1st Weekend in April

Finally the sun has started to shine again. Washed our two cars and was sweating. The sun seems to be intermitant today but we have to be thankful. The people in the South of Thailand are having a terrible time with floods and land slides.

I only remembered half way through Sunday morning that it was Mothers Day and opened my card from my daughter. Ah, it made me cry. It’s times like these that you wish you were not so far apart. Her boyfriend of many years had also put a card in for me too. So sweet and thoughtful.

Sunday was most definitely a better day. The sun was up and boy was it hot, we headed off to Ban Ampur Beach. It was mid morning and some of the areas seemed to be busy already. As we walked past The View Restaurant and along to our right we were amazed at what we found. There was a huge tree on the beach and its branches draped down almost to the sand. It was so cool underneath and someone had erected a swing made from a log. It was lovely just swinging back and forth with the wind blowing through the leaves. Now I could have got a chair and sat under there with a good book all day. It was so cool compared to the hot sand and the glare of the sun.

Further along there was  a beautiful cafe with it’s own conservatory right on the beach.It looked so typically English and almost out of place yet a refined touch.We discovered the Pinnacle Resort. Lots of sunbeds on the beach and locals selling their wares. Now why did I not bring any money. Some of the dresses and shirts looked so bright and vibrant. Just the thing for our colourful Thailand. There were people selling sunglasses and handbags and even cooked seafood. Ah, there goes my lunch!!!!!

We walked as far as we could until we came to what seemed to be the end of the beach. Lots of huge boulders and rocks signalled the end. So we about turned and walked back to The View. We splashed through the water leading out from a river into the sea. Probably someone’s efluent from somewhere!!!!

On the other side of this outlet there was rows of tiny huts offering fresh fruit, beers, lots of local cuisine and of course the Thai massage. We even spotted a couple of summer chalets. Jet skies to rent!!!! Deck chairs, sun beds with parasols awaiting new customers. A very relaxed atmosphere. No one in a hurry, no one posing or strutting their stuff. Just ordinary people enjoying the beach. We stopped at one of huts and sat in the shade to enjoy a drink.

We were having such a lovely walk we forgot that the tide might have come in and then we wouldn’t be able to get back across the outlet we had earlier splashed through!!!! Then what would we have done?? Luckily we were OK, I think the tide was going out.

Back in the car we realised how hot it was away from the beach. Sure there would be some burnt holiday makers today. We took the car back along a different route to see where we ended up and came across even more cafe’s and bars leading back to the main road and back home.

A quick lunch and then off to the town where my husband works. He has been jogging around the grounds of the hospital 3 times a week. Yes, I said hospital. I couldn’t believe it. There hidden away behind the hospital is a huge lake with lovely gardens. Around the lake is a red and yellow paved path. The whole area laid out for walkers and joggers alike. There is a driving range, tennis and badminton courts too.

What we had not planned on seeing were 2 monitor lizards!!!! I didn’t even know they had them in Thailand. Luckily they seemed more afraid of us thank goodness. We beat a hasty retreat!!!!!

I had never been before and wish I had brought a picnic as there were some shaded seating areas around the lake (away from the lizards I hope) and there were a few families enjoying a peaceful Sunday afternoon out.  We made do with a magnum ice cream sitting in the car. What a treat, havn’t had one of those for months!!!!!

It was very hot and we were glad to get home to have a dip in the pool.  Hubby got the sunbeds out and we lay in the sun drying off for an hour until it was time for tea.

To finish my mothers day we headed off to PK’s. An outside local restaurant down the Hua Yai Road. Good local grub and a large menu of western food too. I chose chicken and cashews with pineapple rice and hubby had a very hot dish!!!!!

An end to a beautiful day.


One thought on “1st Weekend in April

  • April 4, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    Hi darling,
    I thought the first legitimate comment on your super blog should be from your husband…so here goes.
    You are doing a great job with your first blog and the most important thing is content. You seem to have the knack of giving the reader the impression that they are there with you, and of course, I was.
    It is very interesting for people to read about how other people live and you have captured this very well.
    I wish you all the very best and I’m sure this journal will be a great success.

    Hubby xxx


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