Lunch today then the local market

Finally after nearly a year I seem to be making some new friends.

I am off out for lunch today to the Marriott so I will update the post on my return to tell you what the food and service was like.

I keep remembering this to tell new folk that are moving here. Shop for your fruit and veg at the local markets. Sometimes you get ripped off but once they know you are going to come regularly they settle down. I stick to the same few stalls each time that have not ripped me off and give them my business. It’s much cheaper than the shops on most occassions. OK they may not have the variety but basic items such as tomatoes, lettuce, cue, cauli,cabbage and much more is available. It also means that you can follow the seasons. I got aubergines the other day all for 15bhat. Can’t grumble at that.

Try lots of the village stalls too. There is a man in the village that sells just bananas,tangerines and apples at the front of his shop.

The good thing about Pattaya is that nearly everyone speaks English, if only a limited amount in the village where I live we can still get by with a calculator and sign language!!!!!

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