5 days and counting-packing beings

Excited and stressed at the same time. Is that possible?

The move is definitely on. The landlord has his deposit and the first months rental is being processed. However, the movers, leave a lot to be desired. Oh how I wished we had used JVK International Movers. That was the company that moved us from Cliff’s house (The Park) to our present house. We call it Harri’s Place.

We are using Asian Tigers, the preferred supplier to OH’s company. I asked for boxes in advance to help speed along the move. We have to be packed up and moved out all in one day. Last time with JVK, they dropped boxes off a couple of weeks before, along with packing materials etc and I was able to take my time packing as and when I wanted. This speed-ed up the whole process and they were able to get us here and have a bed set up, sofa unpacked and some basic essentials to get us through the rest of the day. Then they returned the following day to unpack properly.

So I emailed A.Tigers. They couldn’t drop boxes last week but they would drop boxes Monday 3pm. Well, 3pm came and went. 4pm came and went. so by 4.30 I emailed. The response, they were having difficulty with directions. Typed out the directions and shot the email straight back.

The men appeared at the gate with only 20 boxes. One slight technical hitch!!!! no wrapping paper………………………….how on earth was I supposed to pack all my kitchen stuff and ornaments without packing paper?????? “oh, sorry madam, mmmmm, er…..we forget!!!

To say I was mad was an understatement. I just couldn’t believe it. They had come all this way and hadn’t bothered with paper and only 20 boxes. Was it my fault?  Should I have actually spelt it out. boxes and paper????? So, after a phone call and an email, yes they would come today. 10am. I had a vets appointment for Tess at 10. Unlucky for the vet but lucky for me, she had car trouble and wasn’t going to be there for my 10am  appointment.

Well, again I waited, and waited. The gardener was here today for the last time. That’s another story. I wanted to leave the garden nice and tidy for check out on Saturday.

He brought me a huge big plant in a lovely pot for the garden. I only hope I can get the movers to take it for me. Its beautiful, I would hate to have to leave it. Sure they will be able to squeeze it in somewhere. Maybe they could sit with it on their knees!!! heeheeee………….


I explained to the gardener about the boxes. Still by the time I left the house at 11.44, the boxes had not arrived. Another excuse from A.Tigers re the route taken to make them so late today. Time is running out for me and I didn’t want to have to pack all day for 3 days!!!!

The boxes had arrived by the time I got back from the vets.

Poor Tess, tablets for the fungus. 2 months supply. The vet also took a skin sample and showed the slide under the microscope. YUK, Streptococcus.


It looked awful. You could see its legs and everything. Nasty little parasite indeed. I was scratching all the way home. Highly contagious to humans of course so I will have to watch out.  AND they weighed  her….gosh she has put on 3 1/2 kilo’s with not walking so far every day…. oooppss, no more extra’s and she will have to go on the treadmill after Buddy. In fact I went on the scales yesterday and I better get myself on their too. I have put on 5 kilos in the last couple of months. Very bad and it has nothing to do with all the cakes, cookies and desserts I have been eating. Most certainly nothing to do with the red wine either. How could you think such a thing… The red wine is medicinal, helps strengthen my bones.

Buddy goes on the treadmill some days at tea time to get rid of his energy. He just hops on and waits for it to start. I will try and take a picture soon so you can see.  Tess, doesn’t mind going on but she won’t stay on for long. So I will have to make a real effort when we get to the new house to take her out for little walks more frequently. Trouble being I can’t walk her through the day as its too hot for her and for me. You can also burn their pads walking them in the heat of the day.So early mornings and late afternoons it will have to be. At least it should be safe for dog walking on the compound. I shouldn’t run into any monkey’s or snakes???? or even Soi dogs there. I live in hope……….

Anyway back to the boxes. I have already packed the 20 boxes they brought yesterday. All labelled now too.

Nong Prue-20130730-00148 Nong Prue-20130730-00149

Thank goodness I asked for some more boxes this morning. They only brought little boxes though. I am sure the man that came hasn’t surveyed properly. I did offer to open all my kitchen cupboards….. I bet their vans are not big enough on Saturday to take everything….. JVK had estimated 90sq meters. A.T only estimated 45.  Thats half…… its very worrying and I am a good worrier.

Well I could ramble on, as I do but its after midnight and as my day starts usually at 6am I better get a move on and say goodnight.

So excited to be moving to a new house once again. I wonder what will happen when we get to go home for good. I wonder if I will get sick of living in the same place after 6 months and want to move??? I think not!!!!

Saturday will come soon enough. I am told I shall have a crew of 10-15 men to pack everything. Lets hope they don’t break anything in their  rush to pack it all.

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