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Our Thai Street Dog Buddy is doing well in the UK

Its now 31 October 2017. Buddy our Thai Street Dog from Nong Pru Airfield is a changed dog. His aggression issues are no longer…..he is a happy, well adjusted dog. He is amazing. He loves to say hello to everyone. Still sometimes unsure of big dogs when on the lead but otherwise he loves to […]

October 18 2016 We say goodbye to Tess

Tess had a fabulous 2015 and almost right up to a few days before she died she had been amazing. We put her on Arctic Sea tablets from Forever which really seemed to help her. Along side her heart tablets she was doing amazing. She was running along the back grassed area. She loved to […]


Over 5 months now and our cat Stella is still missing. Why has no one returned her??? Was the reward amount not big enough..?? I have been told by many Thai people that they know some people just take other peoples pets!!! Its the same the world over I know but it’s horrible. I still […]


  It’s over 2 months now and Stella is still missing. Quite a few weeks ago now one of my neighbours on the compound was told by a security guard that a car passing through the main gate had told him that they had Stella and she was staying with them now. I went immediately […]

Our Cat is still missing – REWARD

Well an update. After more than 2 weeks our cat Stella is still missing. I can only assume that some one has taken her away. I have searched each and every street on our compound (of which there are many). I have carried out leaflet drops, there are posters up. I have stopped and asked […]

Stella our cat is missing REWARD for her safe return

HELP HELP HELP Stella our beautiful cat  of nearly 7 years, from the Middle East, went missing over a week ago. Please everyone help look for her. I really did think she would turn up on my daily searches for her but alas although there have been possible sightings, nothing yet. She is micro chipped […]

Another week of vets visits

What a week or should I say what a 7 days I am having. Here was me thinking I was ready to get back  into the world to socialize. Apparently not…… Poor Stella, a.k.a. HRH…. just seemed to get over her bad back or pulled muscle. The pain killers had worn off when she stops […]

A worry having pets

A big THANK YOU to my friend Joan for looking after Buddy and Tess. We had only been gone a few days when Joan messaged to say Tess was not eating and that if she did not improve by the next day she would take her to the vets. Good job I had shown her […]

Stella, a.k.a – HRH.

I know not everyone love cats or dogs but I had to share some of these poses. I usually take them on a daily basis for my daughter. I send the photos on my phone so she can see Stella when she wakes. Sometimes I just can’t resist snapping her as she sleeps or poses. […]

Tess has a nasty fungus infection- Ring worm

Poor Tess our dog. I thought she had bites on her back that had got infected from when her and Buddy play together. Then I realised that there were getting worse and spreading. So I took her to the vets last week. How I wish I had took her sooner.  They shaved her back to […]