Well, he didn’t mean to bite me I am sure. Any dog bite whether it’s from your own dog or a stray means you get yourself to the hospital/clinic double quick for your rabies vaccine. Of course my tetanus had run out too so that had to be done at the same time.

The rabies shots are not going into your stomach as rumours suggest. A quick jab in the arm and I didn’t feel a thing. It is a course of 5 injections. The 2nd one didn’t hurt a few days later but oh boy did she hurt when she put the 3rd one in 4 days after that. I hope the other two go in without feeling them.

Wish I could say the same thing about the tetanus jab though!!!!! oooohhh, no wonder they asked if I wanted pain killers. I thought for goodness sake!!! It has taken 5 days for my arm not to hurt. Still is a little tender but even changing gears in the car hurt my arm. No thought of lying on your side to sleep either because my arm hurt so much.

All considered though I would rather have the injections that worry about rabies.

Then of course the hospital have to dress your wound. 5 puncture marks to the right hand. Really it was OK. Yes it was sore and swollen but oh, yes, they said, “Infection” yeh right!!!! so you pay for all the items used of course!!!! money, money, money.Antibiotics, pain killers !!!!! money money money

Always nice to finish off a visit to the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital with a lovely coffee from the coffee shop and a warm spinach and cheese pastry. mmmmmm……delicious.

I have written on the “Pets in Thailand”page all about what is going on with Jack the Soi pup now approximately 7 months.



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