British Women’s Group Breast Cancer Awareness Coffee Morning

I only joined the BWG late August so I only have a few coffee mornings and one lunch under my belt. For me living on the outskirts of Bangkok in the suburbs I start my journey (trek) with “is this going to be worth the sweat” and every time I come back buzzing. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Yes of course sometimes I stand and day dream but someone always approaches.

Christine Lawder was the host for this very special Breast Cancer Awareness coffee morning. Can I mention her apartment? Wow, if only I had been shown a place as nice as this in the city. Spacious, beautiful open plan living. I think I might have made my dogs make that elevator journey for a wee…. Wish I had taken my camera to show my OH how nice it was. Plenty of room and oh the kitchen. I would have been in heaven.

Christine and Ann had worked hard making the lovely tiny sandwiches, cakes and pastries. The large table was filled.  I have to give a mention to the sausage rolls. Demand was high, delicious, hot out of the oven. Well you have to eat them to be sociable, don’t you???? Heeheee

It was a big turn out . I believe over 50 ladies attended the fun morning to raise money for charity. All wearing shades of pink too. A fantastic effort and so colourful.  There were pins, ribbons, bracelets etc ready to purchase. Then the ladies (sorry I don’t know all the names yet) had brought along the lovely Christmas crackers for ordering. They make the Christmas Crackers (hard to get in Thailand) to order. Really lovely too. Pity I had stocked up last Christmas when my daughter was made to carry them in her luggage.

The welfare team explained all about the Christmas bags for underprivileged children at only 250bhat a bag. I think it’s a great idea and I will be supporting them every time we meet up. One lady mentioned that you could send an email to your friends telling them that you weren’t sending Christmas cards this year and that you would be giving the money to the Christmas bag appeal. I think this is a wonderful idea and might take up the idea. It certainly is a worthy cause. I believe Tesco had helped with filling the bags too.

Raffle tickets were also on sale and guess what I won. My number was called and I couldn’t even shout with joy,  I had my mouth full of sausage roll. Sorry ladies. Any one that knows me would probably say that I am always stuffing my face.  I came away with a lovely bottle of champagne and some beautiful napkins. I love both and have missed champagne quaffing here (so expensive to buy) and I am a collector of napkins. Unbelievable really. I usually stock up in the UK. I think it makes a table look really nice to have coordinated  napkins.

I made new friends and chatted to people I had never met before. I am not very good at stepping forward to chat but I certainly enjoyed myself.
Thank you for a most enjoyable coffee morning and I know a lot of ladies worked hard to make it special.

If you are a woman and you are coming to the Bangkok region. You don’t have to be a Brit to join. Its a great way to meet people and they raise money for good causes without pushing it all upon you.

They have all sorts of groups (Mah-jong  being my favourite).

Heres to many more happy outings. The monthly lunch is tomorrow at Hemingways. Lets hope it stops raining by then.

Sorry there are no pictures with this post.

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