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British Women’s Group Breast Cancer Awareness Coffee Morning

I only joined the BWG late August so I only have a few coffee mornings and one lunch under my belt. For me living on the outskirts of Bangkok in the suburbs I start my journey (trek) with “is this going to be worth the sweat” and every time I come back buzzing. Everyone is […]

British Womans Group, Bangkok-Wonderful welcome to all

I decided to sign up to join the newcomers coffee morning with the British Woman’s group late September. So on a sunny, sticky Thursday off I went armed with which trains to get and how to find the coffee morning. Onto the compound/village bus first which drops you at the airport link station. From there […]

A month in our new home, what have I been doing

We have been here a month now. Once again I hear myself say “where has the time gone” I love our new house and the village it is situated on. Perfect Masterpiece Village. Everyone seems to be so nice. Still to meet any Western women that live here (I have been told there are one […]

One week on and adjusting to our new home and area

One week on and we are adjusting to our new home, surrounding areas and having neighbours in close proximity. When you are looking for a house in and around Bangkok you won’t get everything you are looking for unless your budget is high. So we had to adjust to neighbours close by. I forgot about […]

Moving date almost upon us and some advantages

Well, is it 3 days to go or only 2?? depends on which way you count the days. Anyway Saturday is drawing near. The boxes that the agent dropped off the other day are way to small. I at least thought when I said I needed more boxes that they would be of a decent […]

5 days and counting-packing beings

Excited and stressed at the same time. Is that possible? The move is definitely on. The landlord has his deposit and the first months rental is being processed. However, the movers, leave a lot to be desired. Oh how I wished we had used JVK International Movers. That was the company that moved us from […]

A visitor in the garden.

I said I would back track over the year and a half or almost 2 since Molly died. Hard to remember where to start. So here goes with something different to Snake, Monitor Lizards or Tarantula visitors to our garden. I always seem to be cooking when something happens. I remember it was a Sunday […]

My Computer has a blank screen

Disaster has struck. Opened my nice computer today and all I get is a black screen with a message “no operating system found” FFFFFlippin great. I have looked on the Acer Web site and on the forum it seems that is a common problem. So I guess I have to wait for OH to come […]

The longest coffee break ever

Well, where to start……….. I could not write after Molly died. I just lost all interest. Even now as I write this post I cry. She was my soul mate and I still miss her so so much. I don’t think I will ever get over her death. I feel so guilty that I was […]

Colon Hydrotherapy

Isn’t it amazing what will you will try when abroad. Are we really so bored?? or do we have more time and it’s cheaper? Rasayana Retreat is a holistic health wellness retreat on Pattaya Nua and also in Bangkok. Here in Pattaya it’s just up on the left hand side from the Dolphin roundabout. Specializing […]