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When we moved here from Bahrain we were lucky in the fact that we were moving into another employees house. People get moved around and therefore a house was available. My husband had arrived first and I followed at the beginning of April 2010. The house was rented on a compound in a town called Songkhla in the South of Thailand.

The facilities on the compound were very good. A pool with a coffee shop, small gym and a communal garden area. Only problem again was that we couldn’t order food at the coffee shop because we couldn’t speak Thai and no one could speak English. We did manage one night when a visitor to the compound ordered food for us as she spoke English but that was a one off.

compound pool area

If you are looking for a house in Songhkla there are no agents for rental at all. In fact I don’t even think I saw any type of agent for purchase either. Plenty of sale boards for new houses and compounds but no agents. So maybe there is a market for an agent to start a business there. It’s leg work or hire a car. The local pubs sometimes have adverts up for houses that are available for rental too.  Just ask as many people as you come in contact with if they know of any where to rent. It seems to be the only way to rent a house in the South.

Moving to Pattaya is a completely different story.

It was only when we moved to Pattaya and were looking for a larger house nearer my husbands place of work that we needed an agent. I chose three agents that responded to my email inquiries. I think I approached around 6 companies in all but some did not bother to contact me.

I gave them a list of what I was looking for and the hunt began. I can say that none of the 3 agents were pushy or rude. All 3 agents were really helpful and each showing me better houses every time I went out.

The agents I used were:-

1. Land of Smiles, located in Naklua. Ladies name is Lek. Tel 087 907 9166. email lek.lospp@gmail.com


2. Paragon Properties Pattaya, located in Jomtien. Mans name is Matt Skinner. Tel 08 49442542 email matt@thai-realestate.net


3. Rightmove Pattaya. Located on Pratumnak Soi 1.  Mans name is Craig Turner. Tel 08 92535607


I think the important thing to remember is the price is not always fixed. I found looking for a house slightly out of our budget turned out to work in our favour as most land lords would come down in price for a long term rental. Lots of landlords are used to renting out for just a few weeks or a few months at at time.

We were looking for a house on a compound with security, a good size garden and location wise, we wanted it outside of the main Pattaya City area, so that my husband did not have to travel daily through lots of traffic. We also had 2 dogs and 2 cats to consider. Landlords had to know that first otherwise there was no point in viewing.

I looked at lots of houses and it was only a couple of times that the agents were going to show me the same house. Each seemed to have a different set of houses for me to view. Contrary to being told that all the agents had the same houses! and that I should stick with one agent.

The agents picked me up from my home or a designated meeting point and chauffeured me around and dropped me back off again. I think its a great service and nothing seemed to be too much bother. They all had a good idea of what I was looking for from my email.

I really was spoilt for choice. Finally choosing a house that Lek from the Land of Smiles had asked me to view, even though it was not on a compound.The gate opened and I fell in love with the house we now live in Hua Yai, near the Floating Market.

So you see, sometimes what you think you are looking for isn’t actually what you want at all…….

Paperwork can be a little more complicated that you think and remember it takes time to get everything sorted.So be patient. Bless the land lord was very patient with me as was the agent.

Looking for a removal company could also be a pain.

Where to start, who to trust. How do you know how much to pay?

Wow the prices from some of the companies where day light robbery. The company I chose are called:-

Boonma Moving & Storage. Tel 0066 23145021 ext 137

This company is located in Bangkok but they come to Pattaya on a weekly basis for business and know the areas well.

The lady I had to look after our move was called Apirom Sutthinates. She said her name was shorted to Aries to make it easier for expats to understand. I have to say what a lovely lady. It always seems as if the people I have dealt with in Thailand have always gone that extra mile in Customer Service and looked after us really well.

They did a really good job of packing everything and unpacking at the other end. A two day job at a fraction of the price quoted by the other companies.

Sorting out Electricity and phone lines should not be a problem if you ask the land lord to help you.

You will need a copy of your passport, including your visa pages and a copy of the lease agreement for your house or condo. It will also be much easier for you if you take someone with you that speaks Thai.


I am going to email each person named above to get a link to their business on this page to make it easier for anyone that is interested to make contact.

Happy House Hunting. If you need any help just leave a message on here.





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