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What a week it has been. The move went well. With me doing most of the small box packing the packers were way ahead. All packed and left by 2pm. Problem was they still were not going to give me a bed to sleep on for the night. I thought with helping them get a head start that at least they would have gone to our new house and unloaded some of the bigger items. Nope, not a chance!!!

Hua Mak-20130802-00154(1)

This is the sign at the entrance to our compound/village. I believe it says Perfect Masterpiece Village….

Its very good security. No one can come onto the compound if you don’t know where you are going and who you are going to visit. They give visitors a ticket and to get  out you must have your ticket stamped by the house were you are visiting. Without this, not sure what would happen.

I have noticed if a Taxi is coming to pick people up the guard comes on his bike in front of the taxi until they have picked people up. Very very good, I think.

The guard patrols every 15 mins from what I can make out.

Everyone is so friendly and there are lots of amenities here. I will cover these later

night view new house

This is the first photo of our house that evening.

This is looking up to our bedroom. The house looks big from outside but I can assure you it is no bigger than a lot of UK homes. It’s just aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

OH says its called Perfect Masterpiece Village because he can’t find any flaws in the decor or structure.



guest room


This is a photo of the guest room and car port.

We are going to use the car port as a seating area. When its all free from boxes and rubbish from our packing or should I say unpacking I will take a photo. Hopefully it won’t look so much like a car port.


The first thing I notice is the lack of flies of any shape or size. What a difference to where we have come from. Where we had space and views and couldn’t sit outside to enjoy it all. Ah, I can leave my doors open now.


So here we are in the new house on the evening of the 3rd August 2013. No furniture, nothing. Luckily had had made chilli and rice in advance and brought some biscuits.

first night coffee tables

This is OH and our Stella, enjoying our new coffee tables!! improvise is the word to be used when moving to a new house. Improvise all the way. Deck chairs to sit on and card board boxes upside down to rest  your feet on.  Stella seems quite happy too. Making herself comfortable on the side of the box.

first night









This is exactly how we all spent the night. On the floor.

OH and I realise that we are way to old to be sleeping rough on hard tiled floors anymore. Sleeping bags and a padded sleeping mat. I don’t know how the Thai people do it. It was so uncomfortable. Mind that fact that I had let the packers take the pillows as OH thought there wouldn’t be room left in our truck to take them!!! oh how we missed those pillows. Folded towels, don’t quite feel the same.

Well, we didn’t get much sleep, Buddy and Stella walked the floor most of the night!! they couldn’t settle either. Bless, Tess, never any bother, slept through the whole thing. What a star.

One and a half weeks on and we are all sorted and OH is back to work. All the boxes are unpacked and everything is in its place. Now I can not put off the ironing much longer!!! Here is the pile!!!! It took me 3 1/2 hours. To someone that is not used to doing her own ironing and hates it with a passion, it was a hellish 3 1/2 hours!!!! Oh for the laundry around the corner near where we used to live.

3+hours ironing

I guess I will have to go out and find a nice organized friendly laundry service nearby. Its not that I don’t have the time to do it. Its just I hate it so so much. Even when I lived back in the UK my mum used to come and iron for me. I do so hate it so much.

I got through it and I am still alive so I guess it wasn’t so bad. nice to see it all hanging on the clothes horse ironed

The packers came back today to collect their boxes and papers. So I have cleared the area outside now too. Just a few nice flowering plants and the place will be more homely.

The house was really clean when we arrived. Not Julie clean of course but clean enough. It meant I didn’t have to start cleaning before things could be unpacked. The landlord’s brother is looking after us and he obviously did a really good job of getting the place clean for us.

The team were still varnishing the stairs when we came to inspect the day before we moved in.

Buddy and Tess are getting used to having neighbours. The first few days were driving us crazy. Everytime anyone made a sound they barked. Glad to say now they seem to have settled down.

Stella has been out a few times now and its great to be able to leave the door open. I can’t believe the difference in the lack of flies. Its wonderful.

We have invested in a new slim line oscillating fan too. Its very quiet. As OH says I live with a fan all the time but that way I can do without air con and have the fresh air.

Can’t wait to be able to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. I think this weekend we might even get to the pool

stella hiding on the bed                 stella asleep










As you can see, one relaxed cat. I just hope she doesn’t wander to far. She is far to confident for her own good. There are lots of dogs on the compound. Only a couple of strays though but there is a big ginger tom. Don’t want her to get lost. Most of the houses look similar so I don’t want her to get confused.  Mind she makes plenty of noise, I am sure I would hear her but I don’t want to tempt fate.

Well that’s enough for now, The sun is shining and Tess needs a wash. She still has the fungus and it doesn’t seem to be improving much.

A bit thanks you to Nita from Bangkok Serenity for helping me in our house search. Her details are below for anyone wanting a great agent.

Thanyaluck Boonchom (Nita)

M: +66(0) 8-3541 4161
F: +66(0) 2- 169 1655-7
Fax: +66(0) 2- 169 1657



Serena Property Co., Ltd
299/9 Sukumvit Living Tower
Sukhumvit Soi 21 (Asoke)
Klongotey Nua
Wattana, Bangkok 10110


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