Marriott Night Out with the British Women’s Group

Welcome Back Drinks with a finger buffet in the Manhattan Bar for both ladies and their partners.

OH and I had decided since moving to Bangkok we had “dropped of the map”. I think living in the suburbs is a bit different to living right in the middle of the city. 1 mini bus and 2 trains later I arrived to meet OH at the BTS station. A short walk and we  arrived at the JW Marriott Hotel in Plon-chet.

This hotel is beautiful. We were not sure where in the hotel to go. We asked a hotel employee and he was happy to take us to the correct room. So efficient. Not just giving us directions but actually taking the time to take us up the escalator to the right place. Then very kindly finding a safe place for OH’s lap top as he had come from work.

We had a lovely evening and the finger buffet was really good. Not one thing had chillies in, which was a God send for me. I didn’t have to make OH the chief taster. All tiny morsels of food on sticks. From lovely sausages rolled in bacon to tiny curried vegetable pasties. Absolutely stunningly presented.

Waiters and waitress’s passed amongst us with silver trays of food and drinks or you could also go up to the buffet where there was smoked salmon, mini quiches etc etc.,  There were also tiny desserts of carrot cake,chocolate cake, fresh fruit and tiny glass’s filled with chocolate mouse. Delicious.

Good company and money raised for a good cause. Can’t wait for the next event.

I just need to be a little bit more outgoing and mix a bit more. I find it hard to approach people if I am not in a working environment…………silly me.

Now I wish I had taken some pictures too.

Hairdressers in Bangkok and the suburbs

Since leaving Pattaya and my hairdresser Saranya on Pattaya Nua I have quizzed many people about where they go to have their hair done. Its such a daunting task. Who do I trust, who can understand what I want? Its so difficult.

I have been told about “Abstract” and I wrote and email and got a great reply, but did I want to spend 6,000bhat plus on my hair cut and highlights not knowing how it would turn out?

Then there is “Toni & Guy” another good hair salon. One lady I met at the BWG had a fab hair cut and recommended them, but would they be able to do what I wanted????

Some other ladies I know use a salon in the Westin Hotel in Bangkok. They said you get off the BTS and walk right into the Westin Hotel. It sounded like it was called Panibas, but not sure. They said it was a great salon but you had to know what you wanted in style and colours. This I did not.

A couple of weeks ago I was walking along Patthanakan road, near our soi 63. There were 2 salon’s next to each other. Not the usual seedy looking salon but actually looked more up market. Selling good quality products. So I decided to let my OH try the smaller of the two salons. Wow it was amazing. They don’t speak a lot of English but we managed to convey what we wanted.

Its called DCUT Exclusive Salon & Spa.207/11 Soi 61 Patthanakan Road.  0819371943.Its run by two men. There is a lovely lady that washes, cuts and drys your hair. I would go just  for the head massage that she gives you. It was pure bliss and I could have quite easily fallen asleep.

I decided on Friday to bite the bullet and go in to see if they could put some highlights in my hair. Well, I have never experienced highlights the way they did them but the colours in my hair are great. I am blonde and its not easy getting hairdressers/salons to be able to highlight or colour your hair without turning it orange. They understood this too.

Nantapat started the process. He is also the beautician. There were no foils, there was no cap. My hair was washed, then dried. One colour was put on and then left for 20 minutes, washed off, then another colour put on top, 20 minutes then washed off. Amazing, I had no idea what to expect and I was sure it was going to be a mess!!!

What I have now is great highlighted hair!!! I don’t know how they make it work but they do.

I asked for just a tiny bit off the length and sure enough, that’s what I got.

They also give you an amazing hot Peach Tea Drink. I went right out and bought the peach tea and did as instructed with the honey and the pinch of salt but you know it doesn’t taste like how DCUT make it at all.

The total cost of my hair cut and 2 colours 2,350bhat. Which was the price agreed before we started. I am very very happy with my new hair. Thanks boys.

They even shaped my eyebrows and coloured them for my night out. Going to go back this week and see if they can do a permanent tint for my eyebrows.

I noticed on their wall they do a lot of wedding make overs and hair for your special day.

While I was waiting yesterday with OH some ladies came in with presents to say thank you for their hair. More satisfied customers. Worth a visit if you live in the suburbs.




British Womans Group, Bangkok-Wonderful welcome to all

I decided to sign up to join the newcomers coffee morning with the British Woman’s group late September. So on a sunny, sticky Thursday off I went armed with which trains to get and how to find the coffee morning.

Onto the compound/village bus first which drops you at the airport link station. From there to Phaya Thai, change lines and onto the BTS to Siam, change lines again to Chong Nonsi. I was so worried when I started my journey. Inside I felt sick, I was sure I was going to be lost. At the last station I stopped to talk to the OH on the mobile, he was making sure I was OK all the way through my journey, bless him. I did have to have a talk to myself to pull myself together when I thought I was going to be sick with nerves.

At the station I had seen 3 other ladies with a small boy. I had thought, oh I wonder if they are going to the coffee morning too. Then told myself, don’t be silly, not everyone that is Western is going to your coffee morning. Low and behold, the ladies approached and asked if I was going to the new comers coffee morning. They knew where it was being held and I could go with them. How wonderful.

They had the courage to approach me as they knew I may never find it. They were right. You really need a command sometimes of the Thai language to get to where you are going in a taxi, unless  its a hotel.  I know next time I will do the same myself and try and help someone.

I met so many lovely, friendly women. No stuck up ladies here. They were warm and welcoming and had come from all walks of life. Some new to Bangkok, some that had been here for a very long time. All being able to help new comers settle in and certainly I was made to feel very welcome. I even shared a taxi to the station with my new found friends.

I was really looking forward to going to more events. I know this is the only way I will meet people and get out and about.

I have been to a couple of coffee mornings now (both at people’s houses) and a lunch at Spanish on 4 yesterday (Silom area). Again, every one so nice and friendly.

Monday saw me at Mah-jong for beginners. Something I don’t think I would ever have tried. Again 2 of the ladies (Jane and Ann) said they would meet me at the station nearest to the British Club so that I wouldn’t get lost. How many people would do that for you?

I sat at the table thinking, wow, there is no way I will be able to do this. Very quickly I was hooked. Jane sat with me and gave me good instructions and can you believe it, I won. Of course I realise that I wouldn’t have won without her help and expert guidance but it was great fun

I was invited to stay for lunch were I asked loads and loads of questions of the women having their lunch. No one seemed to tire of answering my questions or having me muscle in. Some of them had only been to a couple of mah-jong mornings and were also enjoying the fun.

If you are moving to Bangkok or the suburbs like me, come and join the British Woman’s Group. They are a great bunch of women and they accept you for who you are, not what your husband does or how much money or influence you may have, like another group I shall not even bother to mention, but they know who they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to all the women at the British Womans Group and I look forward to more good times with my new found friends.

Even managed to convince my OH to join me at a ‘Welcome back drinks evening” at the end of the month. So I shall dust off a nice dress and go party.

Looking forward to my new life already.

Cheers ladies.

A trip into Bangkok for an early supper

Saphan Sung-20130830-00238

We decided that we would have to venture out into Bangkok. So last Friday in the afternoon I parked my car at airport link station and climbed the stairs to the platform. There are lifts but the stairs are certainly a challenge. Some stations have escalators too. Some stations have a lovely breeze due to the trains being run above street level on overhead lines, but some oh my goodness they are so hot. I don’t know how people do this every day.

OH is now most definitely a commuter. It’s certainly good exercise and the trains are lovely and cool with good air conditioning but they do get very busy at rush hour.

Anyway, I am digressing. OH couldn’t get away from work as planned so I decided to check out M&S inside Central (department store) at Chid-lom. I was so excited at the prospect of finding Per Una shorts and tops. Well, was I disappointed. Everything was crammed in and it was winter stock!!!! M&S would be so shocked to see their stock displayed in this way.

I thought I had been saved from stocking up at home on the underwear front. Alas no. The prices, oh my goodness, 3 times the price for shape wear knickers. Equivalent to 30 pounds a pair!! outrageous. I know they have to have them imported but really. So I guess I will be stocking up once again on my home visit.

I did come across a lovely cotton top from a different department so I thought I should treat myself and a coffee of course while I waited. A few minutes later and a phone call to say OH was on his way and I would meet him at the next station. I managed to get on the right train and off at the correct station. However, finding the right side of the main road to be on to meet OH caused a big telephone argument.

When people are doing this journey every day its no sweat. They know exactly which exit of the station (all overhead) goes where. I did not and found myself on the other side of the road with no way to get across!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how stupid is that you ask yourself. Up and down those bbbb….. steps I went back and forth. So I had to wait for OH to come and get me and show me how to get to the other side. I just know he thinks I am really stupid sometimes (well, most of the time probably).

It was hot and humid (just for a change) and we didn’t know where to go to eat. Again, with all the thousands of places to eat, how come we didn’t know where to go. We found one place but all it offered after 4pm was sandwiches, soup and salad. OH suggested a pub called Bullies. Just like stepping back into a Wetherspoons back in the UK. I had a chicken fillet burger and chips. Delicious and the wine was good and sensibly price too. The staff are efficient and friendly too.

OH had fajitas and a soda.  We wandered back in the rain to the Novotel, where OH had stayed for 2 months while I was looking for a house and finished off the evening with a couple of little cakes and lovely coffee.

Back onto the Skytrain and then airport rail link for our journey home. I think we were both exhausted. Have to have more planning next time.  Got me out of the house though


A month in our new home, what have I been doing

We have been here a month now. Once again I hear myself say “where has the time gone”

I love our new house and the village it is situated on. Perfect Masterpiece Village.

Everyone seems to be so nice. Still to meet any Western women that live here (I have been told there are one or two). Lots of people are out exercising in the mornings and early evenings when I walk the dogs. Almost everyone says hello in either Thai or English and if they don’t I make a point of saying hello to them. Soon gets people being more friendly. Lots of dog walkers too but most seem to be out of control, pulling their owners here and there. Its good training for Buddy as he is made to sit and watch me with the enticement of treats for being good. Wish I could help them all train their dogs. Buddy attracts attention because he wears a back pack. OH says the Thai’s probably think its a fashion item for dogs, not realizing that its actually doing a job…

Buddy is getting better with other dogs but still he has issues. The Cesar Milan leader definitely works. I have more control over him and he doesn’t pull as much. Making it a much more enjoyable walk. I did enquire as to socialization/obedience training classes for him and I but they are 10,000bhat for 10 x 1 hour lessons. A bit pricey for me at the moment I think.

Roxie the rottweiler pup of 4 months is just adorable. A neighbours dog. She is desperate to play with Buddy but Buddy shows aggression towards her so it will be a long process. Tess of course takes everything in her stride. The barking dogs, the strays that want to come and follow us. All those years of training paid off.

There is also a Beagle pup over the road (they let it bark constantly) she came over and tried to get through the gates. I dread to think what would have happened if I had not been there. Buddy’s hackles were up and he was growling. He is such a woose. Then there was Stella under the car, growling too. Tess was the only one with good manors.

Tess still has her fungus but it seems to be improving as there doesn’t seem to be any new patches appearing.  Which is just as well as a visit to the vets to get more shampoo and spray resulted in a lose to my purse of 1,600bhat. 4 times the price of Pattaya!!!!!

I have been to the pool most days. I have been quite pleased with my efforts, managing at the most 40 lengths, in one go I might add. OH thinks its about a 25m pool. I find after 30 lengths my arms begin to ache though.  I have rewarded myself a few times with a banana milk shake from the restaurant.

Everything shuts on a Tuesday at/on the village. The local shop, laundry, pool, gym, restaurant and coffee shop. Everything. So I find that Tuesday’s is the day for organizing things to be done at the house.

Yesterday we had insect screens fitted to the main doors. What a difference. No more mosquitoes. The gardeners also came yesterday to cut the grass and sweep the leaves. They don’t do anything else though for their money. I guess you have to pay even more if you want them to cut/trim anything. Tomorrow the men are coming to spray the garden for insects and Friday morning a company is coming to give me instructions on how to operate the alarm system.

The restaurant in the village is great. The food is really good. I love the chicken and cashew nuts. I am limited to the Thai food I can sample as I have an allergy to chilies. Can you imagine, being in a country where chilies go in almost everything!!!! great eh?

My Thai teacher taught me a phrase to use, which translates to “Never put chilies in my food please” Thank goodness for that because if you just say no chilies, they think -only a little bit of chili. So you have to be very careful. They still put chili flakes in but I can manage those sometimes. I just pay the consequences later!!!!

I have still to venture into the gym and climb aboard those machines.

It seems to be still very hot and extremely humid so apart from dog walking at 6.30am and then early evening I stay in the house. What with the humidity and the hot flushes it is not an ideal time to be outside except for when I am in the pool that is………………….

I should have been swimming today but yesterday my foot made contact with the leg on the sofa. My little toe went one way and the rest of me went the other. While I was grasping my foot and cursing the stupidity of it the only one of my pets that bothered to surface to see if I was OK was the cat……..Of course Tess would be oblivious as she has selective hearing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Limping around today. Not so bad now that I have taken a couple of pain killers.

I seem to be even more obsessive about my house work, probably because other than that I still am not doing very much except the dog walking and swimming. It seems to be a very dusty house and I HATE dusting.

I need to find the driving ranges and golf course but alas its still too humid for me right now. I am told there are loads very near by.