Bread making and improvisation

I hate being beaten. My bread maker sits in the cupboard abandoned due to the fact that it doesn’t make bread properly any more. It was an expensive gift from my brother in law and sister in law when they stayed with us at Baandangmow a couple of years ago. This is the bread that it made in the early days.

Huai Yai-20111227-00119

Delicious, well risen, although a bit heavy. Then after a few months the bread stopped rising. Back to Central Department store we went. I think I have already told the story way back but for anyone new, they sent the machine back to the manufacturer who had a base in Bangkok. Now bearing in mind we were jut 1 1/2 hours away in Pattaya. They kept it for over 2 months!! said they had had to move offices bla bla. Anyway 2 1/2months later the machine was returned and its never worked properly since. The bread doesn’t rise. It did for a week then it stopped working properly again. Oh for my bread machine from the UK that is in storage. Don’t buy a FAGOR bread machine. Each person that I know that bought one says their bread machine doesn’t work properly any more.

However……….It does mix the dough and lets it rise to the first stage only. So yesterday I tried this. Then took it out and let it rise in the warm kitchen. It took¬† well over and hour – hour and a half but it did rise. So I took it out and kneaded it and popped it in the oven!!! WRONG. I should have put it on the tray and left it to rise a 3rd time. Still here it is. Its not bad just really heavy. You can see my baby banana’s in the background.


If I had left it to rise a 3rd time it would have risen again and been much lighter. Luckily I have another packet of bread flour so I am going to try again later today.

Anyone  who has lived in another country other than the one you called home will know it can hard to find some of the same products or similar that you got at home. Improvise, improvise should be the motto for any expat. There is bread flour, wholewheat, dark rye but trying to find it unless you live in the center of Bangkok is hard. Foodland in Pattaya had a good selection along with dried yeast. Foodland near us stocks none of this except basic bread flour for white bread.

The lack of crusty bread anywhere close by us is why I have to try again to make bread. Wish Eileen was here to show me again how to do it. I remember the Saturday morning spent having coffee at Eileen and Franks.

Frank always made the bread early on a Saturday and it was just out of the oven when I went for my coffee. Lashings of butter and jam. Delicious. Eileen showed me when they came for their holidays how to make bread buns,but I quickly forgot. I am going to write another post about the time Eileen and Liz came for their holidays. I never knew anyone could shop so much………and I have pictures as evidence.

Well, wish me luck for later. I will update with today’s picture of bread when its made.


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