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Rainy Season here again

It has rained most of the last few days. Its terribly sticky and hot.  Right now the rain has stopped. I should be out sweeping the leaves off the grass as there is a lovely breeze. HOWEVER, the breeze is bringing more leaves down, probably faster than I can pick them up!!!! as Peter Kay […]

Death of a dear friend – Tom

Couldn’t move on and jump past the death of our friend and OH’s flying instructor Tom Grieve. I am sure many of you people out there read about his death in the local UK newspapers. It was such a shock. Although OH and Tom had only know each other about a year, they had developed […]

The longest coffee break ever

Well, where to start……….. I could not write after Molly died. I just lost all interest. Even now as I write this post I cry. She was my soul mate and I still miss her so so much. I don’t think I will ever get over her death. I feel so guilty that I was […]

Another week of vets visits and birthdays

Another week of vets visits, all details in full on the “Pets in Thailand – Jack’s diary page”. I am walking them all twice a day and have bumped into the man who has over 70 dogs and over 10 cats. I think he said 77 dogs and 11 cats. I think the number often […]

Christina’s first week of her Easter Hols

I really don’t know where this week as gone to. My daughter arrived  last Saturday. Friday was spent preparing the house to ensure everything was ready for her arrival. Wow our maid was on holiday so I hoovered, mopped and dusted myself. A good work out in this heat. The BBQ items were marinating and […]


Well today is the official start of Songkran. A festival of prayers to Buddha for the rains to come.  Taking older family members to the temple to pray and I have been told a time of feet washing??? The fun part is everyone gets soaked from just about anywhere  and anyone!!!! and  then covered in […]

New posts

My OH says its best to put everything as a post and then people can scroll down to get the topics they want. I thought it would be better to just keep everything separate like a web site. Can’t win really as I can understand what he is saying. HAIRDRESSERS One thing I forgot to […]

Raining today

Tuesday 29th March Can you believe it, it’s raining again today. I thought the rainy season didn’t start until after Sonkran???? I even have put trousers on today. No air conditioning required today. Might be able to save some money if this continues. No swimming either. I can’t bear to go in the pool as […]