Acupuncture in Bangkok that you can trust and highly recommended

One of the good things that has happened to us while living in Bangkok. We have discovered Milos…

I was listening to a conversation at the Mahjong Xmas lunch when ladies where talking about back aliments. Jan was telling people about going to see Milos, her acupuncture man.
When we sat down for lunch I asked her for his details and we talked a bit more about acupuncture in general. He certainly came highly recommended.

Of course I tucked the number away and put it to the back of my mind. It was several months later when OH got a bout of sciatica that I mentioned acupuncture…he didn’t seem to keen but I mentioned that if he was in so much pain he would try it.
I went along as I had had acupuncture in the UK and wanted to see what type of questions this Milos would ask..

He met us at the train station. Well actually we passed him on the escalator. Never being able to do as he is told my OH did not stay down in the station as requested but wanted to go up the escalator.
What a strange man I thought. Western, longish hair, longish beard. Mmmm…not sure about this man. Looked like a hippie really. Looks can be deceiving.
I was so wrong. He talked and talked and clearly has a passion for his work. What was interesting was that he asked all the right questions. He certainly was the ‘real deal’ and so our treatment began.

What amazed me was his intuition. He knew exactly what was wrong and what needed to be fixed. The thing with Milos is that he says it’s not him doing the work but your own body. He is a very humble man.

I have been going back and forth to hospitals for more than a year with terrible pains in my feet. Mainly the left foot. Always taking pain killers. Not being able to walk down the stairs in the morning without going one stair at a time sideways. Not being able to walk properly and being so stiff…waking with pain in the night.
I had been diagnosed with all types of things. Tendon damage, Achilles heel problems. I had had steroid injections into my instep. That was worse than the pain itself, so I didn’t go back. I had been told I would have to have surgery. I was told I walked too much………………..for goodness sake whatever next.
You put your faith in hospitals. How could they get it so wrong I often ask myself?
It turns out my kidneys and bladder were not working properly. Wow the difference when I go to the loo is incredible and I stupidly thought there was nothing wrong with that side of things. You just don’t know until someone makes changes in the way your body functions.

Well months on and I have no pain most days. Just a few more sessions and I will be fixed. It’s amazing what the needles can do. Yes it hurts sometimes but that’s because the energy needs to get flowing. I often feel extremely drained the day after my acupuncture so this you must be aware of. Your body is working really hard after he has moved the energy but its worth it.

My hands – having been diagnosed as having hand eczema – has almost all cleared up too. Nothing to do with the humidity in the Middle East or Asia as previously told by quite a few doctors. Milos made one statement. “If it was the humidity, everyone would have it??” Yep he was right again. The only solution the hospital ended up with after trying countless “new” creams was tablets that made me sleep all the time. That way I couldn’t scratch my itchy hands but neither could I function normally…..

Even my IBS is much much better. Things you never even think about. Being tired all the time since I was a child. Wanting to nap as much as possible. Chronic fatigue. Honestly the list goes on.

He even knew I was a very angry person. He has also been able to calm the anger right down. Loose most of my sweet tooth. No longer do I think of food all day. What am I going to make for dinner, what shall I bake, what shall I eat. Have to have cake and oh ice cream cravings………a thing of the past.
Therefore I have lost 5 kilos…..just amazing. We both can’t believe the change in our selves. In our attitude and our outlook on life.

My husbands sciatica was soon sent away but the amazing this is (sure you are sick of hearing that word ‘Amazing” but it truly is). His huge bunion has just got smaller and smaller with each visit. Who would have thought of that. People have surgery to remove such things. Even his snoring has been tackled.
Oh we will have set backs now and again and  my sweet craving will still be there sometimes but certainly not like it was before. There is such a huge difference in us both.

Quite a few of our friends and acquaintances now go to see him and I urge you if you have a problem that the hospital has been treating and you are unhappy or have your doubts. Go, make contact. You won’t regret it one bit.
Your life will change for the better. He truly has a gift and cannot begin to thank him enough for all that he has done for my husband and myself. THANK YOU ….

Btw, he cut his hair and now has designer stubble……

Just look out for a man with an inner peace, a friendly smile and a huge shoulder to cry on (when required). All part of the healing process, whether you have physical issues or it’s the feeling of things not being quite right. Go and see him. Pick up the phone. You won’t regret it I promise. Even if its your memory or headaches. He can and he will help you that is for sure. You don’t need to believe. The proof is in the pudding so to speak.

I just wish I could afford to get Milos to the UK to help my dad. He has so many aliments and I know he could really change his life.




Good luck…..