5 days and counting-packing beings

Excited and stressed at the same time. Is that possible?

The move is definitely on. The landlord has his deposit and the first months rental is being processed. However, the movers, leave a lot to be desired. Oh how I wished we had used JVK International Movers. That was the company that moved us from Cliff’s house (The Park) to our present house. We call it Harri’s Place.

We are using Asian Tigers, the preferred supplier to OH’s company. I asked for boxes in advance to help speed along the move. We have to be packed up and moved out all in one day. Last time with JVK, they dropped boxes off a couple of weeks before, along with packing materials etc and I was able to take my time packing as and when I wanted. This speed-ed up the whole process and they were able to get us here and have a bed set up, sofa unpacked and some basic essentials to get us through the rest of the day. Then they returned the following day to unpack properly.

So I emailed A.Tigers. They couldn’t drop boxes last week but they would drop boxes Monday 3pm. Well, 3pm came and went. 4pm came and went. so by 4.30 I emailed. The response, they were having difficulty with directions. Typed out the directions and shot the email straight back.

The men appeared at the gate with only 20 boxes. One slight technical hitch!!!! no wrapping paper………………………….how on earth was I supposed to pack all my kitchen stuff and ornaments without packing paper?????? “oh, sorry madam, mmmmm, er…..we forget!!!

To say I was mad was an understatement. I just couldn’t believe it. They had come all this way and hadn’t bothered with paper and only 20 boxes. Was it my fault?  Should I have actually spelt it out. boxes and paper????? So, after a phone call and an email, yes they would come today. 10am. I had a vets appointment for Tess at 10. Unlucky for the vet but lucky for me, she had car trouble and wasn’t going to be there for my 10am  appointment.

Well, again I waited, and waited. The gardener was here today for the last time. That’s another story. I wanted to leave the garden nice and tidy for check out on Saturday.

He brought me a huge big plant in a lovely pot for the garden. I only hope I can get the movers to take it for me. Its beautiful, I would hate to have to leave it. Sure they will be able to squeeze it in somewhere. Maybe they could sit with it on their knees!!! heeheeee………….


I explained to the gardener about the boxes. Still by the time I left the house at 11.44, the boxes had not arrived. Another excuse from A.Tigers re the route taken to make them so late today. Time is running out for me and I didn’t want to have to pack all day for 3 days!!!!

The boxes had arrived by the time I got back from the vets.

Poor Tess, tablets for the fungus. 2 months supply. The vet also took a skin sample and showed the slide under the microscope. YUK, Streptococcus.


It looked awful. You could see its legs and everything. Nasty little parasite indeed. I was scratching all the way home. Highly contagious to humans of course so I will have to watch out.  AND they weighed  her….gosh she has put on 3 1/2 kilo’s with not walking so far every day…. oooppss, no more extra’s and she will have to go on the treadmill after Buddy. In fact I went on the scales yesterday and I better get myself on their too. I have put on 5 kilos in the last couple of months. Very bad and it has nothing to do with all the cakes, cookies and desserts I have been eating. Most certainly nothing to do with the red wine either. How could you think such a thing… The red wine is medicinal, helps strengthen my bones.

Buddy goes on the treadmill some days at tea time to get rid of his energy. He just hops on and waits for it to start. I will try and take a picture soon so you can see.  Tess, doesn’t mind going on but she won’t stay on for long. So I will have to make a real effort when we get to the new house to take her out for little walks more frequently. Trouble being I can’t walk her through the day as its too hot for her and for me. You can also burn their pads walking them in the heat of the day.So early mornings and late afternoons it will have to be. At least it should be safe for dog walking on the compound. I shouldn’t run into any monkey’s or snakes???? or even Soi dogs there. I live in hope……….

Anyway back to the boxes. I have already packed the 20 boxes they brought yesterday. All labelled now too.

Nong Prue-20130730-00148 Nong Prue-20130730-00149

Thank goodness I asked for some more boxes this morning. They only brought little boxes though. I am sure the man that came hasn’t surveyed properly. I did offer to open all my kitchen cupboards….. I bet their vans are not big enough on Saturday to take everything….. JVK had estimated 90sq meters. A.T only estimated 45.  Thats half…… its very worrying and I am a good worrier.

Well I could ramble on, as I do but its after midnight and as my day starts usually at 6am I better get a move on and say goodnight.

So excited to be moving to a new house once again. I wonder what will happen when we get to go home for good. I wonder if I will get sick of living in the same place after 6 months and want to move??? I think not!!!!

Saturday will come soon enough. I am told I shall have a crew of 10-15 men to pack everything. Lets hope they don’t break anything in their  rush to pack it all.

A visitor in the garden.

I said I would back track over the year and a half or almost 2 since Molly died. Hard to remember where to start. So here goes with something different to Snake, Monitor Lizards or Tarantula visitors to our garden.

I always seem to be cooking when something happens. I remember it was a Sunday night but I ‘m not sure what month. OH gives a shout  “hurry and come and see this”

There on the porch was this little fellow


A young bird of pray. I think he’s a hawk. He had someone flown into the patio doors and knocked himself out. I was so excited at getting this close to a bird of pray. Here are some more photos of the little fella.

DSCN0295You can see he has opened his eyes now. He sat for what seemed like a very long time. He seemed quite happy for me to hold him and stroke his back. He even let me open his wings and check for damage.

DSCN0296He is fully awake now, although he must have been so dazed to sit so long.

DSCN0297This one is just before flight. I kept putting my hand into the air but he didn’t seem in any hurry to fly off.

DSCN0298 DSCN0299After what seemed like an age. He flew up onto the gate. He sat watching me for some time. I do believe in an afterlife and  I wondered who it was that had come to visit me that day.

We have had some nasty encounters in the time we have lived in Thailand but this has to be one of the best. I shall never forget my hawk that came to visit. Never saw him again either.


A Royal Baby Arrives for William and Kate

Wow, I was woken this morning with fab news from my daughter back in the UK. A baby boy has arrived for William and Kate. The Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge.

So exciting. I have kept the BBC World News on most of the day to find out what is happening.  Seeing all the people outside Buckingham Palace.

Well done to the proud parents. Some nice news for a change across the world.

I am sure Princess Diana will be watching over them all.

Here is a photo of my daughter on a holiday last year in New York standing next to a huge photo of Kate Middleton. Certainly can see the similarities.

Tess has a nasty fungus infection- Ring worm

Poor Tess our dog. I thought she had bites on her back that had got infected from when her and Buddy play together. Then I realised that there were getting worse and spreading. So I took her to the vets last week. How I wish I had took her sooner.  They shaved her back to reveal these horrid black marks. Turns out its ringworm. A nasty fungus infection.

We have special shampoo and an anti-fungal spray. One week on its spreading and doesn’t seem to be improving.


She is obviously so itchy. Took her back today, Thanks to  advice from our friend Nigel Brown, Consulting Veterinarian who is at the moment in Mongolia. I went back to our vets (Pattaya Animal Hospital on Pattaya Thai, to have some more tests done. Poor Tess has a secondary infection. More test results to follow on hormone levels etc.,

I should know by now, don’t leave anything too long in these hot Countries as lots of infections can take hold with the humidity and nasty little flies.

Loaded with antibiotics, lets hope she makes a speedy recovery.


My first, my last and my only dinner party at this house

Finally after being her since February had my first, my only and my last dinner party in this house.

It was impossible before to have people over for dinner due to the horrible smell that enveloped the house in the evening. It would start around late afternoon and by 8pm the living area was smelling of drains. Despite the landlords best efforts to find out where the smell came from it remained a mystery.

Only with the heavy rains that we have had recently has the smell disappeared. So finally and before its too late I had some friends over for dinner. I love cooking and I wanted to try out two new dessert recipes, lemon roulade and an ‘easy’ peach tart.

Here is a picture of the table before everyone arrived.


The starter and main course I had made many times before but making the new desserts made me a bit anxious. Turns out the lemon roulade was a real hit but we were all so stuffed we never got around to eating the peach tart. So here is a photo of the dessert that never got eaten. I was so sure it wasn’t going to work. I had written the  recipe down from goodness knows where. Mix to a batter the recipe said, well with all the milk it had said to put it in was so runny I was sure I must have missed some vital ingredient off the page. I had nothing to loose, just wait and see once it had finished cooking. Low and behold that extremely runny mixture had set. lets just hope it tastes OK…….

I did dust it with icing sugar but with the heat in the house (despite the air condition being always on) it just seemed to melt into the top of the tart.

Peach Tart

Wasn’t wasted though I took half around to Joan’s to have with our  coffee this morning.  Still never got to try it though as she had already bought a cake. Ah well, there is always tomorrow. Nursing a hang over today. sicky sicky……… too much red wine I think.  Just couldn’t face it this afternoon.

I felt fine this morning. Well I did go back to bed just for a wee while. Then we had yet another power cut. I was just about to go in the show when the power went off. I am digressing again….its the mind…sure I am going a bit doo lally.

Last night was a success. Stuffed to capacity and quite a few bottles of wine later I said goodbye to Joan. As we went down the steps what did I see but the tail of a snake!!!! Couldn’t believe it.

Managed to get Joan back up the steps and Cliff and Nok held onto Tess and Buddy while I grabbed my snake stick. Sorry I didn’t take any photos. It wasn’t very big thank goodness. It was black with yellow rings around it.  I managed to flick it out of the gate and well away from the cars outside. Lets hope it doesn’t come back. I hope it realises that I was not a threat.

My friends said I probably had paid it to make an appearance. They think I am brave to tackle snakes but I think its just your adrenaline kicks in and I fear for the safety of myself and my animals if I was to turn away and let it stay in the garden!!!!  Plenty of lights on outside from now on. Its just too close to the front doors.

This morning I looked up what type of snake it could have been.

Wolf snake (not venomous) or a juvenile King Cobra. I really do hope its the first option and not the 2nd as they say King Cobra’s have photographic memories and they remember who has hurt them!!!!! Hope it doesn’t got and find its parents and come back to get me. No wonder I couldn’t sleep last night.



Snake Eggs and more snakes

I know I said I would back track. I was so excited towards the end of the week. At last we have a move date. Paul came around from JVK Movers to survey the property. He hadn’t been gone very long when Buddy is growling near the bedroom door. There near the door way is a snake. OK, its just a small one but its still a snake.

Nong Prue-20130712-00123(1)

Shoved the dogs and the cat in the bedroom and ran for my kitchen knife. Got back and the bleeding thing had gone!!!! OMG it had gone under the door and was now in the bedroom with the dogs and the cat.

So did a jiggle about and got them out and killed the snake. Chopped its head off.  I know some people would think it very wrong to kill it but until you have identified the snake you don’t know if its harmful or not. Some are not venomous, but it can still inflict a rather nasty bite.

Turns out the Golden Tree Snake is not venomous but I don’t know about its bite. Better to air on the side of caution and as I am not Steve Irwin I am not about to pick a snake up by its tail and hope to avoid getting bitten. NO THANKS

Mondays start early in our house. OH gets up an hour early to start his journey to Bangkok.
Monday to Friday until we move house.  I was a good dog owner this morning and decided I would get out early just as the sun was rising. Much cooler then but so hard to get myself out of bed. I am hopeless at getting up and usually by 7am its way too hot for me walking dogs. I try and get out between 6am-6,30am

We had had our walk around Horse Shoe Point and were back before we normally would have  even been out the door. I had my coffee and the dogs had their breakfast. I might add that Buddy won’t finish his biscuits until milk is poured on!!! excuse me, is he spoiled or what????? He is such a Molly dog.  Bless Tess, she’s like a dustbin but still enjoys that milk and in fact waits for it.

Out into the garden to sweep the leaves.

I am sure this garden takes more effort than the huge garden (Park I called it) we had before. These bbbbbllly trees, as soon as the wind blows (which of course would be lovely under normal circumstances to get a bit of a breeze) down the leaves come. What a mess every day. Then of course the house is surrounded at the front with trees on the outside of the perimeter wall. They fall too.  Nearly every morning is spent sweeping leaves. Good exercise that’s for sure.

This morning, earlier on before our dog walk I had seen in the semi darkness and again without my glasses on, what looked like a fat toad on the terrace. When I opened the door it disappeared under the decking. No way  I thought could that be a toad. Maybe a big spider or something. Well after my coffee what I actually found under the decking was a toad and a frog. Cheeky monkey”s  eh??  Over the wall they flew in an over arm action!!!! I am sure they just hop back in later on no matter how hard I throw them.

I could see a hole in the soil in one of my pots and the miniature rose bush had died. Buddy had very kindly dug a hole at the edge of the grass so I thought I would put the remaining soil in the hole to fill it up. What tumbled out the soil was a bit of a shock. Eggs…… about an inch tall, oval in shape. White as white could be.

I felt cold, I knew exactly what was going to be inside. I counted at least 10-12 of these + there were 4-5 empty ones too. I always wear thick gardening gloves so I squeezed one egg hard. Out came a baby snake. Goodness  knows how squashed it was in there as it measured about 4inches in length when it unraveled itself, so sorry guys I had to squash it.

The other eggs I squashed to make sure no snakes survived. On snake programs they say baby snakes are the worst as they will be the worst to bite, while big snakes try and get out of the way. Yeh right, it would seem in my garden they just want to fight and not be moved.

So much for taking my lovely plants with me to the new house. No way……..they will have to stay here. I took some of my pots outside by the bin and half an hour later when I looked they had all been taken by others. So that’s good that they got new homes already. I checked as many as I could for eggs. Found another frog. How they survive buried right at the bottom of pots is unbelievable. Last week I emptied a pot where a plant had died and there were 5 frogs in the bottom. Maybe that’s what is killing my plants from the inside out. Do frogs eat plants?? not sure.


I have checked my bigger pots and can’t see any holes in the soil so I hope they are safe. Still not going to take them now though. Such a shame as I have some lovely bougainvillea and standard verbena  bushes.


Just want to get out of here now.

The agent from Asian Tigers Mobility arrived a few hours later for a house survey. He asked if I was taking my plants. So the story was told about the snake eggs this morning and all the snakes that came before…………. Hope one of these companies can get us out of here before 1st August.

Happy Days eh????


Well done Power Buy – Central Festivial Shopping Mall

Well done to Power Buy at Central Festival Mall, Pattaya.

I searched and searched the house in every nook and cranny for the receipt. I was convinced OH had it. He was sure I had it. Oh goodness. On the 3rd time around the house in search of the receipt, low and behold there it was in the drawer!!!! I hate that when it happens. It feels creepy.

So I have some polly pockets and I am going to sort out all the receipts and guarantees for things and get them all labeled and boxed tomorrow. Have to got and get a box file of course but that could be a good excuse for a coffee at Home Works, oh and a lovely muffin of course.

Sorry, digressed there. Off to Central Festival with my computer. Found a parking space and reversed parked. Just like OH always tells me to. Its quite hard to park my truck as you can’t see out the back window for the carryboy box on the back. I think he would have been proud of me today. No dithering about and I didn’t even use express parking

Went to Power Buy, located on the 3rd floor – right next to the Food Loft (ah well, better take a visit there). The staff in Power Buy were really good. Didn’t even ask to see my receipt, after all that searching too. The boy confessed he didn’t know what he did but he got it working. Shut it down and did a couple of re starts and all was well. I could have kissed him but thought he might have me arrested as one of Pattaya’s nutters!!!

To celebrate I went and bought a couple of nice tops I had spied a few weeks back in a new shop. Clothes from Spain the lady said. Just simple white tops but it cheered me up. Then to end my little trip out I went into the Food Loft. Well you do don’t you?????

There is a new Lebanese Food Counter so I picked Hummus with Chicken Shwarma and pitta bread. Washed down with a nice glass of Red. Too stuffed to have dessert. Gasp, I hear some of you say. What me no dessert, must be feeling unwell. Honestly I was stuffed. Did manage a cafe latte though.

A lovely time to be had, even if it was on my own. Billy no mates again. J.A. come back I do miss you and Wendy. Everyone leaves. Just wish it was us next time.

Update on the kitten

Just thought I would add a photo of the new kitten found on Sunday night.

Paul from cats4youinpattaya has just sent this photos. Looks like the little boy has settled already. All blood tests back show no signs of anything nasty. I breath a sigh of relief.

Well here he is, they have named him Mr Tibbs.


Doesn’t he look so relaxed.

Rainy Season here again

It has rained most of the last few days. Its terribly sticky and hot.  Right now the rain has stopped. I should be out sweeping the leaves off the grass as there is a lovely breeze. HOWEVER, the breeze is bringing more leaves down, probably faster than I can pick them up!!!! as Peter Kay would say “What’s all that about” said in a high pitched voice!

Of course, don’t forget the flippin flies out there. Something called Melang wee. Pesky little tiny flies that we at home would call fruit flies. They buzz in your ear like a mosquito noise. They try and get into any area of broken skin. Like your previous mosquito bites and they burrow in!! can cause infections too.

I hate leaving the dogs outside for any length of time as they swarm around them. They try and get up your nose, in your eyes and as I said in your ears. No not the dogs, the little flies, honestly pay attention.

Poor Tess has hot spots (areas on her front leg joints that break out with the humidity). These little flies try to open up the sores. They are horrible. Its no fun, bless her. She is very hard of hearing now too, or is it just selective hearing??

I am sure that is what got into a bite on my foot recently and caused it to become infected. So now when gardening its long sleeved shirt. Long trousers or joggers. Wellies (so no bites by anything nasty in the grass) and loads and loads of insect repellant. What I sight. OH says I look like a farmers wife.

It should be a job you can do in your shorts and strappy top to get a bit of sun

Oh yes and don’t forget the flannel tucked into the top of your trousers to wipe the sweat off as its so humid right now……… ah yes, I know you all think its great living in a hot country, sunning yourself all the time…..NO sorry, its just not like that. Try sweaty sweat, frizzy hair, covered in bites (they like white skin) and swatting flies.  That may be a bit closer to the truth.  Add Hot flushes due to age and you got it in one…..

There moan over for today, well except that the washing machine isn’t working properly. Had to empty out the water from the trap, jiggle the hose around a bit and hey presto it seems to be working again.

Now what to have for tea???? trying to be good but you know that almond white chocolate ice cream beckons with Nigella’s chocolate peanut sauce over the top……and I wonder why my weight is up at the moment………………………..

Think I will just stay in the air conditioned house today. Its like reversal of winter back in the UK, when its so horrid you don’t want to go out. Well here its the other way around. Its raining but you can’t wear a coat its too hot and I don’t fancy the wet t-shirt look. Its bad enough that its soaked in sweat.

I did try one of those rain macks they sell here really cheap, made of plastic, but oh boy do they make you sweat even more. It’s in the back of the wardrobe

Plus forgot to say with the rainy season comes power cuts. We had 3 yesterday, just little half hour ones. Maybe that is what broke my computer??? mmmm there’s a thought.

Two weeks ago the power went down to only 2 phases. Thank goodness the air con was working and the freezer, but no running water for 14 hours…..just great. you don’t realise how much you really want to have a shower when you can’t have one.  I couldn’t go out shopping as I looked a right sight for sore eyes and the smell wouldn’t have been too good either.  Saved the money for the next day.

The electrician showed up at 8pm and jumped the phase. Whatever that means. A 10minute job and all was well. Why couldn’t I have had him in the morning. The landlord told me it had happened before….now that did make me mad as then I knew the man could have been called in the morning to fix the problem.

Not a happy chappy then either!!!!!




My Computer has a blank screen

Disaster has struck. Opened my nice computer today and all I get is a black screen with a message “no operating system found” FFFFFlippin great.

I have looked on the Acer Web site and on the forum it seems that is a common problem. So I guess I have to wait for OH to come back from Bangkok at the weekend. He has the receipt for this little darling. Then trundle back to Central Festival Mall to the Power Buy shop to see if they will fix it!!! Hahaha.

Ever tried to get anything fixed here????? OH’s Brother and sister in law came to visit December 2011 and bought me a fab fab bread maker (really expensive here) as a thank you for having them to stay. It worked 6 months. Took it back to Central Festival. They sent it to the manufacturer  who had a service center in Bangkok. 2 months later and I was still waiting.

The excuse from the service center. Ah well, they were moving offices and after all Pattaya is a long way from Bangkok!!!! Are they joking, I remember saying, its an hour and a half!!!! I got the machine back a week later. It worked for a week and hasn’t worked properly since. The bread doesn’t rise.

There another short story.

So I wonder what the excuse will be to fix my computer. I don’t use it that often for goodness sake. Its ridiculous

I read instructions on line about a recovery disk!!!! what recovery disk???? None in my box. Bet the shop kept it……..

So back to my little compaq notebook. Forgot how small the screen is.


Can you believe I took it back to Power Buy in Central Festival and the man fixed it. He even admitted he didn’t know what he had done but bless him, whatever it was my computer is working. Halleluiah…..good customer service. Didn’t even ask for my receipt or warranty card. I only spent all morning searching for it too. 3rd time looking in the same places, low and behold there it was!!! weird or what?????

One happy lady tonight.