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The rainy season is upon us.(May – October) I am not really sure when it is supposed to start but I am sure it started early. We saw the first rains back in April. The week before Songkran. Now it’s June and the rains are most definitely here. Don’t be fooled though, it’s still really […]


Well, he didn’t mean to bite me I am sure. Any dog bite whether it’s from your own dog or a stray means you get yourself to the hospital/clinic double quick for your rabies vaccine. Of course my tetanus had run out too so that had to be done at the same time. The rabies […]

Another week of vets visits and birthdays

Another week of vets visits, all details in full on the “Pets in Thailand – Jack’s diary page”. I am walking them all twice a day and have bumped into the man who has over 70 dogs and over 10 cats. I think he said 77 dogs and 11 cats. I think the number often […]