Air Traffic Control Division on our flight

Who would have thought our excitement at returning home for the first Xmas holiday in 7 years would lead to us sitting in the Radisson BLU in Copenhagen…. While having breakfast this morning (and a lovely breakfast too) my husband said “who would have thought we would be sitting her in Copenhagen having breakfast when we took off !!!

Arrived yesterday to check in and wait for our flight. All was going well, there was us grumbling about the lack of service and food on British Airways flight BA010 from Bangkok to London’s Heathrow. When an announcement was given about Air Traffic Control system failure. OMG, what was to happen now. All sorts of things were running through my head. Terrorist attack…it was like being in one of those disaster movies….which I think I now must have watched too many times as no such thing had happened.

We were then told we would be landing in Copenhagen very shortly. British Airways staff worked flippin fast to clear everything away in double quick time.

Most of the passengers although worried just went with the flow and knew nothing could be done. Why do you always get one that won’t accept that nothing can be done and he wants answers. I am sure many of us wanted to grab him by the throat!!!

I can see how things can escalate with troublesome passengers…. what was he expecting the staff to do.

We waited in the plane for a couple of hours until further details were given and we were allowed to disembark. First into a lounge if we wanted to for comfort and fresh air and then into the airport for further instructions and issuance of vouchers for hotels, taxi’s etc.,

The ground staff at Copenhagen were fantastic. So happy and helpful at all times. It was a good boost for moral… queuing to find out that they had quickly ran out of food vouchers, then hotel vouchers etc., No worries a hotel had already been found for us and taxi vouchers issued. I think we were the lucky ones as our hotel included a buffet meal….it was late when we arrived at the Radisson Blu but a warm friendly, efficient greeting from all staff. Even the man at the restaurant said he could tell we were all off the BA flight by our tired faces.. bless him.

So here we are waiting in the hotel to go back to the airport and board our plane for a 2pm take off. We will then find out what happens this afternoon about our connecting flight to Newcastle.

Never will I travel without  spare underwear (which I hand washed and dried with a hairdryer!!!) I haven’t even brought a brush or makeup. Ah well at least its not Xmas eve.

We are just so pleased we have not ended up spending the night in the airport lounge as I think the Thai people had to do, due to immigration rules…

Now just to contact the hire car company to advise of our late or goodness knows when arrival at Newcastle. Staying positive at the moment after quite a good nights sleep and an excellent breakfast

Happy travels and the thought of seeing my family real soon keeps us going.


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