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5 days and counting-packing beings

Excited and stressed at the same time. Is that possible? The move is definitely on. The landlord has his deposit and the first months rental is being processed. However, the movers, leave a lot to be desired. Oh how I wished we had used JVK International Movers. That was the company that moved us from […]

A visitor in the garden.

I said I would back track over the year and a half or almost 2 since Molly died. Hard to remember where to start. So here goes with something different to Snake, Monitor Lizards or Tarantula visitors to our garden. I always seem to be cooking when something happens. I remember it was a Sunday […]

A Royal Baby Arrives for William and Kate

Wow, I was woken this morning with fab news from my daughter back in the UK. A baby boy has arrived for William and Kate. The Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge. So exciting. I have kept the BBC World News on most of the day to find out what is happening.  Seeing all the people […]

Tess has a nasty fungus infection- Ring worm

Poor Tess our dog. I thought she had bites on her back that had got infected from when her and Buddy play together. Then I realised that there were getting worse and spreading. So I took her to the vets last week. How I wish I had took her sooner.  They shaved her back to […]

My first, my last and my only dinner party at this house

Finally after being her since February had my first, my only and my last dinner party in this house. It was impossible before to have people over for dinner due to the horrible smell that enveloped the house in the evening. It would start around late afternoon and by 8pm the living area was smelling […]

Snake Eggs and more snakes

I know I said I would back track. I was so excited towards the end of the week. At last we have a move date. Paul came around from JVK Movers to survey the property. He hadn’t been gone very long when Buddy is growling near the bedroom door. There near the door way is […]

Well done Power Buy – Central Festivial Shopping Mall

Well done to Power Buy at Central Festival Mall, Pattaya. I searched and searched the house in every nook and cranny for the receipt. I was convinced OH had it. He was sure I had it. Oh goodness. On the 3rd time around the house in search of the receipt, low and behold there it […]

Update on the kitten

Just thought I would add a photo of the new kitten found on Sunday night. Paul from cats4youinpattaya has just sent this photos. Looks like the little boy has settled already. All blood tests back show no signs of anything nasty. I breath a sigh of relief. Well here he is, they have named him […]

Rainy Season here again

It has rained most of the last few days. Its terribly sticky and hot.  Right now the rain has stopped. I should be out sweeping the leaves off the grass as there is a lovely breeze. HOWEVER, the breeze is bringing more leaves down, probably faster than I can pick them up!!!! as Peter Kay […]

My Computer has a blank screen

Disaster has struck. Opened my nice computer today and all I get is a black screen with a message “no operating system found” FFFFFlippin great. I have looked on the Acer Web site and on the forum it seems that is a common problem. So I guess I have to wait for OH to come […]