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My New Shop Link

Would you like to shop in my shop? Would you love to experience the health benefits of 100% natural Aloe Vera. With our cold pressed stabilization process,(patented)  its as fresh as when it was picked and hand filleted. Only 2-4 hours and then into the bottle. No insecticides, pesticides, no contamination. We own the field […]

We said goodbye to Thailand

So sorry it has been so long since I have posted a lot has happened in our lives. First of all we just got back to Thailand after our first ever Xmas in the UK to be told my husband was being made redundant. Luckily this time we are ready. Dogs have all their papers […]

Royal Thai Police Clearance Certificate

Well, we returned to the UK last February. A slump in the Oil prices meant huge reductions in numbers of workforce right across the world. Even though OH’s job had been Nationalized the year before and we were not allowed to leave until the found someone (and they never did) it still was a bit […]