Vets visits this week

My whole week has been taken up with dog walking and vets visits. I have entered the whole lot on the “Pets in Thailand”page as there is/was so much to tell. Needless to say Jack is back home and going to spend a night in our bedroom. See if he can keep the lampshade thing on his head and his stitches in tact……..

I went to visit my friend who has just had her baby. Ah he is so lovely. I will ask if I can post his picture on here. He is so beautiful and I don’t usually say that about babies. They are usually wrinkly and horrible. He is so so tiny. Born weighing only 5 lbs & 6 oz.  2 weeks ago. He felt so tiny in my arms.

Last night OH and I went to to Mimosa the Italian restaurant. (This is one of the restaurants listed on my “Dining” page. Stuffed ourselves we most certainly did. 3 courses and wine for under 30 pounds. The food was good and it was good to see the restaurant was really busy.




Out and about

The last two weeks have been a mixture of events and outings.

We have had people here for dinner and BBQ’s and also had the favour returned. I have bought myself a few items of clothing. Always nice to buy something new.

We have been to the Sea Falcon at Na Jomtien that was nice, worth a trip and very cheap. Right on the beach front with a really good breeze. We have also visited the Dusit Thani for morning coffee and the Lakeside Restaurant for a typical hearty sandwich. Pity we were the only ones there as it was really good value for money. More about it on the Dining pages later this week.

My friend has had her baby, 5lb 6oz and I hopefully will get to visit this week and have a cuddle of him myself. Yesterday we popped out to buy gifts for when I get a date to visit. The baby things are so cute, It think my OH was getting quite worried that I was getting broody!!!

I had coffee with Wendy on Friday. We went to the Village Shopping Centre on Shukumvit Road. It was only just after 10am and not a lot of places where open. We sat outside with a nice little breeze while enjoying a nice cup of coffee at a cafe which I did not get the name of. I do intend to go back and sample the food as they had both outside and inside dining area’s and it was a good price for coffee.

Then off we went to Foodland for the weekly shop. I was having some children come over on the Saturday and a request had been made for ice cream. I was really pleased that Foodland gave me a freezer bag for my ice cream. What a great idea. I did wonder if it would be defrosted by the time I got home. I will now keep this bag in the car for future purchases for the freezer.

The children came over Saturday and we had a lovely time in the pool and Jack our pup was really good with them. What grown up children there are really as we had explained about the No touch, No speak, No eye contact for grumpy Jack and they did just that. They even came armed with treats to make friends. Of course he swam for them as they were holding the treats out in front!!! A good day to be had by all. Made a lovely change for us to be around children. The chocolate cake went down well too.

Sunday came around and a trip to the shops for the baby present and some paint!!! strange combination eh?? OH got HomePro to mix some paint for touch up areas in the house while I went to find the antibacterial wipes!!! very sad I know.

Downstairs we had our lunch time treat of a kebab (in Bahrain known as a swarma). Only 59bhat. Polished off with a nice drink of old fashioned lemonade from the Aunty Anne franchise. We had already stopped for coffee at Starbucks when we went to the IT Mall for some software for OH.

Today is the vets visit for Molly, Tess and Jack. I have to go back and collect Jack at 6pm. I have posted all about this on the Pets in Thailand Page.

Molly and Tess had a full health check and are sleeping the day away now in peace and quiet. Goodness knows what tonight will hold when Jack returns. Bless his little cotton socks. I do hope he will be OK and settle down now.

Wow has just turned the sprinklers on so it must be time for me to go get another coffee. I was late having my breakfast today so I don’t think I will need lunch. Mind a piece of  chocolate cake might be a good idea instead!!!!

Still have not found my way to the gym yet???? I must make an effort. Too easy to do nothing once you get on this internet……..

The sad news this last week was that my mum’s brother died. It’s times like these that you realise you are so far away and you can’t be there in an instant. I just wanted to comfort her and be there for her. To cuddle her and let her weep. It must be awful loosing your sibling. I couldn’t imagine it. The funeral will be held later this week. He was a great man and had achieved so much in his life. I am sure there will be an article about his life in his local paper there after. May he rest in peace.

Where does time go?

When I was a little girl my grandmother used to tell me when you got old, time went really quickly. Well, I soon realised at 18 it was already happening. Wait I thought, she said when you get old???? not now. Well now I am a lot older and you know it goes even quicker.

Christina has had her holiday and it seems like weeks since she left for the UK. Getting an upgrade on the way home too!!! Business class indeed. She says she can never fly Economy again!!! yeh right!!!!!!! Unless she wins the lottery that is exactly how she will have to fly. Ah well, I am sure it was good while it lasted.

I have been back to the Woodlands Resort for lunch and breakfast over the last couple of weeks. Really enjoyed the bacon, mozzarella and pesto sandwich on Friday.

We have both been to Joan’s for dinner and we have had friends over this weekend for dinner too. No wonder we are putting on so much weight!!!!! Food, food, food.

Yesterday we ate the left overs from the dinner party. So that’s all the  potatoes and the cake gone!!!! well including the large slice of cake I am eating as we speak….now it’s all gone. Back to healthy food from now on. Well, until the next time anyway.

We have been to look at a gym in the back of beyond which would be great for me as I wouldn’t have to fight with any traffic  into Pattaya, but I don’t think I could remember how to get there and once there, could I remember my way back??? It was well equipped and very quiet so that would suit me down to the ground. As David pointed out I have the sat nav but I as said, oh yes and she often takes me to Bangkok by mistake!!!!!! great eh??? I think she is one of these that has a warped since of humour….maybe computers do have a mind of their own.

I have been to Central Festival Department store to find that they have a new brand in their women’s ware’.” Island Shop”, is the name and it has larger sizes. It’s great. I tried on size 16 (UK size) to find them all too big. Great….he he….

Down to a 14 in their sizes anyway. So that made me feel better straight away. I even tried things on. I came away with one dress and two tops. I have spent months and months buying either nothing or cheap tops etc., to then find that a few weeks later they come out of the wash with holes in them!!!! So I am going to ensure I wash these items by hand.

They ordered a couple of dresses for me but alas only one arrived. I have spoken to a tailor and they say to bring the dress in and they will copy it. I wonder how much they will charge though. Won’t be as cheap as Bahrain for sure. I took one of my old summer dresses in and to get one made up the same it will be around 36 English Pounds!!!!! mmmmm…. we will see.

My Dyson broke and there is nothing like that here. My OH thought I was very sad getting so upset about a hoover but I know it can’t be replaced. There are no upright hoovers over here at all. I had to settle for an Electrolux cylinder vacuum in the end but it’s  no where near as good as my Dyson. Sob, sob.

I notice today that although the new vacuum is only a couple of weeks old it is already bruised and dirty.. I have cleaned it  but I think I will need Nok to interpret for me to my maid that it has to be looked after!!!!! There are brown scuff marks all over the head which indicates that she bangs it off the wood work and/or the furniture. No wonder I am always going around with the varnish touching up!!!!

The iron is broken too. That isn’t very old either. Just 3 or 4 years at the most. That’s two items broken. I wonder what the 3rd will be?????

Saturday was a good news day all around as my new friend has given birth to a baby boy 5lbs 6oz. Can’t wait to visit. Must go and buy a present.