2013 November

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Rhonda and Peter pay a quick visit. Susan and Bill too.

Rhonda is my friend from OZ. Hope she doesn’t mind we talking about her on here!!! Yikes, sure she won’t mind.  She and her husband Peter come to their apartment in Jomtien  a few times a year. A couple of years ago I met them when I was learning to play golf. We have kept […]

Another week of vets visits

What a week or should I say what a 7 days I am having. Here was me thinking I was ready to get back  into the world to socialize. Apparently not…… Poor Stella, a.k.a. HRH…. just seemed to get over her bad back or pulled muscle. The pain killers had worn off when she stops […]

A worry having pets

A big THANK YOU to my friend Joan for looking after Buddy and Tess. We had only been gone a few days when Joan messaged to say Tess was not eating and that if she did not improve by the next day she would take her to the vets. Good job I had shown her […]

A quick break in the UK

The best thing to look forward to each year is a trip to the UK. When we usually stock up on all the food we either can’t get here in Thailand or that is totally over priced. We started our journey 2 and half weeks ago. A lovely surprise as my OH up graded us […]