Another week of vets visits

What a week or should I say what a 7 days I am having. Here was me thinking I was ready to get back  into the world to socialize. Apparently not……

Poor Stella, a.k.a. HRH…. just seemed to get over her bad back or pulled muscle. The pain killers had worn off when she stops eating. Thursday it was, last week. I kept thinking she was just having an off day but by Fridayt evening she was actually lying in my arms.

Now anyone that knows Stella will know that is not a done thing. Bless her she was so lethargic. She just lay there making small cries and getting cuddled. How I loved every moment of the cuddling sessions but  it was not in the right circumstances. To have to wait until she is so ill she can’t help herself. My heart ached for her. She just couldn’t tell me what was wrong and I didn’t want to appear paranoid to OH once again………………..

I had kept a syringe for feeding from the days of rescuing kittens and kept giving her a little bit of water. Making tiny bits of food into mush to put on my finger in the hope that she would lick it off.

Saturday morning off to the vets. Despite the fact that it was like a mad house the week before. I must have got there before the mad animal owners got out and about. Poor Stella. She hardly made a noise in the car. Not her normal constant cries to be heard.

The vet took loads of blood (or so it seemed)for testing. The usual checks came back negative for leukemia, HIV, kidney”s, liver function etc. They then put Stella on a fluid line so that she could be re-hydrated. Injections administered and tablets to be given at home . Results immediately showed  her white blood cell count was off the page. Red blood cells way down. A nasty infection somewhere in her body. Bless her.

Each morning I have had to take her back to the vets for the fluids to be given by drip. Antibiotics given the same way. We have even tried special food (she doesn’t like it and won’t eat it) and a special paste to make her eat (she reached at just the smell) waste of money they both were. HOWEVER, a tiny amount of my roast beef gravy seemed to do the trick and she sat licking my finger, dip after dip. Thank goodness at last she has began to eat…….. I really had thought on Friday night that she would die while I slept. I had hardly dared go into the bedroom (her bedroom) on the Saturday morning. Trying to keep myself composed in the vets while I thought her end was near was very hard indeed.

It’s Tuesday today and Stella is well and truly on the mend. Even the vet can see the difference or more like ‘hear’ the difference. wow wow wow, she cried at the vet. She even tried to get her back claws into the vets assistant today as he held Stella while she was having the fluids put in. mmmmm….. definitely getting better I feel. I even got the usual none stop crying on the way home in the car.  She certainly has been through the mill.

She had some more to eat when we came home today. Just a tiny spoonful but it certainly is progress. She even came around the garden with me while I watered the garden.

Oh and Buddy found one of those huge bug things in the garden. He was growling at the undergrowth. So armed with my thick glove I peeled back the bushes to see this horrible purple thick caterpillar like grub as thick as my thumb and twice as long. I put a bag over my hand and scooped it up. You have to be quick because they jump and jump. Huge eyes they have. I should have taken a picture really. Horrid things they are. Can do some terrible damage to your plants too.

Good boy Buddy.

All three of them are asleep now. Garden watered and leaves swept up. It just looks like it is going to rain again after all my time of watering!!!! The ironing pile awaits and Christmas cards to be ordered.  Now, what shall I make for tea this evening??? no rest for the wicked I fear……….

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