British Womans Group, Bangkok-Wonderful welcome to all

I decided to sign up to join the newcomers coffee morning with the British Woman’s group late September. So on a sunny, sticky Thursday off I went armed with which trains to get and how to find the coffee morning.

Onto the compound/village bus first which drops you at the airport link station. From there to Phaya Thai, change lines and onto the BTS to Siam, change lines again to Chong Nonsi. I was so worried when I started my journey. Inside I felt sick, I was sure I was going to be lost. At the last station I stopped to talk to the OH on the mobile, he was making sure I was OK all the way through my journey, bless him. I did have to have a talk to myself to pull myself together when I thought I was going to be sick with nerves.

At the station I had seen 3 other ladies with a small boy. I had thought, oh I wonder if they are going to the coffee morning too. Then told myself, don’t be silly, not everyone that is Western is going to your coffee morning. Low and behold, the ladies approached and asked if I was going to the new comers coffee morning. They knew where it was being held and I could go with them. How wonderful.

They had the courage to approach me as they knew I may never find it. They were right. You really need a command sometimes of the Thai language to get to where you are going in a taxi, unless  its a hotel.  I know next time I will do the same myself and try and help someone.

I met so many lovely, friendly women. No stuck up ladies here. They were warm and welcoming and had come from all walks of life. Some new to Bangkok, some that had been here for a very long time. All being able to help new comers settle in and certainly I was made to feel very welcome. I even shared a taxi to the station with my new found friends.

I was really looking forward to going to more events. I know this is the only way I will meet people and get out and about.

I have been to a couple of coffee mornings now (both at people’s houses) and a lunch at Spanish on 4 yesterday (Silom area). Again, every one so nice and friendly.

Monday saw me at Mah-jong for beginners. Something I don’t think I would ever have tried. Again 2 of the ladies (Jane and Ann) said they would meet me at the station nearest to the British Club so that I wouldn’t get lost. How many people would do that for you?

I sat at the table thinking, wow, there is no way I will be able to do this. Very quickly I was hooked. Jane sat with me and gave me good instructions and can you believe it, I won. Of course I realise that I wouldn’t have won without her help and expert guidance but it was great fun

I was invited to stay for lunch were I asked loads and loads of questions of the women having their lunch. No one seemed to tire of answering my questions or having me muscle in. Some of them had only been to a couple of mah-jong mornings and were also enjoying the fun.

If you are moving to Bangkok or the suburbs like me, come and join the British Woman’s Group. They are a great bunch of women and they accept you for who you are, not what your husband does or how much money or influence you may have, like another group I shall not even bother to mention, but they know who they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to all the women at the British Womans Group and I look forward to more good times with my new found friends.

Even managed to convince my OH to join me at a ‘Welcome back drinks evening” at the end of the month. So I shall dust off a nice dress and go party.

Looking forward to my new life already.

Cheers ladies.

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