Another week of vets visits and birthdays

Another week of vets visits, all details in full on the “Pets in Thailand – Jack’s diary page”.

I am walking them all twice a day and have bumped into the man who has over 70 dogs and over 10 cats. I think he said 77 dogs and 11 cats. I think the number often changes. Not just when people leave Pattaya and can not take their animals with them but also strays and injured animals. He said if I had problems with Jack, I knew where he lived. Well, I don’t actually but I am sure I could find it.

He feeds the strays beside us. I know its really good of him but having a pack of 4 strays right at the bottom of the garden means I can’t walk that way at all and they make a right racket at times. Hope they find somewhere else to go before they end up being pregnant and then we will have more dogs to deal with.

Jan and Wendy came for coffee this week so I quickly baked a cake. I have an old book from Beamish Museum in Durham that contains old fashioned recipes so I made theĀ  “luscious lemon cake”. I have to say it was rather nice and Wendy and Jan took some home with them.

We were supposed to go to Julieanns on Friday but she is not ready for lunch yet with such a tiny baby. Turns out Jan came back from Mongolia with a cold and it’s now in full swing. I hope I don’t get it. The sad news is she is now definitely leaving to live in Mongolia for a year. She will be such a miss.

Joan came over yesterday and because OH is away I did a 3 course meal for lunch and we had a lovely afternoon. I made Jamie Oliver’s English onion soup with crusty bread with melted cheese. Followed by chicken stuffed with cream cheese, garlic and apricots. Then for pudding I did apple crumble in my teacups with saucer. Looked really nice and tasted good too. I had to use a tin of apples as I thought you could not get cooking apples here but Joan tells me you can get them at the Tops supermarket, Finished off with coffee. Ah, I was so tired. Not used to talking for so long I think.

Today it was walking and play time with the dogs, dog washing day and that means lots of sweating and 2 showers before 11am. The heavens opened this afternoon but it looks quite nice outside now. It’s just so humid at the moment. I can only manage about 5 minutes outside before I am covered in sweat.

Maybe time for a dip in the pool.

It was my mums birthday yesterday so we had a long chat on the phone. No hang on, we nearly always have a long chat on the phone. I also spoke to my daughter who turns 21 this next week. Gosh were has all the years gone. I am so proud of her. She is such a good girl and works very hard at college and at her part time job. I do hope she gets lots of presents.

She has been offered a part time job with the agency she had her work placement with over the last few months so that is really good news. She can continue her studies at the same time I think.

The only other thing to mention this week is that some neighbours have no consideration for noise and disturbing their neighbours. The other evening at around 5pm the music started from somewhere not so far away. Oh the noise, the whole house vibrated……. the thump thump thump of the music went on until nearly midnight, then it stopped. Only to start again just after 3.30am and continued until 7am. Why on earth would people want to play such loud music. I don’t know where it was coming from but obviously a live band. I had just got over a week of headaches only for it to return with the thump thump thumping noise!!!!! Some people have no consideration at all and their is no noise abatement over here and the police would not be interested!!!

I would have loved to have pulled the plug!!!!!




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