Hairdressers in Bangkok and the suburbs

Since leaving Pattaya and my hairdresser Saranya on Pattaya Nua I have quizzed many people about where they go to have their hair done. Its such a daunting task. Who do I trust, who can understand what I want? Its so difficult.

I have been told about “Abstract” and I wrote and email and got a great reply, but did I want to spend 6,000bhat plus on my hair cut and highlights not knowing how it would turn out?

Then there is “Toni & Guy” another good hair salon. One lady I met at the BWG had a fab hair cut and recommended them, but would they be able to do what I wanted????

Some other ladies I know use a salon in the Westin Hotel in Bangkok. They said you get off the BTS and walk right into the Westin Hotel. It sounded like it was called Panibas, but not sure. They said it was a great salon but you had to know what you wanted in style and colours. This I did not.

A couple of weeks ago I was walking along Patthanakan road, near our soi 63. There were 2 salon’s next to each other. Not the usual seedy looking salon but actually looked more up market. Selling good quality products. So I decided to let my OH try the smaller of the two salons. Wow it was amazing. They don’t speak a lot of English but we managed to convey what we wanted.

Its called DCUT Exclusive Salon & Spa.207/11 Soi 61 Patthanakan Road.  0819371943.Its run by two men. There is a lovely lady that washes, cuts and drys your hair. I would go just  for the head massage that she gives you. It was pure bliss and I could have quite easily fallen asleep.

I decided on Friday to bite the bullet and go in to see if they could put some highlights in my hair. Well, I have never experienced highlights the way they did them but the colours in my hair are great. I am blonde and its not easy getting hairdressers/salons to be able to highlight or colour your hair without turning it orange. They understood this too.

Nantapat started the process. He is also the beautician. There were no foils, there was no cap. My hair was washed, then dried. One colour was put on and then left for 20 minutes, washed off, then another colour put on top, 20 minutes then washed off. Amazing, I had no idea what to expect and I was sure it was going to be a mess!!!

What I have now is great highlighted hair!!! I don’t know how they make it work but they do.

I asked for just a tiny bit off the length and sure enough, that’s what I got.

They also give you an amazing hot Peach Tea Drink. I went right out and bought the peach tea and did as instructed with the honey and the pinch of salt but you know it doesn’t taste like how DCUT make it at all.

The total cost of my hair cut and 2 colours 2,350bhat. Which was the price agreed before we started. I am very very happy with my new hair. Thanks boys.

They even shaped my eyebrows and coloured them for my night out. Going to go back this week and see if they can do a permanent tint for my eyebrows.

I noticed on their wall they do a lot of wedding make overs and hair for your special day.

While I was waiting yesterday with OH some ladies came in with presents to say thank you for their hair. More satisfied customers. Worth a visit if you live in the suburbs.




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