A worry having pets

A big THANK YOU to my friend Joan for looking after Buddy and Tess. We had only been gone a few days when Joan messaged to say Tess was not eating and that if she did not improve by the next day she would take her to the vets. Good job I had shown her where our vets was. I had also put the vet on standby before we left.

A few days later I received a call from my vet. My first thoughts were that Tess had died. I thought, oh no here we go again. Just like when Molly died 2 years previous. However, he was ringing to say she was much better and ready to go home. What a relief. She had been very dehydrated and had been on a drip for the duration.

It turned out she had an infection. It wasn’t until I returned that I found out it was a blood infection. Tablets started and some more stopped. On returning to the new vet today armed with the read outs from my old vet in Pattaya she advises that Tess had/has septicemia. Oh my goodness, my poor Tess. I had no idea it was so serious. Bless her. We have to keep a close eye on her now. Plenty of water as her blood is sticky she said, which indicates she is still dehydrated.

The internet is a great tool. I have been able to look up the information with regard to septicemia and find out what I need to do.

The new vet had rang me this week to advise on the blood tests results for Buddy. His thyroid tablets were to be stopped. The levels were two times higher than required. Goodness me.

So today the vet has decided to wait another month and watch for anything happening with him.

Then there is HRH Stella the cat. Poor thing. She stopped eating on coming out of the Pet Hotel.

I had no idea she was going to be in with other cats. I thought she would have a space to herself. It must have all been too much for her as it took 4 days for her to eat. She had only taken the tiniest mouthfuls until Thursday. Then she decided to eat for England. She hasn’t stopped eating since. Of course we have spoiled her rotten. Prawns, tuna, anything that she would eat, just to keep her going. Back to cat food now and the usual routine. Spoiled or what!!!………….

There are so many diseases to be caught by your pets here. A simple tiny cut can become infected so quickly due to insects, the humidity and heat etc., Pets have to have daily checks for any ticks. I even found one on my leg through the week. I couldn’t believe it.

Heart guard tablets are a must to protect against heart worm. Tick and flea prevention and of course rabies vaccinations together with their yearly boosters for parvo etc.,

Just as well the vets are cheaper here than in the UK but treatment and care can vary considerably.  I recommend the following:-

In Pattaya – Pattaya Animal Hospital (the top of Pattaya Tai on the left hand side).

In Bangkok – Thonglor Animal Hospital. There are many branches throughout Thailand.

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