Our Thai Street Dog Buddy is doing well in the UK

Its now 31 October 2017. Buddy our Thai Street Dog from Nong Pru Airfield is a changed dog. His aggression issues are no longer…..he is a happy, well adjusted dog. He is amazing. He loves to say hello to everyone. Still sometimes unsure of big dogs when on the lead but otherwise he loves to be up the hill sniffing about. Never too far away from us.

He loves to play with other dogs and has a great time. He grows more hair in the winter as  you will see from some of the photos below.


What a difference in a dog. He is on medication for his skin permanently. He has a touch allergy to something. We have no idea what but he has his herbal tablets with us every morning. In fact if I forget he hovers around the fridge area until I get his messages that I forgot to him his ham (tablets inside of course).

He is such a good dog. Considering he was a Street Dog from the Airfield he is a fantastic dog.


October 18 2016 We say goodbye to Tess

Tess had a fabulous 2015 and almost right up to a few days before she died she had been amazing. We put her on Arctic Sea tablets from Forever which really seemed to help her. Along side her heart tablets she was doing amazing. She was running along the back grassed area. She loved to play and have lots of short walks. Lots of trips to the lovely beach too.

Alas on a few days before the 18th October 2016 I knew there was something very wrong with Tess. She seemed confused and then she stopped eating. It broke my heart to see her like this. I took her to the vets knowing it was time to say goodbye. They thought it might be something else and took blood tests etc., but I knew, I was her mum. She didn’t want to take her meds. She had always taken her meds. She didn’t want to eat or drink.

The vet asked me to come back the next day. Watching her go down hill so quick was awful. I cried all the way to the vets and cried while I was there. It was more than time. I couldn’t put her through another day of this. It was time to say goodbye. With her laying beside me on the floor in the small vets room I said goodbye. She quietly slipped away from me. I am sure she knew what was happening. She just lay still and we said our goodbyes.

Even now a year later I write this post while crying. I do miss her so much. I always vowed never to be selfish. Making that decision for your pets is the hardest thing to do but they have to have their dignity and they have to have quality of life.

She has been twice to visit me in my sleep. She came for a hug and I think to let me know she is OK. She looked happy. I think she just wanted me know that she’s here with us.

The photo below is Buddy and Tess together. You can see how happy they are lying waiting for the tea in the kitchen.

I have also added a photo of Buddy only a few weeks after Tess died. You can see how sad he is. He really still does miss her and I often look at him and see him looking sad.

We had Tess cremated and I was going to scatter her ashes on the land behind the house. Somewhere where she loved to run and walk each day but it seemed so cold a winter I have kept her inside our house. Her ashes are in a small box with a beautiful card from the company that cremated her. I don’t want her to be alone. I just want her to be here with us in the house.

Buddy stays upstairs now Tess has gone. He seems to like being in our bedroom. Why? we don’t know and we probably never will.


stella hiding on the bed

Over 5 months now and our cat Stella is still missing. Why has no one returned her??? Was the reward amount not big enough..?? I have been told by many Thai people that they know some people just take other peoples pets!!! Its the same the world over I know but it’s horrible. I still cry because I miss her so so much.

I worry about her. Is she alive? Is she being looked after? Is she being kept in a cage? She hates being inside all the time. She loves to wander and hunt.

Just because she is so pretty something has taken her. OK I can understand if she wandered too far and got lost and someone had kindly taken her in. BUT…its now 5 months and surely they have seen the posters I have had up in the compound. The guards huts have her photo up too. Why oh why won’t they return her.

photo 2

We will be leaving Thailand soon and I can’t bear to think I will be leaving without her…

Suppose the person that has her throws her out after we have gone. What will become of her. She has been spayed so she won’t give them any kittens to sell…. my heart aches without her. OK she was hard work sometimes. In and out, in and out she would go and she was so loud but I still loved her.

When she came back from the pet hotel in Pattaya after catching some disease. I sat with her in my arms and nursed her. I thought she was going to die. I can’t bear to think I will never see her again and yet wonder and worry what on earth has happened to her.

I wish I had loads of money to employ someone to find her. To offer the world to get her back..


I know OH would go mad if I offered 10,000bhat, but to get her back would mean so much to me…I love her so much.

Oh goodness there I go again off in tears. For months I thought I heard her crying at night. I kept thinking I could hear her cry everywhere I walked the dogs. Off Buddy and I still go up and down the Soi’s. I still call her name in the hope that she will be somewhere and hear me. That she will know that I won’t give up hope of finding her.


photo 5


photo 5


It’s over 2 months now and Stella is still missing. Quite a few weeks ago now one of my neighbours on the compound was told by a security guard that a car passing through the main gate had told him that they had Stella and she was staying with them now. I went immediately to the house in question but alas when they did answer the door they said they didn’t have her.

Who’s to say if they are telling the truth, but why would a guard come and tell someone something like that if it were not true. So I guess someone has her.

Probably why we have not seen her around. I may have got the wrong house but someone has taken her AND what can we do about it………….nothing. No one cares about a little cat here.

I can only hope that they are looking after her properly. Sure she will be driving them nuts as she talks all the time and will be so unhappy not being allowed outside.

There are stray cats on our compound and she is not with them which makes me feel sure that someone took her. What cruel people there are here to do such a thing to someone else. Have they no heart………………

I have leaflet dropped again with a reward on the paperwork. I have also put the reward notice on her photo on the notice board but this last week I noticed that her photo at the security guards huts is no longer displayed and at the notice board near the top of the compound – no photo of Stella.

More reason to think she has been taken and the person has removed her info. Bas…..ds……I do hope something nasty happens to these people for stealing my baby cat.


Our Cat is still missing – REWARD

Well an update.

After more than 2 weeks our cat Stella is still missing. I can only assume that some one has taken her away. I have searched each and every street on our compound (of which there are many). I have carried out leaflet drops, there are posters up. I have stopped and asked people. The guards have her picture and info

pillow support

A few possible sightings but I still can’t find her. People have said because she is so beautiful someone would have taken her to sell for a lot of money….just great that people the world over could do such a horrid thing.

If someone has her here on our compound then they are keeping her inside as I have looked mornings, afternoons and evenings. All at different times in the hope of spotting her. We have even gone out at midnight looking for her.

I only hope she will be happy where ever she may be. I can’t sleep as I keep thinking that I hear her calling. Then the other day when I was having a nana nap on the sofa I thought I felt her jump up and cuddle in behind my legs. The imagination plays horrid tricks because when I woke up she wasn’t there.

Its the just not knowing what has happened to her that is so upsetting. Thailand has taken my soul mate, Molly, as you will read way back. She was killed by a Cobra. Then Stella’s sister Daisy went missing and we never found her. I searched for 3 months calling up and down the lanes where we used to live but nothing at all and now our dear little Stella.

If only someone would find her and bring her home. I would gladly give a reward. Each morning we open the front door in the hope that she is going to be sitting there and unable to tell her story.

Keep her safe whoever you are.

stella hiding on the bed


Stella our cat is missing REWARD for her safe return

photo 3


Stella our beautiful cat  of nearly 7 years, from the Middle East, went missing over a week ago.

Please everyone help look for her. I really did think she would turn up on my daily searches for her but alas although there have been possible sightings, nothing yet.

She is micro chipped but not for our recent address…..She is mainly white underneath and chest, with browny/tan and black patches on her back and head. She is semi long haired and wears a very sparkly collar.


Normally she is loud as loud as can be and if anyone has taken her I am sure they will bring her back soon as she has never shut up since we moved her to the Bangkok suburbs.

She is my baby and I need her back.

I have searched the streets of our large compound and with the help of a very influential neighbour I have been allowed to put posters up on the notice boards.

I have dropped leaflets in letter boxes in Thai and English but still I have no concrete news.

One cat rescue told me to tweet her loss. OK, I am not really very good with technology, but I have signed up, but how on earth do you go viral. Then the idea came to me that why not use my own bog to help find her.

She is a good hunter, there is plenty of water around. Plenty of empty houses to take refugee for shelter but oh those snakes and a few stray dogs to worry about.

After one week and not being able to find her I can only assume someone took a fancy to her and has taken her away. Please please please someone help me find her. There will be a reward of course for her safe return.



Another week of vets visits

What a week or should I say what a 7 days I am having. Here was me thinking I was ready to get back  into the world to socialize. Apparently not……

Poor Stella, a.k.a. HRH…. just seemed to get over her bad back or pulled muscle. The pain killers had worn off when she stops eating. Thursday it was, last week. I kept thinking she was just having an off day but by Fridayt evening she was actually lying in my arms.

Now anyone that knows Stella will know that is not a done thing. Bless her she was so lethargic. She just lay there making small cries and getting cuddled. How I loved every moment of the cuddling sessions but  it was not in the right circumstances. To have to wait until she is so ill she can’t help herself. My heart ached for her. She just couldn’t tell me what was wrong and I didn’t want to appear paranoid to OH once again………………..

I had kept a syringe for feeding from the days of rescuing kittens and kept giving her a little bit of water. Making tiny bits of food into mush to put on my finger in the hope that she would lick it off.

Saturday morning off to the vets. Despite the fact that it was like a mad house the week before. I must have got there before the mad animal owners got out and about. Poor Stella. She hardly made a noise in the car. Not her normal constant cries to be heard.

The vet took loads of blood (or so it seemed)for testing. The usual checks came back negative for leukemia, HIV, kidney”s, liver function etc. They then put Stella on a fluid line so that she could be re-hydrated. Injections administered and tablets to be given at home . Results immediately showed  her white blood cell count was off the page. Red blood cells way down. A nasty infection somewhere in her body. Bless her.

Each morning I have had to take her back to the vets for the fluids to be given by drip. Antibiotics given the same way. We have even tried special food (she doesn’t like it and won’t eat it) and a special paste to make her eat (she reached at just the smell) waste of money they both were. HOWEVER, a tiny amount of my roast beef gravy seemed to do the trick and she sat licking my finger, dip after dip. Thank goodness at last she has began to eat…….. I really had thought on Friday night that she would die while I slept. I had hardly dared go into the bedroom (her bedroom) on the Saturday morning. Trying to keep myself composed in the vets while I thought her end was near was very hard indeed.

It’s Tuesday today and Stella is well and truly on the mend. Even the vet can see the difference or more like ‘hear’ the difference. wow wow wow, she cried at the vet. She even tried to get her back claws into the vets assistant today as he held Stella while she was having the fluids put in. mmmmm….. definitely getting better I feel. I even got the usual none stop crying on the way home in the car.  She certainly has been through the mill.

She had some more to eat when we came home today. Just a tiny spoonful but it certainly is progress. She even came around the garden with me while I watered the garden.

Oh and Buddy found one of those huge bug things in the garden. He was growling at the undergrowth. So armed with my thick glove I peeled back the bushes to see this horrible purple thick caterpillar like grub as thick as my thumb and twice as long. I put a bag over my hand and scooped it up. You have to be quick because they jump and jump. Huge eyes they have. I should have taken a picture really. Horrid things they are. Can do some terrible damage to your plants too.

Good boy Buddy.

All three of them are asleep now. Garden watered and leaves swept up. It just looks like it is going to rain again after all my time of watering!!!! The ironing pile awaits and Christmas cards to be ordered.  Now, what shall I make for tea this evening??? no rest for the wicked I fear……….

A worry having pets

A big THANK YOU to my friend Joan for looking after Buddy and Tess. We had only been gone a few days when Joan messaged to say Tess was not eating and that if she did not improve by the next day she would take her to the vets. Good job I had shown her where our vets was. I had also put the vet on standby before we left.

A few days later I received a call from my vet. My first thoughts were that Tess had died. I thought, oh no here we go again. Just like when Molly died 2 years previous. However, he was ringing to say she was much better and ready to go home. What a relief. She had been very dehydrated and had been on a drip for the duration.

It turned out she had an infection. It wasn’t until I returned that I found out it was a blood infection. Tablets started and some more stopped. On returning to the new vet today armed with the read outs from my old vet in Pattaya she advises that Tess had/has septicemia. Oh my goodness, my poor Tess. I had no idea it was so serious. Bless her. We have to keep a close eye on her now. Plenty of water as her blood is sticky she said, which indicates she is still dehydrated.

The internet is a great tool. I have been able to look up the information with regard to septicemia and find out what I need to do.

The new vet had rang me this week to advise on the blood tests results for Buddy. His thyroid tablets were to be stopped. The levels were two times higher than required. Goodness me.

So today the vet has decided to wait another month and watch for anything happening with him.

Then there is HRH Stella the cat. Poor thing. She stopped eating on coming out of the Pet Hotel.

I had no idea she was going to be in with other cats. I thought she would have a space to herself. It must have all been too much for her as it took 4 days for her to eat. She had only taken the tiniest mouthfuls until Thursday. Then she decided to eat for England. She hasn’t stopped eating since. Of course we have spoiled her rotten. Prawns, tuna, anything that she would eat, just to keep her going. Back to cat food now and the usual routine. Spoiled or what!!!………….

There are so many diseases to be caught by your pets here. A simple tiny cut can become infected so quickly due to insects, the humidity and heat etc., Pets have to have daily checks for any ticks. I even found one on my leg through the week. I couldn’t believe it.

Heart guard tablets are a must to protect against heart worm. Tick and flea prevention and of course rabies vaccinations together with their yearly boosters for parvo etc.,

Just as well the vets are cheaper here than in the UK but treatment and care can vary considerably.  I recommend the following:-

In Pattaya – Pattaya Animal Hospital (the top of Pattaya Tai on the left hand side).

In Bangkok – Thonglor Animal Hospital. There are many branches throughout Thailand.

Stella, a.k.a – HRH.

I know not everyone love cats or dogs but I had to share some of these poses. I usually take them on a daily basis for my daughter. I send the photos on my phone so she can see Stella when she wakes. Sometimes I just can’t resist snapping her as she sleeps or poses. She is just too cute for words.

In reality H.R.H Stella is quite aloof. She certainly has me around her little finger. Spoiled rotten. absolutely

OH got Stella and her sister Daisy when they were only tiny. Abandoned by their mother under the office. From Bahrain they came to Thailand. I think I have told the story about Daisy going missing, never to be seen again on the ‘Pets in Thailand’ page. So I won’t retell it now. Just that we miss Daisy very much and I still pray that she is alive and living happily with someone somewhere. I dread to think what may have happened to her with the amount of stray/wild dogs and cats that are everywhere in Thailand.

So here is this mornings photo, after I made the bed, she just climbed back on and in and snuggled down.

Pong-20130801-00151Is she so cute or what? I love her. In reality of course the only person that can cuddle her is her daddy. When he comes home she crys and crys to be picked up and there she sits in his arms. Looking at me as if I am muck!! Doesn’t matter that I am the one that loves her to bits, I am the one that feeds her and makes sure she is safe….oh no, eyes for daddy only when he is home.

IMG-20130116-00651Its a pity the flash catches her as she has to shut her eyes.

IMG-20130324-00789She is one confident cat. In fact most of the time we think that she thinks she is a dog!!!! the way she lies about

IMG-20130509-00029Here she is behaving like a dog. With Buddy on the mat and Tess at the back. What a life eh? Never seen a cat lie about like she does. Normally cats snuggle in bed or on the sofa.

Nong Prue-20130624-00089This is “I am warning you about taking any more flashy photos” look

Nong Prue-20130727-00141Here is a snuggle photos. In the evening if she isn’t sitting on the chair outside she jumps up on the sofa and sits near me. Never on me, ever just near me. This is why my friend Eileen named her HRH when she stayed with us last year. Stella is such a madam.

Nong Prue-20130710-00117This is one of Stella’s normal poses. She loves to have a cushion over her face. Is it because its too bright or is it because she thinks she can’t be seen. Or maybe she thinks she is modeling and this is the pose of the day??? not sure

Nong Prue-20130625-00093Cushions over her legs this time


This is were she used to sit at our other house. On the front porch. I think this day I had all the dogs beds on the chair while I was cleaning, so she just hops up and snuggles in. See lady muck

I think these have to be the ultimate in posing photos for the moment. Again taken at our old house. How many people could say there cat sat on top of an elephant?????

Must have been cold for her to go inside your cat box. Snuggling in again I suppose. So a small selection of poses from HRH Stella.  Hope you like them.








Tess has a nasty fungus infection- Ring worm

Poor Tess our dog. I thought she had bites on her back that had got infected from when her and Buddy play together. Then I realised that there were getting worse and spreading. So I took her to the vets last week. How I wish I had took her sooner.  They shaved her back to reveal these horrid black marks. Turns out its ringworm. A nasty fungus infection.

We have special shampoo and an anti-fungal spray. One week on its spreading and doesn’t seem to be improving.


She is obviously so itchy. Took her back today, Thanks to  advice from our friend Nigel Brown, Consulting Veterinarian who is at the moment in Mongolia. I went back to our vets (Pattaya Animal Hospital on Pattaya Thai, to have some more tests done. Poor Tess has a secondary infection. More test results to follow on hormone levels etc.,

I should know by now, don’t leave anything too long in these hot Countries as lots of infections can take hold with the humidity and nasty little flies.

Loaded with antibiotics, lets hope she makes a speedy recovery.