2011 May

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Vets visits this week

My whole week has been taken up with dog walking and vets visits. I have entered the whole lot on the “Pets in Thailand”page as there is/was so much to tell. Needless to say Jack is back home and going to spend a night in our bedroom. See if he can keep the lampshade thing […]

Out and about

The last two weeks have been a mixture of events and outings. We have had people here for dinner and BBQ’s and also had the favour returned. I have bought myself a few items of clothing. Always nice to buy something new. We have been to the Sea Falcon at Na Jomtien that was nice, […]

Where does time go?

When I was a little girl my grandmother used to tell me when you got old, time went really quickly. Well, I soon realised at 18 it was already happening. Wait I thought, she said when you get old???? not now. Well now I am a lot older and you know it goes even quicker. […]