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There are quite a few hospitals in Pattaya but the most popular and probably the best is the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. Located at the North end of Sukhumvit Road. A high rise large white building, can’t be missed. They have lots of English speaking staff and translators. The staff are polite and very customer service focused.

I have had experience of the Ladies Wellness Centre, Dermatology, Minor Surgery Dept, ENT, Physiotherapy and others and all have been very efficient.

Although lots of us are not used to paying for our medical services, I find the prices not overpriced and lots of medication that has to be paid for in the UK is much cheaper here by far.

Don’t worry about not knowing which department you need or worrying about trying to explain your symptoms. There is a large customer service information desk at the main arrivals entrance, well equipment with happy personnel willing to help you make your experience as happy and painless as possible.

I know this is very sad but they have a great coffee shop/bakery on site to the right of the main entrance. If you are going to get a club sandwich, maybe it would be better to share as they are really big.

There is also a great juice bar and a few little shops selling anything from magazines, baby gifts, flowers to beautiful coffee mugs.

I can’t comment on the other hospitals as I have only used the above hospital. They also have a good website.


Pharmacies are everywhere in Pattaya, even local villages have them. Of course they all differ in price and sometimes stock different items. Most are usually very helpful and once again prices are good compared to the UK for most medication.You don’t need a prescription either.

I really like the one near my OH’s work , down the 331 road. He is a fully qualified pharmacist (no not my husband the owner of the pharmacy)  and seems to know just what to give you for your ailment. The shop is  an Aladdin’s cave of everything you could think of from cough medicines to foot cream.


Just like the pharmacies, they are also everywhere. Not to be confused with the Teeth Whitening Centres or the Cosmetic Dentistry Outlets.

Again, Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is very good. My OH seems never to be away from there. Getting one thing done after another!! Just as well the prices are good.



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