Moving date almost upon us and some advantages

Well, is it 3 days to go or only 2?? depends on which way you count the days. Anyway Saturday is drawing near. The boxes that the agent dropped off the other day are way to small. I at least thought when I said I needed more boxes that they would be of a decent size!!!! NOT.

So I am out of boxes and still have some of the kitchen cupboards to empty. Well actually quite a lot and then there are still more big ornaments, lamps, bedding, clothes, oh dear the list goes on. There is no chance of any more boxes before the move. I really am concerned that they have cocked up big style. Am I allowed to say that???

I am sure they have undersized the job.

Nong Prue-20130730-00148


So today I am going upstairs to strip the guest bed, dismantle the lamps, wrap the few ornaments etc., hoover and wash floors and OK I might just attempt the windows!!! Then there is the upstairs terrace to wash down or should I leave that till Saturday. mmmmm not sure.

We are taking the deckchairs to sit on but I notice the mud bugs are in. I hate those things. I will try and remember to take a photo to show those folks that don’t know what I am talking about. Well that’s what we call them. They build cement like mounds and when you break them they are full of bright green caterpillar like bugs. YUK.

All this extra walking with Tess and Buddy, dropping the sugar in my coffee and packing has dropped me 1 1/2kilos since Monday.

Moving has also made me decide not to keep left over food in the freezer because when it comes time to eat it you think “what on earth did I keep that for”!!!! yuk…. I have not enjoyed eating out of the freezer this week. Especially as some of the containers ended up being a surprise as I hadn’t labeled them. How stupid is that. One container I defrosted which I thought was curry, turned out to be gravy for the dogs???? guess what I had for my tea that night…… and peanut butter. The gravy looked awful so it went in the bin.

Its just after 7pm and I still never got out to get those mud bugs. I caught up with Paul from Cats4youinPattaya and handed over the old cat scratching posts. He mentioned that ‘Mr Tibb’ has been unwell. Something wrong with his blood last week. He is up and about and all is well. Bless him. I just so wish I had been able to find him a home myself. He certainly was a character. Reminded me of Sammy, my very first cat that I had for 16years. Into everything and very vocal.

I spent the rest of my time wrapping up lamps, glass vases and more ornaments. Then I stripped the spare bedroom. Hoovered rugs and rolled them up in readiness, to go. Still can’t seem to see the end. I still have 2 cabinets of spare plates, bowls to wrap yet. I only packed my UK clothes. Still got the ordinary wardrobes to do. That was my plan for this evening but I had a lovely call from my sister. We had a good catch up and a really good laugh. We have a good moan and then laugh it off. Best way otherwise things would get you down. …..

I went to watch the TV but True Vision had suspended the service already. The engineer is coming tomorrow to take away their equipment and they will install a new set of equipment on Monday as arranged. I just never thought that they would disconnect tonight. I hopeĀ  he comes in the morning as I have to go to see the new house tomorrow afternoon. Do a check to ensure all is well.

Ah well, I suppose I better go and tackle some work then. Just what to do first is the question.





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