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Our Thai Street Dog Buddy is doing well in the UK

Its now 31 October 2017. Buddy our Thai Street Dog from Nong Pru Airfield is a changed dog. His aggression issues are no longer…..he is a happy, well adjusted dog. He is amazing. He loves to say hello to everyone. Still sometimes unsure of big dogs when on the lead but otherwise he loves to […]

Royal Thai Police Clearance Certificate

Well, we returned to the UK last February. A slump in the Oil prices meant huge reductions in numbers of workforce right across the world. Even though OH’s job had been Nationalized the year before and we were not allowed to leave until the found someone (and they never did) it still was a bit […]

We have returned to cooler weather

We have returned from our first Xmas in the UK. Loved almost every minute of it. Delayed there and back. With tail winds of over 150km per hour we certainly made up or time delays. Arriving in Bangkok airport only 1 1/2 hours behind schedule. I have to say this – British Airways flight and […]

Air Traffic Control Division on our flight

Who would have thought our excitement at returning home for the first Xmas holiday in 7 years would lead to us sitting in the Radisson BLU in Copenhagen…. While having breakfast this morning (and a lovely breakfast too) my husband said “who would have thought we would be sitting her in Copenhagen having breakfast when […]

The Intercontinental Continued…..

Sorry for the delay, where does the time go…. I always seem to be busy these days. So on with the story. This is the club room, well worth paying the extra for “Club” status. AND as a member of the management said “Its free”!!! Well actually its not. That’s what you pay the extra […]

Trouble in Thailand

Sure lots of people have read the newspapers and watched on TV the trouble that has erupted in Thailand. BUT….its not everywhere. Its only small pockets. Yes it must be very frightening to get caught up in such an area but rest assured most of Thailand and Bangkok its business as usual… Even where we […]

Cooler Weather, such a beautiful change

Most people know the best time to come to Thailand is the English Winter. November to March. This Winter has been the best that we have experienced so far. We had a cold front apparently from China….. so we have been told. Ah the weather has been great. So cold in the early mornings and […]

Yet another trip to the vets

I think it would seem that not many weeks go by without a trip to the vets……. We have been back down to Pattaya to get the dogs and cat their annual rabies jabs and vaccinations. In line with what we thought was a move to Singapore. Long story. Tess has been weeing again. She […]

Bread making and improvisation

I hate being beaten. My bread maker sits in the cupboard abandoned due to the fact that it doesn’t make bread properly any more. It was an expensive gift from my brother in law and sister in law when they stayed with us at Baandangmow a couple of years ago. This is the bread that […]

A Royal Baby Arrives for William and Kate

Wow, I was woken this morning with fab news from my daughter back in the UK. A baby boy has arrived for William and Kate. The Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge. So exciting. I have kept the BBC World News on most of the day to find out what is happening.  Seeing all the people […]