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We said goodbye to Thailand

So sorry it has been so long since I have posted a lot has happened in our lives.

First of all we just got back to Thailand after our first ever Xmas in the UK to be told my husband was being made redundant. Luckily this time we are ready. Dogs have all their papers and Patrick at K9 Bangkok Dog Training and Relocator is helping by organizing everything that we need.              You will see Patrick on Cesar Milan soon with his pack.

For a couple of weeks before hand we got the sky kennels put back together and used them with the doors open for their beds. Buddy took to it quite well, I think he thought of it as a safe haven. Bless him, but alas Tess was having none of it and wouldn’t even go inside it without some treats to keep her busy.

We never found Stella our cat, so I only hope she is having a fabulous life somewhere. Still over a year on from leaving Thailand and I still miss her so so much. She was a cat in a million, so pretty, with such a personality. Maybe it was for the best, I don’t think she would have liked the cold. God forbid we had paid all that money to get her back to the UK and then go missing…..I just hope nothing nasty happened to her.

We had to give loads of things away as we had far too much furniture and bits and pieces to get back to the UK in the specified container (OH paid for his beloved Giro Copter to come back)..

If anyone is leaving Thailand and need to get rid of things please ring/email Place of Grace.. Its a Christian Charity lead by a lovely man and his wife formerly from the Manchester. He does so much for the poor people in the suburbs of Bangkok. We have him things like food provisions (even things opened they would take as it all can be used)  old computers, old phones, lap tops, mops, buckets all sorts of things.;_ylu=X3oDMTByaWg0YW05BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwM4BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–/RV=2/RE=1464207034/RO=10/

This is the link to their site.. I hope it works or just copy and paste. John and his family help as many children and families as they can. Many UK people go over to help the charity and he is always looking for donations. Large or small it all helps… He relies on donations to continue helping poor families.

We even had things like chicken wire that was of use to villagers. Your waste, someone else’s treasure.We would have loved to bring a lot of things home with us but alas it was just not possible.

We did sell some our bigger furniture that we had brought from Bahrain. There is always a market for good quality furniture as lots of good pieces are very expensive in Thailand. Do miss the things I had to sell too. Now we have remodeled our house I know exactly where some pieces would have fitted in nicely..ah well…


This would have looked so lovely in my front window at the front of the house.

We had two of these to sell as we had 2 bedroom sets. It seems every time we move we have to give things away/sell items. How I wish we could have kept all of our lovely items.

The packers came and it was a much bigger process than ever before (or so it seemed). I have lots of photos to share. The team from Asian Tigers were great. You should have seen their faces when they saw the GiroCopter…They had to sit in it and have their photos taken…

photo 4(23)    photo 1(32)


Here’s a photo of Tess, below, waiting for us to go home. She might have been 14 years old but she is a tough cookie and managed the flight with no problems at all. Bless her and a year on and she is still going strong back in the UK with a new lease of life now that she doesn’t have the heat to contend with. She has meds for her heart, meds for her to make sure she doesn’t dribble anywhere…but she is a happy happy dog and not a bit of trouble. Still happy to see everyone. Although quite deaf now and she doesn’t see very well (we use a lot of hand signals) I know she is happy to be home.

photo 5(4)

photo 3(27)



Royal Thai Police Clearance Certificate

Well, we returned to the UK last February. A slump in the Oil prices meant huge reductions in numbers of workforce right across the world. Even though OH’s job had been Nationalized the year before and we were not allowed to leave until the found someone (and they never did) it still was a bit of a shock. Getting what we wanted…….to finally go home…

The positive side of things was that we knew we would never ever be left high and dry like we were when we lived in Bahrain. No more mounting debts. The down side was that we never found Stella our beautiful cat from Saudi… No one ever came back with her.. We only hope that she is safe and well and living a good life. I pray no nasty big snake got her… I couldn’t bear that.

I still, over a year on, miss her so so much. She was my baby…

Anyway… what I am getting to is that ensure that you get a Royal Thai Police Clearance Certificate before you leave as oh boy is it hard to get this document after you leave Thailand AND COSTS A FORTUNE instead of the 100bhat.. I had to employ a Thai Law Firm via a good friend back in Thailand.

That piece of paper has cost me over 250GBP instead of that 100bhat…..finger printing, courier charges, law firm charges and then courier back.

Its amazing how many companies back in the UK want a full background check. I think as an Expat I don’t fit back into the usual checking system for employers. Especially if you are thinking of getting a job in a school, airport, government…the list goes in.

If anyone needs their details just email or message me and I am happy to pass on their details..