Cooler Weather, such a beautiful change

Most people know the best time to come to Thailand is the English Winter. November to March. This Winter has been the best that we have experienced so far. We had a cold front apparently from China….. so we have been told.

Ah the weather has been great. So cold in the early mornings and evenings. No humidity. A cool breeze blew. Wonderful. If only it could have stayed that way.

I was even wearing a hoodie in the mornings to walk the dogs. Brrrrrrrrhhhhhh. 20 degrees and I was wearing a hoodie. Could you believe it. I think I have been here to long to be feeling the cold at 20degrees. However, the last few weeks it dropped right down. No air conditioning required through the night in the bedroom. It was really cold. The outside temperature gauge measured 10degrees…..very very chilly for here. It did make me think about all the poor people here (many thousands) who live in tin huts. How on earth were they managing to keep warm.¬† To me it was wonderful for me but I have a nice warm duvet to snuggle into.¬† Having all the doors open and the breeze blowing through the downstairs¬† through the day instead of air conditioning was a refreshing change. Thank goodness we had insect nets fitted to the doors. Alas we are into February and mother nature knows the months have moved on and now we are back to very humid weather. Its still cooler in the mornings by a fraction but so humid with it. I can’t understand how that works.

So now back to air conditioning on through the day and sweaty sweat when you go anywhere. Except the hospital of course because they are ran like ‘ice station zebra’..

Roll on next winter.


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