My first, my last and my only dinner party at this house

Finally after being her since February had my first, my only and my last dinner party in this house.

It was impossible before to have people over for dinner due to the horrible smell that enveloped the house in the evening. It would start around late afternoon and by 8pm the living area was smelling of drains. Despite the landlords best efforts to find out where the smell came from it remained a mystery.

Only with the heavy rains that we have had recently has the smell disappeared. So finally and before its too late I had some friends over for dinner. I love cooking and I wanted to try out two new dessert recipes, lemon roulade and an ‘easy’ peach tart.

Here is a picture of the table before everyone arrived.


The starter and main course I had made many times before but making the new desserts made me a bit anxious. Turns out the lemon roulade was a real hit but we were all so stuffed we never got around to eating the peach tart. So here is a photo of the dessert that never got eaten. I was so sure it wasn’t going to work. I had written the  recipe down from goodness knows where. Mix to a batter the recipe said, well with all the milk it had said to put it in was so runny I was sure I must have missed some vital ingredient off the page. I had nothing to loose, just wait and see once it had finished cooking. Low and behold that extremely runny mixture had set. lets just hope it tastes OK…….

I did dust it with icing sugar but with the heat in the house (despite the air condition being always on) it just seemed to melt into the top of the tart.

Peach Tart

Wasn’t wasted though I took half around to Joan’s to have with our  coffee this morning.  Still never got to try it though as she had already bought a cake. Ah well, there is always tomorrow. Nursing a hang over today. sicky sicky……… too much red wine I think.  Just couldn’t face it this afternoon.

I felt fine this morning. Well I did go back to bed just for a wee while. Then we had yet another power cut. I was just about to go in the show when the power went off. I am digressing again….its the mind…sure I am going a bit doo lally.

Last night was a success. Stuffed to capacity and quite a few bottles of wine later I said goodbye to Joan. As we went down the steps what did I see but the tail of a snake!!!! Couldn’t believe it.

Managed to get Joan back up the steps and Cliff and Nok held onto Tess and Buddy while I grabbed my snake stick. Sorry I didn’t take any photos. It wasn’t very big thank goodness. It was black with yellow rings around it.  I managed to flick it out of the gate and well away from the cars outside. Lets hope it doesn’t come back. I hope it realises that I was not a threat.

My friends said I probably had paid it to make an appearance. They think I am brave to tackle snakes but I think its just your adrenaline kicks in and I fear for the safety of myself and my animals if I was to turn away and let it stay in the garden!!!!  Plenty of lights on outside from now on. Its just too close to the front doors.

This morning I looked up what type of snake it could have been.

Wolf snake (not venomous) or a juvenile King Cobra. I really do hope its the first option and not the 2nd as they say King Cobra’s have photographic memories and they remember who has hurt them!!!!! Hope it doesn’t got and find its parents and come back to get me. No wonder I couldn’t sleep last night.



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