. Why oh why won’t they return her.

photo 2

We will be leaving Thailand soon and I can’t bear to think I will be leaving without her…

Suppose the person that has her throws her out after we have gone. What will become of her. She has been spayed so she won’t give them any kittens to sell…. my heart aches without her. OK she was hard work sometimes. In and out, in and out she would go and she was so loud but I still loved her.

When she came back from the pet hotel in Pattaya after catching some disease. I sat with her in my arms and nursed her. I thought she was going to die. I can’t bear to think I will never see her again and yet wonder and worry what on earth has happened to her.

I wish I had loads of money to employ someone to find her. To offer the world to get her back..


I know OH would go mad if I offered 10,000bhat, but to get her back would mean so much to me…I love her so much.

Oh goodness there I go again off in tears. For months I thought I heard her crying at night. I kept thinking I could hear her cry everywhere I walked the dogs. Off Buddy and I still go up and down the Soi’s. I still call her name in the hope that she will be somewhere and hear me. That she will know that I won’t give up hope of finding her.


photo 5

Final summing up of the Intercontinental Hua Hin

Each day the jobs in our room were completed. Shower mended. Drain sorted.
Even the stain I pointed out on the door post was repainted where water had clearly seeped before.
However the smell……. did we really want to move rooms again!!!!  The staff very kindly did show us another room. Even larger and more grand than the smelly room but no view what’s so ever and the thought of packing up again and then unpacking….OH said NO..so that was that..too much stress for the remaining 4 nights…such a shame and a dampener on our first holiday for a very long time.
The coffee machines didn’t work properly and we just about gave up with that.
The socket nearest the fridge didn’t work and we still had to plug in the diffuser to camouflage the smell….. DON’T STAY IN 2306…

We suggested that they wait until we were gone and have a look at the electrics in this room. Clearly something amiss. Quite often the lights would flicker when you touched a switch or just wouldn’t turn off at all.

We had been offered a free stay on our return, but so far no email of confirmation as promised..lip service??? I hope not. Due to my OH’s impending departure  from his job alas this will probably never happen.
Just again seems a little sad that they would knowingly put us in a room with problems in a 5 star hotel. Or maybe some people just don’t complain but then again, never go back.

On walking back to the hotel, after our early morning walk on the beach. We climbed the stairs from the beach. What was this??? breakfast was being served in Azure………….wow, I was so excited. Now this was a better setting altogether.

We rushed back to the room to change for breakfast. Well, I don’t think sarong with bikini appropriate…

Beautiful. It’s a great place to have breakfast. Don’t know why they don’t do it there all the time.

This was a trial run by the owner of the hotel. What a great idea. So much nicer than the open restaurants near the hotel main building.

OH did find it a bit hot. Not much of a breeze on the Saturday morning, but I was happy. Although it was a limited buffet he still managed to squeeze in a muffin and yogurt followed by a Danish pastry….. tinker. That was after a delicious omelet!!

We would go back to the Intercontinental  as it truly was a great place to relax and even the children that were guests at the hotel clearly behaved beautifully most of the time. No noisy revelers. A peaceful and tranquil setting.

I would really recommend this hotel, just make sure you ask to view the room first to make sure you don’t get a smelly room…

I have to say once again, how fantastic the staff are here at this hotel. It is what really makes this hotel almost perfect.