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Marriott Lunch

As I said yesterday I was meeting Joan for lunch at the Marriott. I had never been before so was really pleased with the hotel. From the outside I think the Marriott looks pretty dated. A concrete block of white walls with the occasional plants trailing over the balcony. As if some one had tried […]

Lunch today then the local market

Finally after nearly a year I seem to be making some new friends. I am off out for lunch today to the Marriott so I will update the post on my return to tell you what the food and service was like. I keep remembering this to tell new folk that are moving here. Shop […]

New posts

My OH says its best to put everything as a post and then people can scroll down to get the topics they want. I thought it would be better to just keep everything separate like a web site. Can’t win really as I can understand what he is saying. HAIRDRESSERS One thing I forgot to […]

Raining today

Tuesday 29th March Can you believe it, it’s raining again today. I thought the rainy season didn’t start until after Sonkran???? I even have put trousers on today. No air conditioning required today. Might be able to save some money if this continues. No swimming either. I can’t bear to go in the pool as […]

About my blog- Life in Pattaya, Thailand

Hello Why have a blog. Well, I was sick of being nagged to set one up. How on earth would I be able to do that being blonde, I ask you…..? So OH sorted it and I am just going to tell you about my life as it happens. How we came to Thailand including […]