Colon Hydrotherapy

Isn’t it amazing what will you will try when abroad. Are we really so bored?? or do we have more time and it’s cheaper?

Rasayana Retreat is a holistic health wellness retreat on Pattaya Nua and also in Bangkok. Here in Pattaya it’s just up on the left hand side from the Dolphin roundabout. Specializing in deep cleansing programmes, colon hydrotherapy, living food cuisine and quality supportive naturopathic and therapeutic treatments. Well, that’s what their brochure says and I think it’s true.

OH wanted to try this and I know having I.B.S I should have participated. It is supposed to improve the bowel tremendously, however, scardie cat me wasn’t going to try it, not just yet!!!!!

OH did, bless him, he has had a course of 4 treatments and feels loads better for this process.

I on the other hand had a lovely oil  massage. Ah, so nice. Mind by the time she had finished I was aching a bit.

A beautiful place full of beautiful ornaments and flowers and ladies dressed in lovely robes. This is also where they have a raw food cafe. Rasayana Retreat have a good selection of treatments from oil massage to lymphatic drainage massage. They do many packages for a set price. A good idea for an unusual gift!!!

It is a bit more pricy than the usual local massage places you come across everywhere, but well worth the pampering and paying that bit extra for a special treat. Compared to UK prices, it’s a snip. or email

Part of the Fairtex Restort.

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