Christina’s first week of her Easter Hols

I really don’t know where this week as gone to. My daughter arrived  last Saturday. Friday was spent preparing the house to ensure everything was ready for her arrival. Wow our maid was on holiday so I hoovered, mopped and dusted myself. A good work out in this heat. The BBQ items were marinating and only the salad to prepare when off we went for the 1 1/2 hour journey to Bangkok Airport.

The last time she came for Christmas it took nearly 2 hours from her plane landing to me actually seeing her in the Airport!!! This time we left a little later so we would not have so long to wait. As it turned out her plane was late landing, due to some air conditioning problem on the aircraft, delaying their take off from Heathrow.

We managed to get right outside the arrivals entrance for her flight (there is more than one at BKK airport). Oh and just by chance there is a lovely little coffee stop right beside it, offering a great cup of cappuccino.

She wasn’t too impressed with me asking her to stop in her track so I could take a photo, hence the blurred vision!!!


We did manage to get a nice photo taken by a crew member from the Qantas flight that had just arrived from the UK too. Nice chap was waiting for his other half we presume who had been desperate for the loo.


Gosh I always think I have loads of hair until you see yourself in a photo. Must be the heat, hair sticks to your head!!!!

From the moment she arrived the time has just whizzed past. Sunday we spent in the garden by the pool. Oh burney burney for 3 of us. Even though I had sun factor 30 on I still burnt!!!!!

The sun seems to burn you that much quicker here,guess I will be going out to buy a factor 40 next. Yes, I did reapply every hour and my face looked like I had been covered in ice cream but this week I am still sporting a red nose!!!

Sunday evening we went down to the Glass House Restaurant (featured on the Dining Page) located on the beach and had a lovely meal. I bet the staff wondered who the 3 lobsters where sitting at the table!!!!

Two Lobsters

and lobster number 3:-

Lobster number 3


Thank goodness for the sea breeze. It’s a lovely restaurant as you will see from my review on the Dining Page but I had no idea it would be nearly all seafood. Luckily Christina can manage salmon or we would have  had to go somewhere else.

It seems Songkran is not over for Pattaya. The official day is Tuesday here for more soaking. We ventured down into Pattaya on Monday for lunch at the Loft. Chicken Tikka Wraps…mmmm….. delicious but very very spicy.

Here is a picture of the view from Central  Festival

A view from The Loft Restaurant


People were out in force with their buckets, hose pipes and water guns. The people having to take bat buses really suffered. Poor things were soaked.I wouldn’t have liked to have been on a motorbike either. They were ripe for the picking or throwing of vast amounts of water!!!!!!

Thais out soaking passers by in Hua Yai

Back in the village there was more of the same. We did manage a few soakings on the car but kept our windows shut!!!!!!

Tuesday held a trip to the Floating Market on Sukhumvit Road. I have entered this as a separate post for days out. A bit disappointing as lots of the stalls and shops were closed. Maybe for the holidays or maybe because we had had a huge downpour in the morning.

We went to Joan’s house for a beautiful lunch on Wednesday. Her lovely hot advacado, bacon and mozzarella starter. Followed by smoked salmon salad with sweet buns (chicken for Christina) and polished off with strawberries, cream and syllabub. Then back to the cosy terrace seats for coffee….. Ah, just as well I did a hundred lengths of the pool that morning!!!!

Her house is beautiful and it’s just like stepping back into a very fine English Country Cottage. I could have stayed and sat on her terrace all day.

After saying goodbye we took the scenic route back home (aka, the long way round). Christina spotted an elephant sign. A quick “U”turn and off we went in search of the elephants.

There they were, larger than life and absolutely loads and loads of them behind  a fence of huge black iron posts with gold tops!!! The posts not the elephants….. We will go back next week for a ride on the elephants. Christina’s 3rd ride but my first!!!! Yikes, I am excited but nervous..

We wound slowly down the Siam Country Club road, passing many many shops, cafe’s etc back down to Sukhumvit Road. A quick stop off at the market for some tomatoes then home. I think we managed it with half an hour to spare before OH arrived home from work!!!!!

Thursday was a visit to our neighbours house. We had met him through one of the other neighbours and now he and his girlfriend have had a house built and moved not far way from us. The house was fantastic. Ultra modern, very nice indeed. I am going to attempt the catering for their house warming on the 1st May. A menu was decided on and then off Christina and I went to do the weekly shop. Not forgetting of course a  stroll around the shops in the Carrifour mall.

Friday came around too soon and after Christina having a little time to sunbath we were off out again to meet the girls at the Loft for lunch.  The trouble is it takes me so long to decide what to have. Oh and then goodness you have to decide on which smoothie to have too. Decisions decisions.

I think everyone enjoyed their food. We decided to move seats for the coffee as Julieann being pregnant was getting a little hot by the window. Again, what dessert to choose. A gentleman approached, probably the restaurant manager,  to help us make that decision. Kindly also offering a free coffee with any dessert from the fridge. That did it for me, crème caramel……..delicious.

After arranging lunch at our house for next Friday, the Royal Wedding Day and the return of Diane from France, Christina and I headed off for a stroll along the beach road to Mikes Mall. Not before Christina picked up 2 really nice dresses at Central.

After only going a short distance the option of a bat bus won the day as we were already getting too hot. Oh no I had forgotten to get any more money out of the cash machine. Ah well, we would have to come back again. I was to get some underwear for my nephew and Christina was looking for a bag for Karen.

Christina is really good at bartering. A must in Thailand. I feel awful and nearly always give them what they are asking or just under. Christina however, is very shrewd. Offering sometimes half the asking price!!!!! by goodness she gets a good deal. Pity she is not here all the time.

Back along the sea front with time marching on. She managed to get a lovely bag for Karen, even if she did upset the lady in the shop by bartering her down on the price by almost twenty pounds !!!! he he.

Back home for a quick change of clothes for the very hot and sticky Therappasit Road Night Market. Again I will write a separate post with lots of pictures for this and it will be posted on the “Days Out”Page.

If only I could have gone with a bikini on, I may not have suffered the heat so much. My goodness it was busy. There are some really good stalls for cheap clothes. We picked up shoes, bags, tops and shorts. I even got a hoola hop for my OH and some treats for M,T& J…..

I had salmon in the house for tea but it was after 9.30pm so we stood and watched while our order of Phad Thai was being made by a food vendor, picked by Christina. She said we should not pick anything that had been already made.  Looks like Salmon for lunch tomorrow now.





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