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Shopping in Bangkok and the suburbs so different to Pattaya

One thing I have found that is really different is the shops. Goodness where to start. I think in Bangkok you can get almost anything you need….at a price… I think I got used to getting around between Pattaya and our village of Huai Yai and then Horse Shoe Point by car. I knew exactly […]

Hairdressers in Bangkok and the suburbs

Since leaving Pattaya and my hairdresser Saranya on Pattaya Nua I have quizzed many people about where they go to have their hair done. Its such a daunting task. Who do I trust, who can understand what I want? Its so difficult. I have been told about “Abstract” and I wrote and email and got […]

A trip into Bangkok for an early supper

We decided that we would have to venture out into Bangkok. So last Friday in the afternoon I parked my car at airport link station and climbed the stairs to the platform. There are lifts but the stairs are certainly a challenge. Some stations have escalators too. Some stations have a lovely breeze due to […]

One week on and adjusting to our new home and area

One week on and we are adjusting to our new home, surrounding areas and having neighbours in close proximity. When you are looking for a house in and around Bangkok you won’t get everything you are looking for unless your budget is high. So we had to adjust to neighbours close by. I forgot about […]

Well done Power Buy – Central Festivial Shopping Mall

Well done to Power Buy at Central Festival Mall, Pattaya. I searched and searched the house in every nook and cranny for the receipt. I was convinced OH had it. He was sure I had it. Oh goodness. On the 3rd time around the house in search of the receipt, low and behold there it […]

Out and about

The last two weeks have been a mixture of events and outings. We have had people here for dinner and BBQ’s and also had the favour returned. I have bought myself a few items of clothing. Always nice to buy something new. We have been to the Sea Falcon at Na Jomtien that was nice, […]

Weekly shop

Today was the weekly shop. Foodland first and then topping up with the extra’s I can’t get at Carrifour. Oh but on the way into Carrifour I spotted a lovely sunglasses stand. I have been after a pair of red sunglasses for ages and just havn’t found the right pair. Until today that is. No […]

Lunch today then the local market

Finally after nearly a year I seem to be making some new friends. I am off out for lunch today to the Marriott so I will update the post on my return to tell you what the food and service was like. I keep remembering this to tell new folk that are moving here. Shop […]