OH has been on to me about flying a Giro-copter for as long as I can remember and this year when we go to the UK for a visit he has booked to take a flight in one. This is to see if he would like to learn to fly one of these tiny little things.He even got me to carry back books from the UK recently on Giro-copters. Is he mad????

I could never understand the fascination, but hey, each to their own!!!! so the quote goes. Things changed when a couple of weeks ago David got an email from a man called Tom at Nongprue Airfield. OH had been in touch with Tom last year to see if there was any facilities for Giro copters at the airfield.  At that point in time there wasn’t, however things changed and now Tom has taken delivery of the first one. He invited David along while the examiner was over from the UK to take a look and have a chat with the inspector/examiner.

What a nice bunch of people. Now I have seen these things in action I can understand OH’s fascination. I would love the take off but oh boy, I don’t think I would like the rest of the experience.

I met some of the guys and their wives for the first time this weekend and what a lovely  people. So down to earth. No airs and graces. No hurray Henries either. Just run of the mill people, having a great time over here flying all sorts of microlites, or as they call them, flex wings.They made us both feel so welcome.

They were even kind enough to invite us to a BBQ on Friday. Where I got to meet Chris, the hostess of the evening. Hopefully a new friend for me.

Sunday saw us down there again to see Peter and his family  from Hong Kong flying in a flex wing. Even his mother of over 80 years was up there. I couldn’t believe it. Makes me look really foolish if she can do it. Well, I guess there is time yet.

Tom needs to qualify as a Giro-copter pilot before he can start training OH. I just hope they are careful. It seems to get very bumpy up there.

So I guess now it will be every weekend down to the airfield. Tom was really kind and took David up in this flex wing on Sunday. Made his day.


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