Marriott Night Out with the British Women’s Group

Welcome Back Drinks with a finger buffet in the Manhattan Bar for both ladies and their partners.

OH and I had decided since moving to Bangkok we had “dropped of the map”. I think living in the suburbs is a bit different to living right in the middle of the city. 1 mini bus and 2 trains later I arrived to meet OH at the BTS station. A short walk and we  arrived at the JW Marriott Hotel in Plon-chet.

This hotel is beautiful. We were not sure where in the hotel to go. We asked a hotel employee and he was happy to take us to the correct room. So efficient. Not just giving us directions but actually taking the time to take us up the escalator to the right place. Then very kindly finding a safe place for OH’s lap top as he had come from work.

We had a lovely evening and the finger buffet was really good. Not one thing had chillies in, which was a God send for me. I didn’t have to make OH the chief taster. All tiny morsels of food on sticks. From lovely sausages rolled in bacon to tiny curried vegetable pasties. Absolutely stunningly presented.

Waiters and waitress’s passed amongst us with silver trays of food and drinks or you could also go up to the buffet where there was smoked salmon, mini quiches etc etc.,  There were also tiny desserts of carrot cake,chocolate cake, fresh fruit and tiny glass’s filled with chocolate mouse. Delicious.

Good company and money raised for a good cause. Can’t wait for the next event.

I just need to be a little bit more outgoing and mix a bit more. I find it hard to approach people if I am not in a working environment…………silly me.

Now I wish I had taken some pictures too.

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