Look what Buddy found in the garden last night

Considering yesterday was the first time in a long time writing again, it certainly is all happening.

I was making the dinner last night and OH on the phone to his mum back in the UK when I heard Buddy barking. A serious bark. You get to realise the different barks. This was a ‘there’s something nasty and I have it cornered’ bark. First thing I thought was OMG a snake.

I ran around the corner of the garden, armed with my big machete , without my glasses on I might add, and there was Buddy with something black up against the wall. Now bearing¬† in mind I didn’t have my glasses on as I said and we didn’t have the outside lights on – To me it was the head of a big cobra. I shouted at OH to get the snake stick. Of course we both still couldn’t see what it was.

David of course had the best idea, go out the back patio doors?? why didn’t I think of that? Anyway he stood with the snake stick and put the light on. I called Buddy to me and took him back inside. There in the semi darkness a tiny kitten!!!! honestly, the relief. We have had so many snakes (big ones too) I didn’t fancy tackling a cobra, especially as the head had looked huge. I think I will have to wear my glasses all the time now……how ridiculous.

Poor Buddy was shacking with fear. Bless him at least his recall was good. He has never seen a kitten before and obviously didn’t know what to make of it.

Thinking it might be vicious if feral I donned my thick gardening gloves. Of course it ran straight past me and OH found it some time later behind the maids quarters (we don’t have a maid by the way) stuck behind a water filtration unit.

Turns out to be a soft and as cuddly as a normal little kitten. By chance or again you could say – because I didn’t have my glasses on, I had bought some dry kitten food by accident, so it came in real handy now. The little thing, a boy I am sure, tucked in and was talking and making funny noises the whole time it ate. Lots of cuddles and a drink of water later, it settled down for the night in Stella’s carrying cage. After lots of crying too, which is heart wrenching.¬† I have put him in the garage. It’s nice and warm in there and plenty of light.

Low and behold this morning when I went in, he wasn’t in his cage. I don’t know how he got out as the bars are tiny and very close together. He must have squeezed himself into nothingness if there is such a thing to get through. Out he came with lots of noise from underneath where OH has his tool boxes.

More food, some carnation milk and water and we sat on the floor and had loads and loads of cuddles. Obviously a little boy as he is so cuddly. I have found that the 2 girl cats we had didn’t like being cuddled at all. They like to lie beside you, but not on you. This little fella is just so cute. Well actually he looks like a little rat. Here are some photos.

kitten4 kitten 7 kitten 6 kitten 5 kitten 3 kitten 1

I think the 2nd photo shows how nice he really is and I do hope he finds a home real quickly. He seems to need lots of affection. He was cuddling into my arm, padding and licking my arm. Looking for milk I presume.

Last night I emailed the cat rescue (cats4youinpattaya) and they have agreed to take him this afternoon. Bless him. I wonder what they will call him.  I am not clever enough to link you through to their web page but here is the URL if you want to copy and paste.




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