Floating Market

Christina and I stopped off at the Floating Market at the south end of Pattaya recently. Don’t be fooled when you pass and see absolutely loads and loads of tour buses!!!! I don’t know where all the people go but the day we visited I think they must have gone through a magic door as there was hardly anyone about.

There is an official car park at the front and rear of the Floating Market area, however the tour buses like to double park all along the Sukhumvit Road!!! Why I don’t know, Oh yes, I remember, to pull out in front of you without any indication while trying to cause as many accidents as possible as they cross 3 lanes of traffic!!!!! Why oh why they can’t park around the back is beyond me!!!!

Anyway, I will get off my soap box and tell you about the Floating Market. I never wanted to visit this place thinking that it would be as the name indicates “Floating”. Thank goodness Christina visited before. I have a fear of water so there was no way I wanted to stride across water!!!! When in fact there is water all around and underneath but everything is built upon the water and is most certainly sturdy.

Swing Bridge

OK there is one swing bridge but you don’t have to cross  it if you don’t want to….. (NOT for me).

Lots and lots of little shops selling all sorts of nice souvenirs, clothes, bags, shoes, beauty products, basket ware and of course food!!!!!

Unfortunately  on the day we went some of the shops/stalls were closed either due to the Songkran holidays or the rain we had had that morning I am not sure which. It was very hot and sticky. Thank goodness it was over cast. I would not have liked to go on a sunny day.

I thought it would be the same old tat that is found in some tourist places but no, there seemed to be something different everywhere you looked. Bartering of course is the norm here too.

Deep fried ice cream

We did stop from some deep fried ice cream. Quite yummy!!!! and a snip at only 20bhat!!! around 40pence mmmmmm……..

I think we did quite well, picking up a pair of flip flops made out of sparkly beads and  a blue flowery material bag for a few pounds. Christina got a silver  Tiffany and co necklace, some perfume a  great pair of sunglasses. Then onto the food. Syrup coated rice cakes (they are really nice) and some dried fruit.

There are lots of food vendors, most on small boats alongside the walkways. Here is one cooking bananas on a tiny bbaq

An elephant was strolling about at the top end of the market but as we came to leave it had already left with the mahout. Christina was disappointed.

The only thing that spoilt our day was some Indian gentlemen that had come on a group tour. They kept wanting to take Christina’s photograph and they wouldn’t take no for an answer. At one point they grabbed her and tried to take the photo so she quickly turned the other way. I wonder if they would have been happy people doing this to their wives and children!!!!! We were not the only ones to suffer they were doing the same to other women around the market!!!! shame there was no security.

When we stopped by the dried fruit stalls a lady was trying to take a picture of someone beside us, or so I thought, so I moved away. Turns out they wanted to take photos of us!!!!! They then asked us quite nicely for photos with their friends. I don’t know who they thought we were but we did oblige quite happily while they lined up to have their photos taken with us. Bless them do they know how badly I look on photos!!!! probably brake their cameras!!!!!!!

Well worth another visit. I have my eye on another few bags…….

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