Lunch with the girls & Public Holiday

Tuesday we all met at Jan’s apartment for lunch. Wow, right on the beach. What a fantastic view. I can see now why people live in apartments. No flies, no mumwee (tiny flies) just a beautiful breeze from the sea, oh and the view….. Deeann took us upstairs to show us the roof terrace. An infinity pool and a lovely area with tables & chairs and sun loungers. Who would ever need to go to the beach???? So tranquil.  I could have moved in there straight away. No need for air con here. The difference in the temperature was unbelievable. When I left home I had opted for a summer dress and I was still sticky and hot.In Jan’s apartment with the windows wide open I could have even had a long sleeved shirt on and felt cool.

We made a toast to “New Friends”. I have only known these ladies a few weeks and already they seem like old friends. What a lovely bunch of down to earth people. So one thing good did come out of going to the International Ladies Club Coffee Morning. I would not have met Julieann and in turn would not have met her friends that I  now sat with having a delicious lunch.

I had brought the dessert, which went down really well. Nigella’s white chocolate mint mouse. It’s so easy to make and so light and  moreish!!!!! I will collect the glasses next time I see them, which will hopefully be next week at our house. I don’t know what to make yet as Wendy has a gluten and wheat allergy. I can think of a dessert straight away, flour less chocolate brownies, but what to do for the main course?????mmmmm I will have to think on that one.

I also received a phone call from one of the neighbours. There is a house warming party at the beginning of May and they wonder if I would like to do the catering. Of course I said yes, I just love cooking. Today I have quickly jotted down a few menus to give them some ideas of what I could offer.

It’s a Public Holiday today 6th April. OH is off and we had decided after our stroll along the beach at the weekend to return, only the forecast is for thunder and rain. It didn’t look much like it was going to happen this morning. The sun was shining when I woke, I had completely forgotten that we were going to the beach.Short term memory loss or just being blonde, I don’t know.

We decided to stay home and sit by the pool, but oh those little mumwee!!! I am sure they try and get in your eyes and up your nose!!!! so we packed up and headed for the beach. We found a road that lead down to the beach further along from the View Restaurant and only had to walk a few yards to deck chairs and parasols at a small cafe/restaurant or a shack with tables and chairs to be truthful. We took a drink and settled into our chosen deck chairs. Even though I was in the shade and sun creamed up so to speak I could still feel the suns rays. I still can’t get my head around that but know from experience that indeed even in the shade the sun burns!!!!

OH however sat in the sun!!!, by the end of the day, oh burny burny!!!

I don’t know what I expected, but we were not charged for the use of the deck chairs and we had a great lunch. I think I had it in my head that it would once again be primitive stuff.  If you look at it that way anything extra is a plus. Really surprised once again. The menu was extensive and boy was it good.

We had fresh mangos liquidized to make a long ice cold drink. The famous Thai seafood omelette, seafood fried rice and prawns with vermicelli. All cooked in what seemed to be a very short space of time. It was beautiful and very tasty. The total bill for the day – less than Ten English Pounds….. can’t go wrong there.

There were a few men and women peddling their wares but all where polite and no one hassled us at all. Just a polite “No thank you”and off they went. We did feel sorry for a lady selling shirts and sarongs with her little girl in tow. After she walked away we really felt awful and that maybe we should have bought something after all. Maybe she would not get to eat today.

We will go back at the weekend and hopefully we will see her again. This time we will buy something from her. We said goodbye to the man who served us and said we would be back again at the weekend. He was hoping we were coming back tomorrow but we explained we were not on holiday but lived here. He spoke really good English and was such a polite and courteous chap. We headed home just as the grey clouds were heading in, but still managed to get away today without any rain.










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