Floating Market

Christina and I stopped off at the Floating Market at the south end of Pattaya recently. Don’t be fooled when you pass and see absolutely loads and loads of tour buses!!!! I don’t know where all the people go but the day we visited I think they must have gone through a magic door as there was hardly anyone about.

There is an official car park at the front and rear of the Floating Market area, however the tour buses like to double park all along the Sukhumvit Road!!! Why I don’t know, Oh yes, I remember, to pull out in front of you without any indication while trying to cause as many accidents as possible as they cross 3 lanes of traffic!!!!! Why oh why they can’t park around the back is beyond me!!!!

Anyway, I will get off my soap box and tell you about the Floating Market. I never wanted to visit this place thinking that it would be as the name indicates “Floating”. Thank goodness Christina visited before. I have a fear of water so there was no way I wanted to stride across water!!!! When in fact there is water all around and underneath but everything is built upon the water and is most certainly sturdy.

Swing Bridge

OK there is one swing bridge but you don’t have to cross  it if you don’t want to….. (NOT for me).

Lots and lots of little shops selling all sorts of nice souvenirs, clothes, bags, shoes, beauty products, basket ware and of course food!!!!!

Unfortunately  on the day we went some of the shops/stalls were closed either due to the Songkran holidays or the rain we had had that morning I am not sure which. It was very hot and sticky. Thank goodness it was over cast. I would not have liked to go on a sunny day.

I thought it would be the same old tat that is found in some tourist places but no, there seemed to be something different everywhere you looked. Bartering of course is the norm here too.

Deep fried ice cream

We did stop from some deep fried ice cream. Quite yummy!!!! and a snip at only 20bhat!!! around 40pence mmmmmm……..

I think we did quite well, picking up a pair of flip flops made out of sparkly beads and  a blue flowery material bag for a few pounds. Christina got a silver  Tiffany and co necklace, some perfume a  great pair of sunglasses. Then onto the food. Syrup coated rice cakes (they are really nice) and some dried fruit.

There are lots of food vendors, most on small boats alongside the walkways. Here is one cooking bananas on a tiny bbaq

An elephant was strolling about at the top end of the market but as we came to leave it had already left with the mahout. Christina was disappointed.

The only thing that spoilt our day was some Indian gentlemen that had come on a group tour. They kept wanting to take Christina’s photograph and they wouldn’t take no for an answer. At one point they grabbed her and tried to take the photo so she quickly turned the other way. I wonder if they would have been happy people doing this to their wives and children!!!!! We were not the only ones to suffer they were doing the same to other women around the market!!!! shame there was no security.

When we stopped by the dried fruit stalls a lady was trying to take a picture of someone beside us, or so I thought, so I moved away. Turns out they wanted to take photos of us!!!!! They then asked us quite nicely for photos with their friends. I don’t know who they thought we were but we did oblige quite happily while they lined up to have their photos taken with us. Bless them do they know how badly I look on photos!!!! probably brake their cameras!!!!!!!

Well worth another visit. I have my eye on another few bags…….

Christina’s first week of her Easter Hols

I really don’t know where this week as gone to. My daughter arrived  last Saturday. Friday was spent preparing the house to ensure everything was ready for her arrival. Wow our maid was on holiday so I hoovered, mopped and dusted myself. A good work out in this heat. The BBQ items were marinating and only the salad to prepare when off we went for the 1 1/2 hour journey to Bangkok Airport.

The last time she came for Christmas it took nearly 2 hours from her plane landing to me actually seeing her in the Airport!!! This time we left a little later so we would not have so long to wait. As it turned out her plane was late landing, due to some air conditioning problem on the aircraft, delaying their take off from Heathrow.

We managed to get right outside the arrivals entrance for her flight (there is more than one at BKK airport). Oh and just by chance there is a lovely little coffee stop right beside it, offering a great cup of cappuccino.

She wasn’t too impressed with me asking her to stop in her track so I could take a photo, hence the blurred vision!!!


We did manage to get a nice photo taken by a crew member from the Qantas flight that had just arrived from the UK too. Nice chap was waiting for his other half we presume who had been desperate for the loo.


Gosh I always think I have loads of hair until you see yourself in a photo. Must be the heat, hair sticks to your head!!!!

From the moment she arrived the time has just whizzed past. Sunday we spent in the garden by the pool. Oh burney burney for 3 of us. Even though I had sun factor 30 on I still burnt!!!!!

The sun seems to burn you that much quicker here,guess I will be going out to buy a factor 40 next. Yes, I did reapply every hour and my face looked like I had been covered in ice cream but this week I am still sporting a red nose!!!

Sunday evening we went down to the Glass House Restaurant (featured on the Dining Page) located on the beach and had a lovely meal. I bet the staff wondered who the 3 lobsters where sitting at the table!!!!

Two Lobsters

and lobster number 3:-

Lobster number 3


Thank goodness for the sea breeze. It’s a lovely restaurant as you will see from my review on the Dining Page but I had no idea it would be nearly all seafood. Luckily Christina can manage salmon or we would have  had to go somewhere else.

It seems Songkran is not over for Pattaya. The official day is Tuesday here for more soaking. We ventured down into Pattaya on Monday for lunch at the Loft. Chicken Tikka Wraps…mmmm….. delicious but very very spicy.

Here is a picture of the view from Central  Festival

A view from The Loft Restaurant


People were out in force with their buckets, hose pipes and water guns. The people having to take bat buses really suffered. Poor things were soaked.I wouldn’t have liked to have been on a motorbike either. They were ripe for the picking or throwing of vast amounts of water!!!!!!

Thais out soaking passers by in Hua Yai

Back in the village there was more of the same. We did manage a few soakings on the car but kept our windows shut!!!!!!

Tuesday held a trip to the Floating Market on Sukhumvit Road. I have entered this as a separate post for days out. A bit disappointing as lots of the stalls and shops were closed. Maybe for the holidays or maybe because we had had a huge downpour in the morning.

We went to Joan’s house for a beautiful lunch on Wednesday. Her lovely hot advacado, bacon and mozzarella starter. Followed by smoked salmon salad with sweet buns (chicken for Christina) and polished off with strawberries, cream and syllabub. Then back to the cosy terrace seats for coffee….. Ah, just as well I did a hundred lengths of the pool that morning!!!!

Her house is beautiful and it’s just like stepping back into a very fine English Country Cottage. I could have stayed and sat on her terrace all day.

After saying goodbye we took the scenic route back home (aka, the long way round). Christina spotted an elephant sign. A quick “U”turn and off we went in search of the elephants.

There they were, larger than life and absolutely loads and loads of them behind  a fence of huge black iron posts with gold tops!!! The posts not the elephants….. We will go back next week for a ride on the elephants. Christina’s 3rd ride but my first!!!! Yikes, I am excited but nervous..

We wound slowly down the Siam Country Club road, passing many many shops, cafe’s etc back down to Sukhumvit Road. A quick stop off at the market for some tomatoes then home. I think we managed it with half an hour to spare before OH arrived home from work!!!!!

Thursday was a visit to our neighbours house. We had met him through one of the other neighbours and now he and his girlfriend have had a house built and moved not far way from us. The house was fantastic. Ultra modern, very nice indeed. I am going to attempt the catering for their house warming on the 1st May. A menu was decided on and then off Christina and I went to do the weekly shop. Not forgetting of course a  stroll around the shops in the Carrifour mall.

Friday came around too soon and after Christina having a little time to sunbath we were off out again to meet the girls at the Loft for lunch.  The trouble is it takes me so long to decide what to have. Oh and then goodness you have to decide on which smoothie to have too. Decisions decisions.

I think everyone enjoyed their food. We decided to move seats for the coffee as Julieann being pregnant was getting a little hot by the window. Again, what dessert to choose. A gentleman approached, probably the restaurant manager,  to help us make that decision. Kindly also offering a free coffee with any dessert from the fridge. That did it for me, crème caramel……..delicious.

After arranging lunch at our house for next Friday, the Royal Wedding Day and the return of Diane from France, Christina and I headed off for a stroll along the beach road to Mikes Mall. Not before Christina picked up 2 really nice dresses at Central.

After only going a short distance the option of a bat bus won the day as we were already getting too hot. Oh no I had forgotten to get any more money out of the cash machine. Ah well, we would have to come back again. I was to get some underwear for my nephew and Christina was looking for a bag for Karen.

Christina is really good at bartering. A must in Thailand. I feel awful and nearly always give them what they are asking or just under. Christina however, is very shrewd. Offering sometimes half the asking price!!!!! by goodness she gets a good deal. Pity she is not here all the time.

Back along the sea front with time marching on. She managed to get a lovely bag for Karen, even if she did upset the lady in the shop by bartering her down on the price by almost twenty pounds !!!! he he.

Back home for a quick change of clothes for the very hot and sticky Therappasit Road Night Market. Again I will write a separate post with lots of pictures for this and it will be posted on the “Days Out”Page.

If only I could have gone with a bikini on, I may not have suffered the heat so much. My goodness it was busy. There are some really good stalls for cheap clothes. We picked up shoes, bags, tops and shorts. I even got a hoola hop for my OH and some treats for M,T& J…..

I had salmon in the house for tea but it was after 9.30pm so we stood and watched while our order of Phad Thai was being made by a food vendor, picked by Christina. She said we should not pick anything that had been already made.  Looks like Salmon for lunch tomorrow now.






Well today is the official start of Songkran. A festival of prayers to Buddha for the rains to come.  Taking older family members to the temple to pray and I have been told a time of feet washing???

The fun part is everyone gets soaked from just about anywhere  and anyone!!!! and  then covered in talc!!!!!! All the shops have brightly coloured shirts and dresses for sale. The brighter the better for this celebration.

Bad part is all the drunk drivers!!!! Newspapers estimate there are over 50 dead due to drink driving accidents and over 400 injured. Begs the question from some forums “How many on normal days?

Driving in Thailand is crazy anyway. Almost as crazy as Bahrain.Add lots of drink and merry making and I guess we will just stay home until it all ends if we can. Shame really as my OH is off until Monday and it should be a time when we can enjoy the beach, pop into Pattaya for a nice meal or even go to the driving range but I don’t want to chance getting involved in an accident.NO THANKS

Getting soaked would be OK. We enjoyed Songkran last year in Songkhla. We took our pick up down onto the beach road and joined in the merry making there.It was one continuous fleet of vehicles for miles and miles.

There were lots of people in trucks. Music blasting.  The pick up parts of the vehicles held huge barrels of water and as many family and friends packed in to throw as much water out onto anyone within range. Great fun watching.

Even people on motor bikes carried water. People stood on the sides of the roads doing the same. Anywhere there was a house, the children would be outside with water pistols or hose pipes, soaking passers by. A good way to keep them all cool in the hot sun.

We got off lightly. Most shouting Farangs or as they say Falangs (Westernes) and letting us through. Our truck got wet and it was smeared with wet talc but we ourselves were spared. Mind you, I did keep putting the window up when we got close to anyone with a barrel, a hose pipe or even a water pistol!!!!!

I have heard its even crazier in Pattaya. Wild some one said. I went down for shopping yesterday morning and the place was deserted. I text my OH to say it was as if everyone was getting out of dodge!!!!! I managed to go down Pattaya Tai, 2nd and 3rd Road and even Pattaya Klang in 3rd gear!!! Normally you never get out of 2nd its usually so busy. Lots of the shops were closed with a line of roller shutters everywhere you looked.

My daughter arrives on Saturday evening at Bangkok airport so we will have to go out then. I just pray we will all be safe on our journey. Lets hope the rains don’t come too soon as I know she would like 2 weeks of sunshine.





Creatures in Your House & Garden

Be very aware when you come to Thailand that you will see some very strange creatures. No not the elephants!!!! You can see them most days somewhere in Thailand, even in Pattaya

Up close and personal

There was monkeys in Songkhla and there are some at Silver Lake, as yet I have not seen the ones at Silver Lake though. There was one monkey at Songkhla that grabbed my dress and pulled hard!!!! I think he was after the bottle of water I had in my pocket really…..

but what you don’t want to meet up close and personal is one of these critters.

A not so nice lizard, called a tookay. Goodness knows how you really spell it but I am sure when it shouts and boy does it shout !!!! it shouts “F UK” really it does. Everyone  that has heard the noise agrees!!!!!

Here is a picture of one that Shouza caught in a trap in the roof





just look at the mouth if you can. It is full of teeth.

Wish I could have seen it without the cage but they are too dangerous. They give a nasty bite and don’t let go. Not nice at all if you are a cat or dog!!!! Hence the trap and the cage….They eat all types of bugs and they also eat rats…..which were also caught in more traps in the roof. I will find the picture if I can and post it here.

Then of course there are snakes. Lots of different types of snakes in Thailand. All poisonous, I believe!!!! So far we have been lucky, only two that we have seen in the garden, but two too many for sure…….The first was in the mango tree and luckily Nok and Wow spotted it and dealt with it very swiftly. Bright green it was.

The next was just a few weeks ago. Stella was playing with a snake in the garden. We couldn’t believe it. Horrified. We think she had stunned it or killed it and OH managed to scoop it up in the pool net and throw it over the wall.  Black with yellow bands!!!!! We don’t need any more of then in the garden as one bite can be fatal to Mol, Tess, Jack or Stella.

Then there are the little gecko’s, ah they are so cute. Mind they make a racket too. tak tak tak they shout. I sometimes get a fright when I open a cupboard and one runs quickly out or up. Or you open the curtains in the morning and they run out from behind the curtain!!!! gives you quite a jolt but they are harmless and they eat the bugs too, so I don’t mind them at all, well except for their poo, which they love to leave behind!!!!

I have been told there are scorpions here but as yet, touch wood, I haven’t seen one and certainly don’t wish to encounter one!!!!

We get lots of different varieties of birds in the garden. I only long for a  camera with a good zoom lens then I can post some great shots on here. There are bright blue birds that like to appear in groups in the garden. Then we have a type of heron that comes down into the garden to stand very still. It has a brown mottled body with white wings on beautiful long legs.

Lots of what look like tiny humming birds that hover at the birds of paradise flowers outside my kitchen window. There are a pair of tiny owls that swoop down in the early evening and sit on the wires over head, sometimes looking into the garden. . .

There are bright green birds and tiny sparrows. Some tiny black and white birds and oh so many more. So beautiful and lots sing their little hearts out for me too. Even a big russet reddy/brown bird that likes to perch in the coconut palm by the pool and screeches.

There are some birds now in the garden even though its pouring with rain. I think the bugs must come to the surface of the grass or they are digging for worms I am not sure which, but you would think they would be rained off!!!!!

I think I can see a purchase of a bird book soon…….

Then oh yes, I nearly forgot we have tiny squirrels. They have to be quick mind or Stella unfortunately gets them. It’s a cruel world. There is an abundance of frogs and toads. It doesn’t matter how many I catch and put over the garden wall, there are always more to take their place. They come to try and get in with the fish on our terrace, even though we have netted the whole thing. They still seem to find a way in. They often appear outside the doors and I have even had them hopping into the house. They will be croaking when the rain stops and appearing in the puddles that have come with all the rain. Then the fun will be begin on collection before our M,T,J&S try to have their fun.

The biggest nuisance has got to be the mosquito’s and the mumwee(tiny fruit flies). Always cover yourself in mozzy repellent. You can get what looks like large Catherine wheels that you burn which are to ward off the mozzy’s and you can get citronella candles and spray.

We spray the bedroom every evening about an hour before we go to bed and then again when we shower. I have found spraying once is not enough. Twice seems to get the little critters!!!!!

OH doesn’t seem to be bothered by them but he does take garlic tablets. I do not and when I get bitten they come up in huge red lumps that are really itchy. So be warned.

You will see here some very strange bugs in all different shapes and sizes. Not for the faint hearted!!!!!!

On a lighter note, although these were not in the garden, they were at the bottom of my garden, just over the wall.  Lovely. They seem to come in all different shapes, shades and sizes…..


What I never expected to see in my garden was a Monitor Lizard. Sorry no pictures. It was moving to fast!!!!! We had decided to get the sun loungers out at it had turned out to be a nice day after all!!!! Jack was up to the usual grub hunting in the undergrowth when he came out sneezing!!!! and I mean sneezing. Really bad. The next thing. David points out this huge beast in our garden. Oh my God!!!!!! It was about 3-4 feet in length and what a girth!!!!!

It was just sauntering past the terrace.  I think I tried to get the dogs inside while panicking about our cat. The next thing it was sauntering across the bottom of the garden. Where upon we lost it!!!! David insisted we let the dogs out again!!!!! They ran straight to the bottom of the garden the scent obviously very strong……. me with a broom in hand and David with the pool net headed in the same direction. Next thing the dogs come out barking chasing the lizard. It was running straight towards me or rather I was running towards it. Oh it was huge and boy was it nasty. Luckily the dogs didn’t get to it and it didn’t get to me before it headed up a palm tree.

I can’t remember being so frightened for my poor dogs. I sat and waited on the terrace. So while I waited for Shouza to come with his pellet gun I Googled it!!!! slightly venomous !!!!!! can run up to 28 mph…..Yikes. Eats small mammals …. what a puppy, a cat???? who knows. I was so worried about my brood.

Anyway by the time Shouza came around with Nok and Feya it had either gone or it was hiding as it did not re appear. I stayed up very late with the dogs and cat and kept them in the house until early morning. I was sure I had given it enough time to come down and escape by then.  Of course returning to my bed I could not sleep for fear it was attacking our pup Jack while I slept in my bed!!!!!

I just hope it never comes back!!!!!!!





I was sure we hadn’t started the rainy season yet but the weather has been so unpredictable lately we did not know what to do yesterday. It started out a beautiful day and we contemplated a day at the beach but then the clouds came over at lunch time and it started to rain….

We headed off to Ban Ampur for a massage. I think it’s called – Cat—–(can’t remember the spelling) Massage Parlour. It’s almost into Ban Ampur. on the left, a bright pink exterior to the shop/salon. I have been a few times before but this was the first time for my OH. The door was opened with warm and friendly smiles. The girls here I think are really clever as they not only speak Thai and English, they have also learned to speak Russian.

A lot of their patrons are now Russian and as the Russian that have newly arrived can speak neither English or Thai the Thai’s have undertaken to learn/speak Russian. It’s amazing really. To think how lazy most of us English folk are, we would never have done it. We just presume everyone can and should speak English!!!!!

Presented with the menu, so to speak, we had to decide what to have.

Foot and leg,mmmm…. had that before. Thai massage, nope had that too. Ah, an oil massage, possibly. As we went down the list the ideas got better and better. What about a coconut oil massage or hot oil or aloe massage. Yikes, what to choose.

We both plucked for a straight forward oil massage. We were guided through to the back of the building. There, curtained off into  separate cubicles we went. I was asked to take off my clothes, down to my knickers. Oh, hadn’t expected that. ….. really, I thought, get a grip!!!! how were they going to do an oil massage then if I kept my clothes on???. So there I was with selection of towels over different parts of my body, feeling rather embarrassed at my fat being on show to a total stranger.

I needn’t have worried, she was not in the least bothered and with a very professional manor she began. I closed my eyes and relaxed to a beautiful full body massage. They even opened the curtains a little so I could see my OH. An hour later is was all over and I was quite sad. I thought I could just lie there all day and enjoy being pampered.

Popped my clothes back on and out to the front area of the shop/parlour or what ever the correct name is, for a refreshing cup of green tea and promises that we would be back again next week.

We went back here with Christina while she was here on holiday. She went in for the Thai Massage, while David and I had the foot massage this time. Still a real treat as once they finish your legs and feet they move to your head, shoulders arms etc., aaaahhhhhh so relaxing too.


Weekly shop

Today was the weekly shop. Foodland first and then topping up with the extra’s I can’t get at Carrifour. Oh but on the way into Carrifour I spotted a lovely sunglasses stand. I have been after a pair of red sunglasses for ages and just havn’t found the right pair. Until today that is. No time to loose, straight to the cash point to pay for my purchase!!! he he.

Then into HomePro when I had finished to get the new bath mats for my daughters bedroom. It will look all nice for when she arrives next weekend.

I decided I had worked so hard doing the shopping, ah hem…. that I could have a treat of a shawama from downstairs. I have mentioned this on a separate page but there is a stand downstairs in the Carrifour Mall that does really good shawarmas. OK so I got two!!! then I really pushed the boat out and stopped to get a cappuccino to take out from the coffee shop at the end near the entrance.  I hate eating on my own outside so I like to take everything home.

I was so hungry I didn’t even put the shopping away and sat myself at the table to enjoy my shawarmas and coffee. ahhhhhhhh.

Then off to the local market for my fruit and veg. So many flies there today. It really puts me off buying but it”s something that you have to try and not think about. I bumped into Nok again, that’s twice today. I stopped to get some prawns for OH lunch box, thank goodness for the person beside me who understood the old lady selling the prawns, I could not catch what she was telling me about the price. Still learning Thai. The person beside me, not sure if it was a he or she said it slowly for me so I could understand. I thanked them and was able to purchase 1 kilo with their help.

There is a man that helps people leave the market, crossing the road, directing the traffic etc., he is such a character. Complete with the high viz tabbard and whistle.

I think because there are not many white women that frequent the market he likes to make a big thing of saying hello. It’s no nice and really brightens my day. He is so funny. Always laughing and smiling, always a friendly word to everyone. His English is really good. Asked me if I liked whisky or beer today. He fell about laughing when I said I didn’t like beer but I liked whisky!!! I think he then went onto translate to others what I had said and they had a good laugh. White woman likes whisky!!!!

People stare at me when I go to the local markets,  but they don’t do it in a nasty way here in Thailand. They are just inquisitive and if you smile or say hello, they nearly always reply back with a greeting or a big smile that spreads across the face.

I chose some white snapper at Foodland. I had never heard of a white snapper before but I thought we should try it as it was only half the price of the usual salmon that I get. The whole house smelt like North Shields Fish Quay tonight. Wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to eat it, but you know what, when we took the first mouthful it didn’t smell at all and indeed it was rather tasty. So once again something new tried and enjoyed!!!!

Bought some sticky rice for pudding at Carrifour and got some mangos on the market. Oh, disappointed, the rice was horrible. Not a patch on the sticky rice from the lady near the traffic lights on the Hua Yai Road. Now hers is delicious. A good excuse to go and buy some tomorrow for the weekend, to make up for the horrible stuff we ate today of course!!!!!


Lunch with the girls & Public Holiday

Tuesday we all met at Jan’s apartment for lunch. Wow, right on the beach. What a fantastic view. I can see now why people live in apartments. No flies, no mumwee (tiny flies) just a beautiful breeze from the sea, oh and the view….. Deeann took us upstairs to show us the roof terrace. An infinity pool and a lovely area with tables & chairs and sun loungers. Who would ever need to go to the beach???? So tranquil.  I could have moved in there straight away. No need for air con here. The difference in the temperature was unbelievable. When I left home I had opted for a summer dress and I was still sticky and hot.In Jan’s apartment with the windows wide open I could have even had a long sleeved shirt on and felt cool.

We made a toast to “New Friends”. I have only known these ladies a few weeks and already they seem like old friends. What a lovely bunch of down to earth people. So one thing good did come out of going to the International Ladies Club Coffee Morning. I would not have met Julieann and in turn would not have met her friends that I  now sat with having a delicious lunch.

I had brought the dessert, which went down really well. Nigella’s white chocolate mint mouse. It’s so easy to make and so light and  moreish!!!!! I will collect the glasses next time I see them, which will hopefully be next week at our house. I don’t know what to make yet as Wendy has a gluten and wheat allergy. I can think of a dessert straight away, flour less chocolate brownies, but what to do for the main course?????mmmmm I will have to think on that one.

I also received a phone call from one of the neighbours. There is a house warming party at the beginning of May and they wonder if I would like to do the catering. Of course I said yes, I just love cooking. Today I have quickly jotted down a few menus to give them some ideas of what I could offer.

It’s a Public Holiday today 6th April. OH is off and we had decided after our stroll along the beach at the weekend to return, only the forecast is for thunder and rain. It didn’t look much like it was going to happen this morning. The sun was shining when I woke, I had completely forgotten that we were going to the beach.Short term memory loss or just being blonde, I don’t know.

We decided to stay home and sit by the pool, but oh those little mumwee!!! I am sure they try and get in your eyes and up your nose!!!! so we packed up and headed for the beach. We found a road that lead down to the beach further along from the View Restaurant and only had to walk a few yards to deck chairs and parasols at a small cafe/restaurant or a shack with tables and chairs to be truthful. We took a drink and settled into our chosen deck chairs. Even though I was in the shade and sun creamed up so to speak I could still feel the suns rays. I still can’t get my head around that but know from experience that indeed even in the shade the sun burns!!!!

OH however sat in the sun!!!, by the end of the day, oh burny burny!!!

I don’t know what I expected, but we were not charged for the use of the deck chairs and we had a great lunch. I think I had it in my head that it would once again be primitive stuff.  If you look at it that way anything extra is a plus. Really surprised once again. The menu was extensive and boy was it good.

We had fresh mangos liquidized to make a long ice cold drink. The famous Thai seafood omelette, seafood fried rice and prawns with vermicelli. All cooked in what seemed to be a very short space of time. It was beautiful and very tasty. The total bill for the day – less than Ten English Pounds….. can’t go wrong there.

There were a few men and women peddling their wares but all where polite and no one hassled us at all. Just a polite “No thank you”and off they went. We did feel sorry for a lady selling shirts and sarongs with her little girl in tow. After she walked away we really felt awful and that maybe we should have bought something after all. Maybe she would not get to eat today.

We will go back at the weekend and hopefully we will see her again. This time we will buy something from her. We said goodbye to the man who served us and said we would be back again at the weekend. He was hoping we were coming back tomorrow but we explained we were not on holiday but lived here. He spoke really good English and was such a polite and courteous chap. We headed home just as the grey clouds were heading in, but still managed to get away today without any rain.










1st Weekend in April

Finally the sun has started to shine again. Washed our two cars and was sweating. The sun seems to be intermitant today but we have to be thankful. The people in the South of Thailand are having a terrible time with floods and land slides.

I only remembered half way through Sunday morning that it was Mothers Day and opened my card from my daughter. Ah, it made me cry. It’s times like these that you wish you were not so far apart. Her boyfriend of many years had also put a card in for me too. So sweet and thoughtful.

Sunday was most definitely a better day. The sun was up and boy was it hot, we headed off to Ban Ampur Beach. It was mid morning and some of the areas seemed to be busy already. As we walked past The View Restaurant and along to our right we were amazed at what we found. There was a huge tree on the beach and its branches draped down almost to the sand. It was so cool underneath and someone had erected a swing made from a log. It was lovely just swinging back and forth with the wind blowing through the leaves. Now I could have got a chair and sat under there with a good book all day. It was so cool compared to the hot sand and the glare of the sun.

Further along there was  a beautiful cafe with it’s own conservatory right on the beach.It looked so typically English and almost out of place yet a refined touch.We discovered the Pinnacle Resort. Lots of sunbeds on the beach and locals selling their wares. Now why did I not bring any money. Some of the dresses and shirts looked so bright and vibrant. Just the thing for our colourful Thailand. There were people selling sunglasses and handbags and even cooked seafood. Ah, there goes my lunch!!!!!

We walked as far as we could until we came to what seemed to be the end of the beach. Lots of huge boulders and rocks signalled the end. So we about turned and walked back to The View. We splashed through the water leading out from a river into the sea. Probably someone’s efluent from somewhere!!!!

On the other side of this outlet there was rows of tiny huts offering fresh fruit, beers, lots of local cuisine and of course the Thai massage. We even spotted a couple of summer chalets. Jet skies to rent!!!! Deck chairs, sun beds with parasols awaiting new customers. A very relaxed atmosphere. No one in a hurry, no one posing or strutting their stuff. Just ordinary people enjoying the beach. We stopped at one of huts and sat in the shade to enjoy a drink.

We were having such a lovely walk we forgot that the tide might have come in and then we wouldn’t be able to get back across the outlet we had earlier splashed through!!!! Then what would we have done?? Luckily we were OK, I think the tide was going out.

Back in the car we realised how hot it was away from the beach. Sure there would be some burnt holiday makers today. We took the car back along a different route to see where we ended up and came across even more cafe’s and bars leading back to the main road and back home.

A quick lunch and then off to the town where my husband works. He has been jogging around the grounds of the hospital 3 times a week. Yes, I said hospital. I couldn’t believe it. There hidden away behind the hospital is a huge lake with lovely gardens. Around the lake is a red and yellow paved path. The whole area laid out for walkers and joggers alike. There is a driving range, tennis and badminton courts too.

What we had not planned on seeing were 2 monitor lizards!!!! I didn’t even know they had them in Thailand. Luckily they seemed more afraid of us thank goodness. We beat a hasty retreat!!!!!

I had never been before and wish I had brought a picnic as there were some shaded seating areas around the lake (away from the lizards I hope) and there were a few families enjoying a peaceful Sunday afternoon out.  We made do with a magnum ice cream sitting in the car. What a treat, havn’t had one of those for months!!!!!

It was very hot and we were glad to get home to have a dip in the pool.  Hubby got the sunbeds out and we lay in the sun drying off for an hour until it was time for tea.

To finish my mothers day we headed off to PK’s. An outside local restaurant down the Hua Yai Road. Good local grub and a large menu of western food too. I chose chicken and cashews with pineapple rice and hubby had a very hot dish!!!!!

An end to a beautiful day.