stella hiding on the bed

Over 5 months now and our cat Stella is still missing. Why has no one returned her??? Was the reward amount not big enough..?? I have been told by many Thai people that they know some people just take other peoples pets!!! Its the same the world over I know but it’s horrible. I still cry because I miss her so so much.

I worry about her. Is she alive? Is she being looked after? Is she being kept in a cage? She hates being inside all the time. She loves to wander and hunt.

Just because she is so pretty something has taken her. OK I can understand if she wandered too far and got lost and someone had kindly taken her in. BUT…its now 5 months and surely they have seen the posters I have had up in the compound. The guards huts have her photo up too. Why oh why won’t they return her.

photo 2

We will be leaving Thailand soon and I can’t bear to think I will be leaving without her…

Suppose the person that has her throws her out after we have gone. What will become of her. She has been spayed so she won’t give them any kittens to sell…. my heart aches without her. OK she was hard work sometimes. In and out, in and out she would go and she was so loud but I still loved her.

When she came back from the pet hotel in Pattaya after catching some disease. I sat with her in my arms and nursed her. I thought she was going to die. I can’t bear to think I will never see her again and yet wonder and worry what on earth has happened to her.

I wish I had loads of money to employ someone to find her. To offer the world to get her back..


I know OH would go mad if I offered 10,000bhat, but to get her back would mean so much to me…I love her so much.

Oh goodness there I go again off in tears. For months I thought I heard her crying at night. I kept thinking I could hear her cry everywhere I walked the dogs. Off Buddy and I still go up and down the Soi’s. I still call her name in the hope that she will be somewhere and hear me. That she will know that I won’t give up hope of finding her.


photo 5

Final summing up of the Intercontinental Hua Hin

Each day the jobs in our room were completed. Shower mended. Drain sorted.
Even the stain I pointed out on the door post was repainted where water had clearly seeped before.
However the smell……. did we really want to move rooms again!!!!  The staff very kindly did show us another room. Even larger and more grand than the smelly room but no view what’s so ever and the thought of packing up again and then unpacking….OH said that was that..too much stress for the remaining 4 nights…such a shame and a dampener on our first holiday for a very long time.
The coffee machines didn’t work properly and we just about gave up with that.
The socket nearest the fridge didn’t work and we still had to plug in the diffuser to camouflage the smell….. DON’T STAY IN 2306…

We suggested that they wait until we were gone and have a look at the electrics in this room. Clearly something amiss. Quite often the lights would flicker when you touched a switch or just wouldn’t turn off at all.

We had been offered a free stay on our return, but so far no email of confirmation as promised..lip service??? I hope not. Due to my OH’s impending departure  from his job alas this will probably never happen.
Just again seems a little sad that they would knowingly put us in a room with problems in a 5 star hotel. Or maybe some people just don’t complain but then again, never go back.

On walking back to the hotel, after our early morning walk on the beach. We climbed the stairs from the beach. What was this??? breakfast was being served in Azure………….wow, I was so excited. Now this was a better setting altogether.

We rushed back to the room to change for breakfast. Well, I don’t think sarong with bikini appropriate…

Beautiful. It’s a great place to have breakfast. Don’t know why they don’t do it there all the time.

This was a trial run by the owner of the hotel. What a great idea. So much nicer than the open restaurants near the hotel main building.

OH did find it a bit hot. Not much of a breeze on the Saturday morning, but I was happy. Although it was a limited buffet he still managed to squeeze in a muffin and yogurt followed by a Danish pastry….. tinker. That was after a delicious omelet!!

We would go back to the Intercontinental  as it truly was a great place to relax and even the children that were guests at the hotel clearly behaved beautifully most of the time. No noisy revelers. A peaceful and tranquil setting.

I would really recommend this hotel, just make sure you ask to view the room first to make sure you don’t get a smelly room…

I have to say once again, how fantastic the staff are here at this hotel. It is what really makes this hotel almost perfect.


Making Pitta Bread

My bread machine went to Place of Grace. It would mix but wouldn’t rise the dough properly. However, they will get some use out of it, you never know they may even know someone that can fix it.

So here are my first attempts as per my Middle Eastern cook book. It all started off rather well. No need for a bread machine but it was going to take all day, from process to process, waiting for rising etc.,,

photo 1(21)

This was the first stage, wow I couldn’t believe how much the dough had risen so all’s well after an hour to start the next stage. knead knead knead..!!! phew, tiring stuff…

photo 2(20)2nd stage, form into balls and leave to rise again

photo 3(17)

This is them doubled in size, now to roll them out nice and thin

photo 4(14)

But alas not thin enough it would seem coz they still rose too much and nothing like pitta bread at all more like Italian Bread

photo 2(22)

So I guess I know how to make Italian bread instead of pitta’s so off to my friends from Syria’s house for a proper lesson in Middle Eastern bread. We had a fab fab day. Starting with a huge chunk of chocolate cake and delicious coffee, made just like my mama makes all milky and tasting like heaven. Made properly, no coffee machine froth in sight.

Of course the quantities are different and normally Issam doesn’t even measure anything, just tips it all in. She has even taught her maid how to make them too so she did all the hard work of kneading etc., first.

I was busy watching and scribbling away in my cook book. In hind sight so as not to make a mess I should have done a rough copy first then written it up properly. Now I have a messy new cook book.bbbbblllllaaaaa……………….

photo 3(18)

Here’s the second stage after its been left to rise etc., the separating out and cutting of the dough. Then the maid rolled it really thin, so much thinner than what I had done. It was like paper thin. Then Issam uses a pan lid which is just the right size for pitta bread size as a cutter.

Samer her sister showed me how they make a special tomato and chilli sauce to make tiny pizza’s and also they mixed a dried cheese, soaked in water. They also added to this herbs etc…wow it was amazing.

Samer showed me how they make the pizza’s and samosa’s and tiny nibbles all out of the same dough.

photo 2(21)This is Samer putting out the cheese mixture onto the dough. The oven is very hot ready for the first batch

photo 3(19)

The dark filling is Thyme and olive oil. Try it, its wonderful, especially if you put some yogurt on the top when its fresh out of the oven. A new taste for me.


This is the mini pizza’s going into the oven. Straight onto the shelf, no tins required.

photo 4(15)

This is Issam and Samer together, so much work and now all I have to do is eat them….heheeeee….what a great day I have had. Wonderful friends and fantastic food. Thank you ladies.


The Intercontinental Continued…..

Sorry for the delay, where does the time go…. I always seem to be busy these days.

So on with the story.

photo 3(9)

This is the club room, well worth paying the extra for “Club” status. AND as a member of the management said “Its free”!!! Well actually its not. That’s what you pay the extra for..So still well worth it. Just don’t try and have your breakfast in there. Cool yes, bad service yes. The rest of the time, service great, girls friendly, efficient and very knowledgeable. The best thing. Peace and quiet….

Afternoon tea and early evening drinks and snacks. Well as you can see from the photo about, not just snacks. In fact really, you could fill up on these beauties and not bother with dinner. Unless you want to pig out of course and have both….ah hem…

Last night we decided to take a look into the Club Lounge as between 5 -7pm there is happy hour. Wow really nice. We decided to have a glass of bubbles each. Yep, Hubby had one too. Really nice. We had been told there were canapés and salad and some nice desserts. What was on offer was certainly more than that. Yes salads and beautiful tiny desserts but much more and besides….olives, anchovies, crusty breads, cheeses. Hot dishes of prawn cakes, sautéed mushrooms in spicy sauce, chicken satay… the list goes on . AND as much as you wanted to drink.

photo 1(11)Wonderful selection of small dishes and nothing too spicy either. The wine…ah…delicious. Red, white or bubbles and a selection of shorts too.  A nice way to spend the early evening before deciding which restaurant to eat at.

photo 4(7)


Room Transfer Disappointment number 6
Our new room was ready just after lunch on Tuesday. Our Suite was ready… a double upgrade apparently for the inconvenience of having to wait 3 days. We had already started packing when the call came from the Club Reception to see if we were ready. We were escorted to our room by one of the Club Reception Staff. Oh my goodness as you will see from the photos below the room is big, spacious and beautifully furnished.Don’t now why I only have a photo of the bath!!!!

photo 3(15)

Separate bathroom with a huge bath (not that we will use it of course) 2 sinks and separate shower and toilet just as the last room.

photo 5(1)
A dressing room area. Ha ha…at least we shall have a wardrobe each now. Note…take extra coat hangers as these are limited. Sure you could probably get more though. We always take our own. I can’t understand why my photos are so dark but anyway it was a lovely room
The suite has a lovely big balcony which includes a Jacuzzi. All rooms come with butler service. We were encouraged to ask the butler to prepare the Jacuzzi when desired. Mmmm…not sure I will be taking one any time soon but you never know.
Disappointment number 7…..

What’s that smell in the room….. as the hours went by the smell… like stale air con vent smell. Mmm…needs cleaning I think. The kind of smell that gets in your nostrils and you can’t get rid of. A real damp horrid smell.

Then I decided to have a shower. Well, the overhead shower doesn’t work without the hand held shower and vise versa. Then I looked around to see water seeping out under the shower door…. Its now all over the floor in the bathroom and took quite a bit of moping up. The drain cover is broken and is not allowing the water to drain away.
The control panel on the bead head is loose and bare wires exposed. Oh yes and of course it doesn’t work either. Not a good start to this lovely new room.
Off down to reception to advise of the problems in the room. What becomes apparent when they show us another room (with no view at all) is that they had had complaints before about this room but they still gave it to us anyway……. some double upgrade eh???
We have stayed in the same room as they assure us things will be fixed but the smell we have to live with as it comes from an outside overhead water feature. That is why there is a diffuser in the room. To camouflage the smell….ah and I had turned it off…. Naughty.
Lets see what transpires today. What will be fixed.

All the items that needed fixing were fixed but we just uncovered more. So on our departure we advised them to not relet the room and try and fix the problems. Just really disappointed that they gave us a room that they knew had problems…

Despite being given one of our meals for free, it really leaves a bitter taste in my mouth….a nights free stay that was offered to date has never transpired. So I guess we won’t be going back there again in a hurry…..

Anyway onto the next

We were going onto our second drink when we were invited to join the celebrations for the Queen’s birthday. Front row seats…. Hahahaaaa… how nice of them to include their western guests in such a special ceremony.
We were given candles to be light and song sheets. The announcements were given in Thai and again in English which I thought was really considerate of hotel staff.

photo 1(17)
We sang 2 songs. Kindly printed in English for us to try and keep up with. Hope we didn’t make too much of a mess of things.
We made two orderly lines, one of men and one of women.

photo 2(16)

Then took it in turns to go to the front of the set area and place our candles in the designated planters filled with sand. Oh yes and I forgot to say we were presented with cocktails in the Queens colours. Delicious.
It was such a lovely special thing to be included in. A memory I shan’t forget.

So we had a lovely peaceful week at the Intercontinental with ups and downs. A beautiful hotel and  I would recommend it to anyone, providing you go in the winter months when it will be more manageable to sit outside and eat.

The view is amazing and no rooms are over looked due to the way the rooms have been sighted. Definitely loved Azure best and on the last morning ….ta da…….they had laid out breakfast at Azure. Fantastic. A lovely sea breeze and what a view. It was an experimental day as the owner wanted to try it. If they could get all their breakfast things down there then yes, definitely worth it. The setting was perfect. Would be great to return in the cooler months and sit and have breakfast there.

photo 3(16)This was a photo from one of the evenings we spent down there. There is also a roof top bar but it never seemed to be open. There was also a huge fire pit with beautiful seating but again after the weekend it didn’t seem to get used. Another lovely spot for a cooler evening.

Off to Kuala Lumpur next month to another Intercontinental Hotel. lets see what its like there.