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I have been told there are over 10,000 hotels, restaurants and bars in Pattaya  so of course we could not try them all but here are a few comments on a few we have found and either liked or disliked.  Its obviously a personal view and other people will have different views.

I will work in reverse mode and then try and make some order out of where we have been and what we thought.

One thing to note is  that a lot of restaurants in Thailand do not serve your food all at the same time. Each persons dishes will come at different times so best not wait and just dig in.

Sunday Brunch.

What I find so different about Pattaya compared to the Country I lived in before,  is that Brunch on a Sunday is only set up in a few hotels and restaurants and certainly not on the scale of Hotels in Bahrain. Ah, how I miss that. The all inclusive long brunch on a Friday, where you could not help but over indulge.

Of course in Bahrain it was in every large hotel and restaurant from the Ritz Carlton to the local Arabic restaurant.

We have tried “Mantra” on two occasions and as I said it’s not on the same scale as the best in Bahrain it certainly is excellent. The other difference of course is that the no drinks are included in the set price. You most certainly have to book otherwise you may be extremely disappointed.

Mantra is situated at the Amari Resort near the top end of Beach Road from the Dolphin roundabout. A proper dress code is supposed to be observed here but we have seen on a Sunday this must be relaxed rather a lot. It’s quite dark inside so don’t forget your glasses if you need to read any menus!!!!

There are live cooking stations offering  Indian, Thai, Pizza’s, traditional roasts and a Charcoal Grill. Together with a beautiful sushi and seafood area. Cold cuts of Italian ham, salami to pastrami.  I like the fact that they offer many vegetarian options with beautiful Mediterranean vegetables, salads etc.,  Oh of course not to be forgotten ‘desserts’ . Plain, milk and white chocolate fountains, ice cream in many flavours, individual cakes and lots and lots of tiny pots of soft mouse, creamy and light in your mouth, topped with fruit or chocolate. mmmmmmm….. delicious.

They have a really good wine menu. It is a shame that wine is expensive in Thailand. It’s the one thing that should go hand in hand with good quality food.

I have heard from many people the other good place for brunch is Casa Pascal on 2nd road, but I have not tried the restaurant for myself as yet. DID TRY IT AND DONT GO ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING

Holiday Inn located just down from Mantra on Beach road.

Sit outside and watch the world go by. I love people watching and this is a great place to enjoy such an interest.

You have the breeze from the beach to keep you cool while you sit in your director chair.

The staff are friendly and most speak good English. They have plenty of outside fans so you don’t have to worry about getting too hot. It’s very casual dining and if you don’t want to sit right at the front near the pool you can relax in the huge comfy chairs near the bar, where there is also air conditioning.

So far in Pattaya this is where the best pizzas are made. Thin and crispy. Nothing seems too much trouble here for anyone. There are lots of lovely nibbles on the menu too. Good cocktails and the wine isn’t too bad either.

We have never tried the “proper” restaurant. Just happy to watch the world go by sipping a cocktail. mocktail or two.

Cabbage & Condoms, located off Pratamnak hill, Soi 4

What a different type of restaurant. They have their own website www.cabbagesandcondoms.co.th

This is part of a resort. Go for the experience alone. It is situated right at the bottom of Soi 4 on the hill. You will wander though the garden which is full of beautiful plants and flowers. Look around to see signs on the trees with many great quotations. Stop to look at the rabbits in the garden and make a wish in the stream. My daughter took lots of photos of the manikins. Their outfits made out of condoms!!!!! Don’t be put off it is really clever and if you are taking small children I don’t think they would have any idea what the outfits were made from.

It is a beautiful setting over looking the beach. You can even climb the stairs to the seating area around which has been built around a huge tree. Don’t forget your camera.

The service is really good and staff are very helpful and friendly. The food is really good. The menu has a wide variety of Thai and Western food, even fish and chips. The owner is quite a celebrity and I have even seen him on TV on international news. They raise lots of money for charity at this restaurant. So the more you eat and drink the more you help their charities.

Zico’s Brazilian restaurant, located on Beach Road, at the very front of the Central Festival Mall.

Make a booking for a weekend or you won’t get it. This is a tiny restaurant but well worth the visit. They even have a floor show on  a weekend. Get seated in a huge brown leather chair and wait to be served an array of char grilled food. strips of tenderloin,rump and sirloin steaks, chicken, salmon, prawns, sausage and lots lots more. Accompanied by a beautiful help yourself salad bar. Oh and those Brazilian cocktails. Not to be missed. You may not have experienced still type of dining. You are given a card. Red on one side and Green on the other. Have you guessed it. Green for go, keep it turned upwards and they will keep coming to your table with large skewers of meats, to be sliced at your table. When you need to rest, turn your card to red for stop!!!!! It’s a great place to eat and a good experience for visitors and locals alike.

The View Ban am phur visited on Saturday 26th March 2010

What a great place. Take a look down onto the beach first if it’s still day light and hopefully you will see a great view if the tide is out. We had been once before to check out the beach area but the tide was in and therefore it looked like a tiny area. On Saturday when we went the tide was out and oh what a difference. The beach stretched for miles and miles, so quiet too. A great place to walk my dogs I think.

If it’s a weekend you have to book. All of the tables overlooking the beach were reserved. We would have done the same but the telephone number seemed to be unobtainable. I was a bit shocked at first. Very basic tables with benches for seats but the waiter did come and put some long cushions on the seats so it made it more comfortable. I think people come for the good food and the beach location, not how comfy the seating is.

The service is like most places in Thailand. You may all order together but you food doesn’t come together so just dig in and eat. We had a bit of trouble trying to explain Bacardi and Coke but once we went to the bar and showed them what we wanted it wasn’t a problem thereafter.

The food was really good. I chose Fried Rice in a pineapple with pork, chicken, sausage and prawns. Beautifully presented and not too much either.

Followed by a small tub of ice cream.

The sea breeze kept everything nice and when the sun went down the waiters put tables on the beach with big bean bags to sit in. There is even a live band. A small dance area, which was great for the children in our company. Altogether a good night out.

Woodland Resort – Coffee Shop – La Baguette

Located on the left hand side of Naklua Road, very near the Dolphin roundabout. You can’t miss it, it’s painted all white with large conservatory feel to the building.

What a beautiful cafe, the cakes, wow, wish I could have tried everyone.They also have their own bakery, which I did not spot until we were leaving.They have a large menu with crepes, waffles and sandwiches etc., lovely soft comfy chairs and a seating area outside. I chose a cappuccino and my friend chose tea, which came in a large pot, so good value for money. It is obviously a very busy spot for ex pats and Thais. A good spot to watch the world go by.

Going again for lunch tomorrow, 31st March, so will update this post.

Mimosa – Italian Restaurant

Located opposite the side entrance to the Village Shopping complex. Just off Sukhumvit Road. We discovered this little gem not long after moving to Hua Yai, I had passed it many times when coming from the beach area at Jomtien. We decided to try it one evening. The lady that I think owns the restaurant waits on the tables. She speaks, Thai, English, German and Italian. It’s the Italian accent that is so so good. Her partner, the chef is from Italy. What a great cook.

With it’s cozy and welcoming atmosphere there isn’t much you can’t like about this little restaurant. The menu consists of Italian and Thai food and boy is it good. We have been several times and each time sampled something different on the menu.Beautifully presented dishes with good Italian wine that is not overpriced for Pattaya.

There are only two sweets but you must try both. Panacotta and Tirimasu. Both desserts are home made and the Panacotta is the best I have ever tasted and it’s a large portion that just melts in your mouth. What I also think is lovely about this restaurant is that not only are the meals all served together but they give you a liqueur on the house at the end of the meal.

The Glass House Restaurant & Bar

Located between Na Jomtien and Ban Amphur.

We had been told about this restaurant from a friend and had in fact walked past it while having a stroll along the beach, but when you actually see it up close, wow is it something different.

As the name states, a glass house (reminded me of an English Conservatory). This houses the coffee shop area.

It is set right on the beach so you get that beautiful sea breeze. Not your normal run of the mill old benches and tables that have seen better days. Nope, really nice wood tables.

A car park attendant guided us to our spot, he even has a torch for guiding you out when it’s dark!!! Immediately you get close the setting and the ambiance hits you…. it’s so tranquil, no loud Thai music. Good light classical, ah how refreshing.

The sign at the steps does say, wait to be seated but as no one came it was nice to pick our own table. All around the outer area of the restaurant are larger tables positioned to look in over  the restaurant with lots of nice cushions on the seating areas. These were already reserved of course, as were the tables on the beach. Still, all the tables are in a nice setting anyway so no need to worry.

There are lots of staff to attend to your needs and a good menu including a small selection of Western food. I thought the menu might pose a problem for my daughter as we had not been told that the menu would consist of mainly (97%) seafood.

My husband chose squid in lime, chili and garlic. A side order of stir fried veg and steamed rice. As you can see from the photo above it was quite a size and well worth the money spent. My daughter chose from the Western selection. A salmon dish and a side dish of  stir fried veg and myself a seafood spaghetti in a cream sauce, which also came with garlic bread. Presentation was beautiful and the food tasted really nice. We were not disappointed.  I had contemplated ordering  a green salad to accompany my spaghetti, so glad I chose not to, as the portion size was quite large and I would never have managed the salad.

We went into the glass house to choose from the beautiful presented individual dessert’s. Again, really good sizes portions. My husband chose a white chocolate affair, while my daughter chose a chocolate cake and myself tiramisu

Polished off with an Americana coffee for OH and myself a cappuccino. Perfect evening.

N.B. As with many restaurants here in Thailand all the dishes came at different times but I think you get used to that.

MY OH thinks I need to just do posts from now on and not have a dining page.

Since we have moved to the suburbs of Bangkok I will do this from now on.

Don’t forget to visit Silver Lake Vineyard and Restaurant. Absolutely fantastic.



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