Creatures in Your House & Garden

Be very aware when you come to Thailand that you will see some very strange creatures. No not the elephants!!!! You can see them most days somewhere in Thailand, even in Pattaya

Up close and personal

There was monkeys in Songkhla and there are some at Silver Lake, as yet I have not seen the ones at Silver Lake though. There was one monkey at Songkhla that grabbed my dress and pulled hard!!!! I think he was after the bottle of water I had in my pocket really…..

but what you don’t want to meet up close and personal is one of these critters.

A not so nice lizard, called a tookay. Goodness knows how you really spell it but I am sure when it shouts and boy does it shout !!!! it shouts “F UK” really it does. Everyone  that has heard the noise agrees!!!!!

Here is a picture of one that Shouza caught in a trap in the roof





just look at the mouth if you can. It is full of teeth.

Wish I could have seen it without the cage but they are too dangerous. They give a nasty bite and don’t let go. Not nice at all if you are a cat or dog!!!! Hence the trap and the cage….They eat all types of bugs and they also eat rats…..which were also caught in more traps in the roof. I will find the picture if I can and post it here.

Then of course there are snakes. Lots of different types of snakes in Thailand. All poisonous, I believe!!!! So far we have been lucky, only two that we have seen in the garden, but two too many for sure…….The first was in the mango tree and luckily Nok and Wow spotted it and dealt with it very swiftly. Bright green it was.

The next was just a few weeks ago. Stella was playing with a snake in the garden. We couldn’t believe it. Horrified. We think she had stunned it or killed it and OH managed to scoop it up in the pool net and throw it over the wall.  Black with yellow bands!!!!! We don’t need any more of then in the garden as one bite can be fatal to Mol, Tess, Jack or Stella.

Then there are the little gecko’s, ah they are so cute. Mind they make a racket too. tak tak tak they shout. I sometimes get a fright when I open a cupboard and one runs quickly out or up. Or you open the curtains in the morning and they run out from behind the curtain!!!! gives you quite a jolt but they are harmless and they eat the bugs too, so I don’t mind them at all, well except for their poo, which they love to leave behind!!!!

I have been told there are scorpions here but as yet, touch wood, I haven’t seen one and certainly don’t wish to encounter one!!!!

We get lots of different varieties of birds in the garden. I only long for a  camera with a good zoom lens then I can post some great shots on here. There are bright blue birds that like to appear in groups in the garden. Then we have a type of heron that comes down into the garden to stand very still. It has a brown mottled body with white wings on beautiful long legs.

Lots of what look like tiny humming birds that hover at the birds of paradise flowers outside my kitchen window. There are a pair of tiny owls that swoop down in the early evening and sit on the wires over head, sometimes looking into the garden. . .

There are bright green birds and tiny sparrows. Some tiny black and white birds and oh so many more. So beautiful and lots sing their little hearts out for me too. Even a big russet reddy/brown bird that likes to perch in the coconut palm by the pool and screeches.

There are some birds now in the garden even though its pouring with rain. I think the bugs must come to the surface of the grass or they are digging for worms I am not sure which, but you would think they would be rained off!!!!!

I think I can see a purchase of a bird book soon…….

Then oh yes, I nearly forgot we have tiny squirrels. They have to be quick mind or Stella unfortunately gets them. It’s a cruel world. There is an abundance of frogs and toads. It doesn’t matter how many I catch and put over the garden wall, there are always more to take their place. They come to try and get in with the fish on our terrace, even though we have netted the whole thing. They still seem to find a way in. They often appear outside the doors and I have even had them hopping into the house. They will be croaking when the rain stops and appearing in the puddles that have come with all the rain. Then the fun will be begin on collection before our M,T,J&S try to have their fun.

The biggest nuisance has got to be the mosquito’s and the mumwee(tiny fruit flies). Always cover yourself in mozzy repellent. You can get what looks like large Catherine wheels that you burn which are to ward off the mozzy’s and you can get citronella candles and spray.

We spray the bedroom every evening about an hour before we go to bed and then again when we shower. I have found spraying once is not enough. Twice seems to get the little critters!!!!!

OH doesn’t seem to be bothered by them but he does take garlic tablets. I do not and when I get bitten they come up in huge red lumps that are really itchy. So be warned.

You will see here some very strange bugs in all different shapes and sizes. Not for the faint hearted!!!!!!

On a lighter note, although these were not in the garden, they were at the bottom of my garden, just over the wall.  Lovely. They seem to come in all different shapes, shades and sizes…..


What I never expected to see in my garden was a Monitor Lizard. Sorry no pictures. It was moving to fast!!!!! We had decided to get the sun loungers out at it had turned out to be a nice day after all!!!! Jack was up to the usual grub hunting in the undergrowth when he came out sneezing!!!! and I mean sneezing. Really bad. The next thing. David points out this huge beast in our garden. Oh my God!!!!!! It was about 3-4 feet in length and what a girth!!!!!

It was just sauntering past the terrace.  I think I tried to get the dogs inside while panicking about our cat. The next thing it was sauntering across the bottom of the garden. Where upon we lost it!!!! David insisted we let the dogs out again!!!!! They ran straight to the bottom of the garden the scent obviously very strong……. me with a broom in hand and David with the pool net headed in the same direction. Next thing the dogs come out barking chasing the lizard. It was running straight towards me or rather I was running towards it. Oh it was huge and boy was it nasty. Luckily the dogs didn’t get to it and it didn’t get to me before it headed up a palm tree.

I can’t remember being so frightened for my poor dogs. I sat and waited on the terrace. So while I waited for Shouza to come with his pellet gun I Googled it!!!! slightly venomous !!!!!! can run up to 28 mph…..Yikes. Eats small mammals …. what a puppy, a cat???? who knows. I was so worried about my brood.

Anyway by the time Shouza came around with Nok and Feya it had either gone or it was hiding as it did not re appear. I stayed up very late with the dogs and cat and kept them in the house until early morning. I was sure I had given it enough time to come down and escape by then.  Of course returning to my bed I could not sleep for fear it was attacking our pup Jack while I slept in my bed!!!!!

I just hope it never comes back!!!!!!!




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