My Computer has a blank screen

Disaster has struck. Opened my nice computer today and all I get is a black screen with a message “no operating system found” FFFFFlippin great.

I have looked on the Acer Web site and on the forum it seems that is a common problem. So I guess I have to wait for OH to come back from Bangkok at the weekend. He has the receipt for this little darling. Then trundle back to Central Festival Mall to the Power Buy shop to see if they will fix it!!! Hahaha.

Ever tried to get anything fixed here????? OH’s Brother and sister in law came to visit December 2011 and bought me a fab fab bread maker (really expensive here) as a thank you for having them to stay. It worked 6 months. Took it back to Central Festival. They sent it to the manufacturer  who had a service center in Bangkok. 2 months later and I was still waiting.

The excuse from the service center. Ah well, they were moving offices and after all Pattaya is a long way from Bangkok!!!! Are they joking, I remember saying, its an hour and a half!!!! I got the machine back a week later. It worked for a week and hasn’t worked properly since. The bread doesn’t rise.

There another short story.

So I wonder what the excuse will be to fix my computer. I don’t use it that often for goodness sake. Its ridiculous

I read instructions on line about a recovery disk!!!! what recovery disk???? None in my box. Bet the shop kept it……..

So back to my little compaq notebook. Forgot how small the screen is.


Can you believe I took it back to Power Buy in Central Festival and the man fixed it. He even admitted he didn’t know what he had done but bless him, whatever it was my computer is working. Halleluiah…..good customer service. Didn’t even ask for my receipt or warranty card. I only spent all morning searching for it too. 3rd time looking in the same places, low and behold there it was!!! weird or what?????

One happy lady tonight.

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