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My first visit to Chinatown

Yesterday 4pm,  I boarded the village mini van and headed to the airport link station. This the start of my journey to Chinatown. I had no idea how long it would take and of course I was there way way too early…….changing from the airport link to the MRT and a very fast journey right […]

A trip into Bangkok for an early supper

We decided that we would have to venture out into Bangkok. So last Friday in the afternoon I parked my car at airport link station and climbed the stairs to the platform. There are lifts but the stairs are certainly a challenge. Some stations have escalators too. Some stations have a lovely breeze due to […]


OH has been on to me about flying a Giro-copter for as long as I can remember and this year when we go to the UK for a visit he has booked to take a flight in one. This is to see if he would like to learn to fly one of these tiny little […]

Raw Food Class

Saturday was my second Raw Food Class with Jennifer of De-hydrated: Modern Living Cuisine. My first last month was amazing. There I was sitting in car with Wendy traveling up to Bangkok. I was thinking to myself. Really, is this worth it? a 1 1/2 hour drive for what? something that you know nothing about. […]

Floating Market

Christina and I stopped off at the Floating Market at the south end of Pattaya recently. Don’t be fooled when you pass and see absolutely loads and loads of tour buses!!!! I don’t know where all the people go but the day we visited I think they must have gone through a magic door as […]

Lunch with the girls & Public Holiday

Tuesday we all met at Jan’s apartment for lunch. Wow, right on the beach. What a fantastic view. I can see now why people live in apartments. No flies, no mumwee (tiny flies) just a beautiful breeze from the sea, oh and the view….. Deeann took us upstairs to show us the roof terrace. An […]

1st Weekend in April

Finally the sun has started to shine again. Washed our two cars and was sweating. The sun seems to be intermitant today but we have to be thankful. The people in the South of Thailand are having a terrible time with floods and land slides. I only remembered half way through Sunday morning that it […]