Rhonda and Peter pay a quick visit. Susan and Bill too.

Rhonda is my friend from OZ. Hope she doesn’t mind we talking about her on here!!! Yikes, sure she won’t mind.  She and her husband Peter come to their apartment in Jomtien  a few times a year. A couple of years ago I met them when I was learning to play golf. We have kept in touch ever since and before when we lived near Pattaya we would meet up and have lunch.

This time they came to Bangkok for the day. It was great to see Rhonda and we had a lovely lunch in the Greyhound restaurant in The Emporium Mall at Phrom Pong.  Peter had gone off to Chatuchak Market.

We had a lovely afternoon of chatting none stop.. Catching up and looking at photos. Ah it was so nice. Peter arrived a few hours later his back pack full of items purchased at the Market. I haven’t been as yet so next time they come back I am going to kidnap them for the day and they can be my guides. Some 8,000 stalls is a lot to get lost in.

We wandered through the mall and found another restaurant and stopped for a glass of wine for me, a beer for Peter and a fresh coconut for Rhonda. More talking and then it was time to say our goodbyes.

Why do I carry my camera and never get it out my bag???

Hurry back soon.

Then on Sunday I get a call from Susan (my aunt actually) they are in Hua Hin and are coming to Bangkok for an over nighter. I had always presumed Susan and Bill had been to Bangkok before. We arranged to meet last night for dinner.

So here was me all dressed up for a posh dinner!!! WRONG. They had brought with them their lovely friends Pauline and Steven. I must have appeared to be a right stuck up, fuddy duddy. No street vendor food for me after getting tape worms last year. No way. Plus being allergic to chillies is a real pain, literally.  Oh and did I mention I NEED air con all the time. I just seem to have one hot flush after another.

We wandered down  a street market. Haven’t done that for ages. There were quite a few good things on offer.  Bill and Steven looking at the girlie bars. We found a nice pub type restaurant. The Duke of Wellington. Western and Thai food ordered and happy hour drinks purchased. Ah…… I just can’t do without Air Con. They did have it on but with only 3 walls and an open front to the restaurant it wasn’t doing much for me. Again, why did I not get my camera out??

We left them to their tour of the bars and we headed off home in a taxi. What an experience that was. Sometimes the taxi’s seem to want to end your life before they even get paid. Wow, talk about hold on for dear life. OH said to give him a good tip as it may be the last one he got the way he drove. Probably be in an accident soon. Lets hope not. Don’t know why some of them have to drive so dangerously.

Good to get out and about.

Hope Susan and Bill got back to their hotel safely.


Another week of vets visits

What a week or should I say what a 7 days I am having. Here was me thinking I was ready to get back  into the world to socialize. Apparently not……

Poor Stella, a.k.a. HRH…. just seemed to get over her bad back or pulled muscle. The pain killers had worn off when she stops eating. Thursday it was, last week. I kept thinking she was just having an off day but by Fridayt evening she was actually lying in my arms.

Now anyone that knows Stella will know that is not a done thing. Bless her she was so lethargic. She just lay there making small cries and getting cuddled. How I loved every moment of the cuddling sessions but  it was not in the right circumstances. To have to wait until she is so ill she can’t help herself. My heart ached for her. She just couldn’t tell me what was wrong and I didn’t want to appear paranoid to OH once again………………..

I had kept a syringe for feeding from the days of rescuing kittens and kept giving her a little bit of water. Making tiny bits of food into mush to put on my finger in the hope that she would lick it off.

Saturday morning off to the vets. Despite the fact that it was like a mad house the week before. I must have got there before the mad animal owners got out and about. Poor Stella. She hardly made a noise in the car. Not her normal constant cries to be heard.

The vet took loads of blood (or so it seemed)for testing. The usual checks came back negative for leukemia, HIV, kidney”s, liver function etc. They then put Stella on a fluid line so that she could be re-hydrated. Injections administered and tablets to be given at home . Results immediately showed  her white blood cell count was off the page. Red blood cells way down. A nasty infection somewhere in her body. Bless her.

Each morning I have had to take her back to the vets for the fluids to be given by drip. Antibiotics given the same way. We have even tried special food (she doesn’t like it and won’t eat it) and a special paste to make her eat (she reached at just the smell) waste of money they both were. HOWEVER, a tiny amount of my roast beef gravy seemed to do the trick and she sat licking my finger, dip after dip. Thank goodness at last she has began to eat…….. I really had thought on Friday night that she would die while I slept. I had hardly dared go into the bedroom (her bedroom) on the Saturday morning. Trying to keep myself composed in the vets while I thought her end was near was very hard indeed.

It’s Tuesday today and Stella is well and truly on the mend. Even the vet can see the difference or more like ‘hear’ the difference. wow wow wow, she cried at the vet. She even tried to get her back claws into the vets assistant today as he held Stella while she was having the fluids put in. mmmmm….. definitely getting better I feel. I even got the usual none stop crying on the way home in the car.  She certainly has been through the mill.

She had some more to eat when we came home today. Just a tiny spoonful but it certainly is progress. She even came around the garden with me while I watered the garden.

Oh and Buddy found one of those huge bug things in the garden. He was growling at the undergrowth. So armed with my thick glove I peeled back the bushes to see this horrible purple thick caterpillar like grub as thick as my thumb and twice as long. I put a bag over my hand and scooped it up. You have to be quick because they jump and jump. Huge eyes they have. I should have taken a picture really. Horrid things they are. Can do some terrible damage to your plants too.

Good boy Buddy.

All three of them are asleep now. Garden watered and leaves swept up. It just looks like it is going to rain again after all my time of watering!!!! The ironing pile awaits and Christmas cards to be ordered.  Now, what shall I make for tea this evening??? no rest for the wicked I fear……….

A worry having pets

A big THANK YOU to my friend Joan for looking after Buddy and Tess. We had only been gone a few days when Joan messaged to say Tess was not eating and that if she did not improve by the next day she would take her to the vets. Good job I had shown her where our vets was. I had also put the vet on standby before we left.

A few days later I received a call from my vet. My first thoughts were that Tess had died. I thought, oh no here we go again. Just like when Molly died 2 years previous. However, he was ringing to say she was much better and ready to go home. What a relief. She had been very dehydrated and had been on a drip for the duration.

It turned out she had an infection. It wasn’t until I returned that I found out it was a blood infection. Tablets started and some more stopped. On returning to the new vet today armed with the read outs from my old vet in Pattaya she advises that Tess had/has septicemia. Oh my goodness, my poor Tess. I had no idea it was so serious. Bless her. We have to keep a close eye on her now. Plenty of water as her blood is sticky she said, which indicates she is still dehydrated.

The internet is a great tool. I have been able to look up the information with regard to septicemia and find out what I need to do.

The new vet had rang me this week to advise on the blood tests results for Buddy. His thyroid tablets were to be stopped. The levels were two times higher than required. Goodness me.

So today the vet has decided to wait another month and watch for anything happening with him.

Then there is HRH Stella the cat. Poor thing. She stopped eating on coming out of the Pet Hotel.

I had no idea she was going to be in with other cats. I thought she would have a space to herself. It must have all been too much for her as it took 4 days for her to eat. She had only taken the tiniest mouthfuls until Thursday. Then she decided to eat for England. She hasn’t stopped eating since. Of course we have spoiled her rotten. Prawns, tuna, anything that she would eat, just to keep her going. Back to cat food now and the usual routine. Spoiled or what!!!………….

There are so many diseases to be caught by your pets here. A simple tiny cut can become infected so quickly due to insects, the humidity and heat etc., Pets have to have daily checks for any ticks. I even found one on my leg through the week. I couldn’t believe it.

Heart guard tablets are a must to protect against heart worm. Tick and flea prevention and of course rabies vaccinations together with their yearly boosters for parvo etc.,

Just as well the vets are cheaper here than in the UK but treatment and care can vary considerably.  I recommend the following:-

In Pattaya – Pattaya Animal Hospital (the top of Pattaya Tai on the left hand side).

In Bangkok – Thonglor Animal Hospital. There are many branches throughout Thailand.

A quick break in the UK

The best thing to look forward to each year is a trip to the UK. When we usually stock up on all the food we either can’t get here in Thailand or that is totally over priced.

We started our journey 2 and half weeks ago. A lovely surprise as my OH up graded us at the airport to World Traveller Plus with BA. Definitely worth the extra (nearly always on special offer at the desk on check in/bag drop). The extra leg room is definitely worth it, Still can never seem to get comfortable. I always wish I had invested in a really good quality neck support pillow.

There were some good movies on the entertainment channel and I did manage to get some sleep.

As I may have mentioned before I have an allergy  to chillies. Living in Thailand it does have its drawbacks. I chose a lovely sea bass  main course, only to find it smothered in a bloody chilly sauce!! great eh? Handed it back and then the only other choice a fillet steak!! flippin heck in years gone by I would have jumped at the chance but alas after suffering a parasite last year, which was found in undercooked red meat, no more red meat for me thanks…..I can just about stomach mince but nothing else.

So, OH got to have the steak and I had a meal of nicely cooked veg…….boring. All presented on nice china etc., There doesn’t seem to be any choice on menu’s for anyone that has out of the ordinary allergies. I would imagine however, that many people traveling to and from Thailand can’t or do not like chillies.


Our two plus weeks was to be full of my normal busy schedule meetings. Lunch, afternoon teas, dinners etc., however, all that changed when we go to see our house in the UK………

Bless my sister and her husband, my mum and my neighbour who worked like Trojans, removing the dirt, dried on food and mold in our home from the “not so nice tenants”. A few cases of wine and flowers as thank you’s and it was our turn. How I wish I could meet her face to face. All I can think of is nasty words to describe seeing photos of our house the way they left it.

So months later, re-plastered walls, the hole house repainted, tiled floors lifted and new flooring laid throughout, new blinds, the list goes on. Never ever trust your agent to carry out the financial checks on your home while you are away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I won’t go into details.

Anyway all plans were cancelled and OH and I got to scrubbing paint of floors, left by terrible painter. Again, what do you do when you trust someone to do a good job. Would like to punch him in the face for sure. We spent a whole week trying to rectify the paint that seemed to be spilled everywhere. He obviously didn’t put down dust sheets and splattered the remaining good floors with paint, absolutely everywhere.

I am so sorry to all of our friends that we never got to see. Just too much to do.

Thank goodness my friend recommended her cousin to take care of the garden. Wow, in one day the difference was amazing. So much for the tenants being keen gardeners. So keen in fact that they emptied some of my garden of plants. left all their lovely dogs dirt and smashed my garden lamps………So lucky to now have a good man to take care of the garden and it will be back to its former glory very quickly.

The first week was spent with my lovely sister and her husband. An Indian meal is always the first meal on the agenda. I think we crammed in fish and chips 3 times (we did share meals though). Its all about eating when we go home.

A surprise party for some friends, Traci and Steve for their 25th Wedding Anniversary. Traci walked in saw everyone one, was overcome with emotion (as anyone would be) and walked straight back out again. ( think she was in shock).

Another party the following weekend for my brother in law’s 60th and his dads 90th. My sister worked so hard cooking all the food. Amazing, well done. So much. The house was full.

Wonder if she will let us take the big fluffy duvet and magic mirror back to Thailand. Made us look so slim it did!!!!!!!!!!!hahahaaa…….

The following week we decamped to Jesmond Dene House, we had a lovely big bedroom. Again, just like at my sisters, so quiet. No barking dogs, no noisie neighbours at either location. This was a first for us and we will definitely return.  Away from the madding crowds but so near Newcastle.

I had taken two of my friends Eileen and Liz the week before for afternoon tea (as they had taken me to the Hotel de Vin the year before). Champagne afternoon tea. Delicious light cakes and how do they get the scones to be so light and melt in your mouth. No stale bread and no rock cakes!!! all delicious. In fact I could have quite happily had that everyday.

You can see why I can put on weight so easily.  We tried not to eat at lunch time or just get a snack and then have a meal at night.

OH’s brother and family came up from Devon. That was a lovely surprise. Even their little dog came too.

We also got to spend time altogether with OH’s daughter. Its been about 4 years now since we have got together. Really enjoyed our time together.

The last night we went back to my sisters and had our last Indian. Solomans opposite the Denton Pub. A restaurant that seems to have been there for years and has a roaring trade of regular customers, both dining in and with carry out meals.  I always call it English Indians when I come home and love to cook the same when I get back to Thailand.

Its hard to leave my daughter and family as I miss them all so much. Spent Thursday crying on and off most of the day. She presented me with a beautiful framed photo of her and her boyfriend. Well, that set me off again. Miss her so much. So proud of her too.

Back to the airport on Friday morning to the BA check in and OH decided to ask about  speical offers on any upgrades to Business Class. Wow, first time for me. Loved every minute of it. Champagne, before take off. Wonderful. Lovely meals. The steward was so  helpful with my allergy to chillies and managed to find an ingredient listing. I plugged for what we thought may not contain chillies. The pasta was beautiful with artichokes, roasted red peppers and mascapone cheese.  As was the first course of goats cheese mouse with a fruit chutney. Crusty buns and red wine. Finished off with pear and almond tart.

Another couple of films chosen and then only a couple of hours to sleep. I passed on the breakfast as I was still full and I don’t fly too well. The seats reclined into a flat bed. Wonderful. Best couple of hours sleep on a plain ever. I didn’t have any aches or pains.

Back home again now and this week I caught up with my OCD house work regime. Air con men came twice. Gardeners came to cut the grass, men came to spray with insect repellent. Shopping done.

Should be back to Mah-jong next week. Better get making that chutney for the Pleonchit Fayre.