Making Pitta Bread

My bread machine went to Place of Grace. It would mix but wouldn’t rise the dough properly. However, they will get some use out of it, you never know they may even know someone that can fix it.

So here are my first attempts as per my Middle Eastern cook book. It all started off rather well. No need for a bread machine but it was going to take all day, from process to process, waiting for rising etc.,,

photo 1(21)

This was the first stage, wow I couldn’t believe how much the dough had risen so all’s well after an hour to start the next stage. knead knead knead..!!! phew, tiring stuff…

photo 2(20)2nd stage, form into balls and leave to rise again

photo 3(17)

This is them doubled in size, now to roll them out nice and thin

photo 4(14)

But alas not thin enough it would seem coz they still rose too much and nothing like pitta bread at all more like Italian Bread

photo 2(22)

So I guess I know how to make Italian bread instead of pitta’s so off to my friends from Syria’s house for a proper lesson in Middle Eastern bread. We had a fab fab day. Starting with a huge chunk of chocolate cake and delicious coffee, made just like my mama makes all milky and tasting like heaven. Made properly, no coffee machine froth in sight.

Of course the quantities are different and normally Issam doesn’t even measure anything, just tips it all in. She has even taught her maid how to make them too so she did all the hard work of kneading etc., first.

I was busy watching and scribbling away in my cook book. In hind sight so as not to make a mess I should have done a rough copy first then written it up properly. Now I have a messy new cook book.bbbbblllllaaaaa……………….

photo 3(18)

Here’s the second stage after its been left to rise etc., the separating out and cutting of the dough. Then the maid rolled it really thin, so much thinner than what I had done. It was like paper thin. Then Issam uses a pan lid which is just the right size for pitta bread size as a cutter.

Samer her sister showed me how they make a special tomato and chilli sauce to make tiny pizza’s and also they mixed a dried cheese, soaked in water. They also added to this herbs etc…wow it was amazing.

Samer showed me how they make the pizza’s and samosa’s and tiny nibbles all out of the same dough.

photo 2(21)This is Samer putting out the cheese mixture onto the dough. The oven is very hot ready for the first batch

photo 3(19)

The dark filling is Thyme and olive oil. Try it, its wonderful, especially if you put some yogurt on the top when its fresh out of the oven. A new taste for me.


This is the mini pizza’s going into the oven. Straight onto the shelf, no tins required.

photo 4(15)

This is Issam and Samer together, so much work and now all I have to do is eat them….heheeeee….what a great day I have had. Wonderful friends and fantastic food. Thank you ladies.


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