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British Women’s Group Breast Cancer Awareness Coffee Morning

I only joined the BWG late August so I only have a few coffee mornings and one lunch under my belt. For me living on the outskirts of Bangkok in the suburbs I start my journey (trek) with “is this going to be worth the sweat” and every time I come back buzzing. Everyone is […]

Shopping in Bangkok and the suburbs so different to Pattaya

One thing I have found that is really different is the shops. Goodness where to start. I think in Bangkok you can get almost anything you need….at a price… I think I got used to getting around between Pattaya and our village of Huai Yai and then Horse Shoe Point by car. I knew exactly […]

Snake in the garden

I stupidly never expected to see a big snake in the garden of our new house. In fact, I never really considered seeing any snakes in the garden. Thinking that there are so many people here and lots of gardeners, workers etc., snakes would not have been allowed to survive………….. A few weeks ago while […]