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We said goodbye to Thailand

So sorry it has been so long since I have posted a lot has happened in our lives. First of all we just got back to Thailand after our first ever Xmas in the UK to be told my husband was being made redundant. Luckily this time we are ready. Dogs have all their papers […]

We have returned to cooler weather

We have returned from our first Xmas in the UK. Loved almost every minute of it. Delayed there and back. With tail winds of over 150km per hour we certainly made up or time delays. Arriving in Bangkok airport only 1 1/2 hours behind schedule. I have to say this – British Airways flight and […]

Air Traffic Control Division on our flight

Who would have thought our excitement at returning home for the first Xmas holiday in 7 years would lead to us sitting in the Radisson BLU in Copenhagen…. While having breakfast this morning (and a lovely breakfast too) my husband said “who would have thought we would be sitting her in Copenhagen having breakfast when […]

Acupuncture in Bangkok that you can trust and highly recommended

One of the good things that has happened to us while living in Bangkok. We have discovered Milos…   I was listening to a conversation at the Mahjong Xmas lunch when ladies where talking about back aliments. Jan was telling people about going to see Milos, her acupuncture man. When we sat down for lunch […]

Final summing up of the Intercontinental Hua Hin

Each day the jobs in our room were completed. Shower mended. Drain sorted. Even the stain I pointed out on the door post was repainted where water had clearly seeped before. However the smell……. did we really want to move rooms again!!!!  The staff very kindly did show us another room. Even larger and more […]

The Intercontinental Continued…..

Sorry for the delay, where does the time go…. I always seem to be busy these days. So on with the story. This is the club room, well worth paying the extra for “Club” status. AND as a member of the management said “Its free”!!! Well actually its not. That’s what you pay the extra […]

Our First Holiday Since 2008 Hua Hin

Sitting here on the balcony of our hotel room. Just ordered a latte to get me through typing this again. Maybe it was God’s intervention for denigrating this hotel so much…. ha…I bet that was what it was.         oh wait…here we go again…… How many times I have started this blog […]

Our time to leave Thailand is almost upon us but when???

My husband rang me over a week ago to say his job had been advertised on a work’s vacancies email………………..what a way to find out your job has been Nationalized…. So our time has come to an end and none too soon. I have lost 1 dog and 2 cats to Thailand. Our marriage has […]

The weather has changed again. Hot and Sticky Season

Oh my goodness has the weather changed. Lets not mention the terrible forecast for a big storm, while I keep checking the sky for any signs of bad weather I wonder if I should batton down the hatches…..??? The hot and sticky season is definitely upon us. Now even when I open the door at […]

A quick break in the UK

The best thing to look forward to each year is a trip to the UK. When we usually stock up on all the food we either can’t get here in Thailand or that is totally over priced. We started our journey 2 and half weeks ago. A lovely surprise as my OH up graded us […]