Marriott Lunch

As I said yesterday I was meeting Joan for lunch at the Marriott. I had never been before so was really pleased with the hotel. From the outside I think the Marriott looks pretty dated. A concrete block of white walls with the occasional plants trailing over the balcony. As if some one had tried to soften the harshness of it all. Not in keeping with the look of a top hotel.

Opening the glass doors from the shopping center entrance – what a hidden treasure.
Now, this does have excellent customer service. The girls were dressed beautifully, paying attention to details, not a hair out of place. The warm smile and the excellent English was so charming. Their management should be proud.

The open reception area, with polished wood floors and high ceiling led to big chairs and small polished wood tables where we were to have our lunch. Oh but the wind…. goodness knows where that had come from. It was blowing a gale. The waitress happily closed the big shutters and she put us in a little corner away from the wind. The whole setting was beautiful even though windy. Those big shutter doors¬† led through to a beautiful pool area. Ah, what a pity it was so windy. We could have sat outside and taken in the morning sun.It was what I could describe as an outside in room if that makes any sense. You were inside but you felt like you could have been part of the outside.

We did have to wait quite a while for our order, the waitress came twice to apologise. Being kept informed was a good idea and the wine was so lovely, served in huge glasses that we didn’t mind at all. We had so much to talk about. When the waitress arrived with our meals, mine a seafood pasta and Joan’s a lasagna there appeared to be an extra dish of chicken Caesar salad. ¬† They had given us a complimentary salad for waiting so long for our meal. How nice was that??

Polished off with another glass of mellow wine and a cappuccino I was content.

I always judge a restaurant by its seafood pasta (that is, if its on the menu). This came with good size scallops, large prawns and what I think may have been lobster pieces. Certainly not the normal run of the mill, clams and chewy calamari rings. The sauce was very light and the portion size seemed just right for a ladies lunch!!!

Off today to La Baguette at the Woodlands resort, so I will report later.

Shouza is coming to cut the grass today, but it looks like rain. Think it may be cardigan time again this morning.


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