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Floating Market

Christina and I stopped off at the Floating Market at the south end of Pattaya recently. Don’t be fooled when you pass and see absolutely loads and loads of tour buses!!!! I don’t know where all the people go but the day we visited I think they must have gone through a magic door as […]

Christina’s first week of her Easter Hols

I really don’t know where this week as gone to. My daughter arrived  last Saturday. Friday was spent preparing the house to ensure everything was ready for her arrival. Wow our maid was on holiday so I hoovered, mopped and dusted myself. A good work out in this heat. The BBQ items were marinating and […]


Well today is the official start of Songkran. A festival of prayers to Buddha for the rains to come.  Taking older family members to the temple to pray and I have been told a time of feet washing??? The fun part is everyone gets soaked from just about anywhere  and anyone!!!! and  then covered in […]

Creatures in Your House & Garden

Be very aware when you come to Thailand that you will see some very strange creatures. No not the elephants!!!! You can see them most days somewhere in Thailand, even in Pattaya There was monkeys in Songkhla and there are some at Silver Lake, as yet I have not seen the ones at Silver Lake […]


I was sure we hadn’t started the rainy season yet but the weather has been so unpredictable lately we did not know what to do yesterday. It started out a beautiful day and we contemplated a day at the beach but then the clouds came over at lunch time and it started to rain…. We […]

Weekly shop

Today was the weekly shop. Foodland first and then topping up with the extra’s I can’t get at Carrifour. Oh but on the way into Carrifour I spotted a lovely sunglasses stand. I have been after a pair of red sunglasses for ages and just havn’t found the right pair. Until today that is. No […]

Lunch with the girls & Public Holiday

Tuesday we all met at Jan’s apartment for lunch. Wow, right on the beach. What a fantastic view. I can see now why people live in apartments. No flies, no mumwee (tiny flies) just a beautiful breeze from the sea, oh and the view….. Deeann took us upstairs to show us the roof terrace. An […]

1st Weekend in April

Finally the sun has started to shine again. Washed our two cars and was sweating. The sun seems to be intermitant today but we have to be thankful. The people in the South of Thailand are having a terrible time with floods and land slides. I only remembered half way through Sunday morning that it […]