I was sure we hadn’t started the rainy season yet but the weather has been so unpredictable lately we did not know what to do yesterday. It started out a beautiful day and we contemplated a day at the beach but then the clouds came over at lunch time and it started to rain….

We headed off to Ban Ampur for a massage. I think it’s called – Cat—–(can’t remember the spelling) Massage Parlour. It’s almost into Ban Ampur. on the left, a bright pink exterior to the shop/salon. I have been a few times before but this was the first time for my OH. The door was opened with warm and friendly smiles. The girls here I think are really clever as they not only speak Thai and English, they have also learned to speak Russian.

A lot of their patrons are now Russian and as the Russian that have newly arrived can speak neither English or Thai the Thai’s have undertaken to learn/speak Russian. It’s amazing really. To think how lazy most of us English folk are, we would never have done it. We just presume everyone can and should speak English!!!!!

Presented with the menu, so to speak, we had to decide what to have.

Foot and leg,mmmm…. had that before. Thai massage, nope had that too. Ah, an oil massage, possibly. As we went down the list the ideas got better and better. What about a coconut oil massage or hot oil or aloe massage. Yikes, what to choose.

We both plucked for a straight forward oil massage. We were guided through to the back of the building. There, curtained off into¬† separate cubicles we went. I was asked to take off my clothes, down to my knickers. Oh, hadn’t expected that. ….. really, I thought, get a grip!!!! how were they going to do an oil massage then if I kept my clothes on???. So there I was with selection of towels over different parts of my body, feeling rather embarrassed at my fat being on show to a total stranger.

I needn’t have worried, she was not in the least bothered and with a very professional manor she began. I closed my eyes and relaxed to a beautiful full body massage. They even opened the curtains a little so I could see my OH. An hour later is was all over and I was quite sad. I thought I could just lie there all day and enjoy being pampered.

Popped my clothes back on and out to the front area of the shop/parlour or what ever the correct name is, for a refreshing cup of green tea and promises that we would be back again next week.

We went back here with Christina while she was here on holiday. She went in for the Thai Massage, while David and I had the foot massage this time. Still a real treat as once they finish your legs and feet they move to your head, shoulders arms etc., aaaahhhhhh so relaxing too.


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